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September 2006 - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal


Woodlands/Mill Information Systems


The TAGASIS system from ALDATA Software is said to be built to withstand the rigors of working in the forest industry, and is designed for rapid development of applications for specific needs in the industry. The rugged hardware has motion sensing on board to detect machine work states, GPS, satellite communications data modem, back-up battery, touch screen interface and a Windows CE operating system. Data is transferred to and from the unit by satellite. Reporting is done off a Web interface that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

ALDATA Software has already built several forest industry specific applications on top of this platform. One of these, TAGASIS Custody Manager, takes the collection of load data to the loading site. Contract and block information is sent out to the loader by satellite. Once the operator finishes loading and selects the relevant load information, it is printed out with a bar code and the data is sent back by satellite at the same time.



Exact Modus

Optrace is a software solution that connects business partners in the forest industry, allowing them to share and exchange relevant information to facilitate procurement transactions, trace the origin of the lumber and improve hauling logistics.

According to the company, Optrace provides numerous benefits including: accurate and detailed information in real time; easy and instantaneous monitoring of loads; automatic update of inventories; easy to prove compliance with standards; and geographic load tracking.

It requires minimal equipment: computers connected to the Internet for system users and personal digital assistants (PDA) for mobile users (truckers). A few clicks on these tools deliver the desired information.

Through the Optrace management system, the buyer grants a procurement contract to a supplier. In his own system, the supplier enters all specifications to plan deliveries: loading and unloading points, quantities, species, dates and vehicles. The driver downloads the cargo plan onto his PDA (via cellular or Internet communication) and is guided step-bystep to the loading and unloading points.



CPI Communications

CPI Communications Inc designs and manufactures remote control equipment for the two-way radio industry. CPI’s products include DC, tone, local extension, multi-channel and multi-line remotes and termination panels that are compatible with most radio brands. These products provide a distant user with the ability to transmit and receive over the radio from a remote location.

CPI also has a line of equipment that is
compatible with Mobile Satellite Venture’s (MSV) satellite dispatch and voice service. CPI’s SV300 connects the new MSAT G2
to an in-vehicle radio creating a mobile repeater which allows handhelds or other mobiles to communicate over the G2 equipment. Other equipment for the MSAT G2 includes the RST/PST series remotes and termination panels as well as MSAT G2 specific tone termination panels for use with EIA standard remotes and consoles.



HALCO Software Systems

Since woodlands and processing are not independent operations, HALCO’s WOODMAN system allows integrated operations planning, from standing tree (or log purchases) through to finished product sales.

This type of analysis allows determination of: the value of particular stands of timber, or log sorts, for timber sale bidding; the optimum allocation of timber supply to alternative mills, or allocation to alternative products (lumber, veneer, or chips); the effect of alternative logging plans (or wood supply alternatives) on the manufacturing facilities; and optimum production plans (product mix focus, mill optimizer set-up) for a given timber supply given mill constraints and market conditions.

Successful optimization modeling of this type requires good process models— use of 16’ cruise compilation and mill test data just won’t do, the company says.

Test results can be unreliable, expensive, inaccurate and soon become out-of-date. WOODMAN incorporates the WOODSIM Woodlands Simulation program and SAWSIM Sawmill Simulation program, widely considered the industrystandard sawmill simulation program, says the company.



JRP Solutions Ltd

JRP Solutions Ltd, a forestry software company, develops solutions for all parts of forest resource management including resource planning, silviculture and mapping. It offers five main products: Plant Wizard, Survey Wizard, Cruise Wizard, Forest OPS, and Nursery OPS.

JRP has been in business since 1992 and selling software solutions since 1999. Its product line includes Web, PC, and handheld computer programs that work to collect, store, compile and share data used in forest resource management.

The Forest OPS program is the company’s latest product offering and is designed specifically to orchestrate the co-ordinated sequence of activities from initial forest cover planning to final harvest. Forest OPS allows teams of planners to easily schedule harvest activities and relate that to expected logs to project wood flow to specific mills. This gives harvest planners the ability to predict margin analysis and timber revenue for specific operations or individual cutblocks.




Woodlands - The System (WTS) is a leading forestry supply chain management system developed by Linnet—The Land Systems Company (Linnet).

WTS is modular in design and can be implemented in full or part to meet the requirements of any type of wood products or forest management company. With modules that cover forest management planning, harvesting operations, silviculture, wood procurement, scaling, timber sales, wood flow planning and log accounting, WTS provides access to critical business information, enabling clients to realize immediate savings and value. Linnet’s clients include some of the leading forest products companies and timber management organizations across the US and Canada, including companies that procure 100 per cent of their fibre requirements and/or companies that have their own wood supply from a managed land base.



Mobile Satellite Ventures

The MSAT-G2 two-way radio was created to address the increasing needs of public safety and emergency response which includes interoperability among multiple agencies and talk groups, as well as the GPS features which enable the emergency management co-ordinator to know exactly where everyone is.

Designed for use on the MSAT Network, the MSAT-G2 supports continent-wide group and private pushto- talk (PTT) communications. The radio also supports the origination and reception of telephone calls anywhere in the world. Additional features include GPS capability, flexible interconnectivity to a variety of third party interoperability interfaces, and extending the reach of traditional land mobile radio technology.

The MSAT-G2 is available through its dealer network.



Pacific Software

With over 25 years of experience, Pacific Software Associates (PSA) is a leading supplier of advanced technology applications to the forest products industry. Specializing in delivering reasonably priced comprehensive applications combining superior technology and reliability, PSA offers a broad range of products and services to the industry, including:

WoodManager - Keeps inventories upto- date with production, purchases, committed sales and shipments. Userdefined multiple units of measure (UoM) work in conjunction with dimensional calculations to manage lumber, panel, millwork, cut stock, posts and pilings, as well as other volumetric products.

WoodResource - Manage log and fibre purchases, settlements, inventory, and sales using this state-of-the-art application for the forest products industry. It is fully client/server compliant and utilizes relational data base technology within various network topologies and operating systems.

TimberWeight - Operated by scale house operators or weigh masters. Weight data is captured when directly attached to the truck scales, or data can be entered manually. It manages trip tickets, yard receipts, tare with random sample frequency and directives.



Talon Positioning Solutions

Talon Positioning Solutions is pleased to announce the arrival of the AutoCopter, Canada’s first and only fully autonomous helicopter, according to the company.

The AutoCopter is a self-stabilizing helicopter capable of flying a predetermined path generated by handheld GPS, CAD file or GIS. In semiautonomous mode, the AutoCopter may be flown by an operator with very little experience by sending high level commands using a joystick to the machine from a ground control station.

The patented flight control box converts these commands for the helicopter to fly properly. It can carry a payload of 20 lbs and can fly for up to two hours.

AutoCopter is ideal for collecting aerial photos, infrared images or data from other sensors such as leak detectors. Talon uses high-end digital equipment for video and still image capture, real time telemetry and video navigation. The system offers multi-spectral imaging for pine beetle infestation and vegetative analysis, along with forest fire monitoring.



Progressive Solutions Inc

Progressive Solutions is a leader in business software solutions for the wood products industry. Its software products streamline transaction processing, automating paperwork and eliminating redundant data entry. Its easy-to-use screens and reporting tools put critical business and inventory information at the fingertips of sales and operations staff, improving customer service and ultimately the bottom line.

Lumber Track, its flagship product, is the world’s best-selling integrated inventory and sales order management software for lumber and wood products manufacturers and wholesalers, says the company. Lumber Track integrates procurement, production control, costing and logistics management functions of sawmills, panel mills, remanufacturers, and wholesalers with domestic and export markets. It now features Microsoft Outlook-style user interface for better control over the on-screen presentation and ease-of-use.



QA Technologies

QA Technologies offers subscriptionbased engineered and customized fleet management solutions for fleets of all sizes. The fleet intelligence software incorporates electronic driver logs, custom mapping tools, fuel management reporting, and flexible communications choices to help improve fleet management.

QA Technologies specializes in partnering with its customers to develop the best system for their fleets. Better, timely information from a fleet management system can help accomplish improved productivity, easier and more accurate fuel management and reporting, increased driver efficiency, and documented safety compliance.

The AccutreQ CS fleet intelligence software serves as a strong building base for a wide variety of fleet intelligence needs. It will suit most fleets and provides powerful, adaptable components for economical customization to fit specific needs. Through QA’s made-to-order approach, it can even integrate the fleet management system with existing backoffice computer systems.



Tempus Microsystems

Alberta technology from Tempus Microsystems, soon to be rolled out across Canada, promises to give transport companies the intelligent fleet management solutions they’ve been looking for. The product came out of the market demand for a fleet management tool offering real-time information that allows more effective and informed decision-making.

The Tempus system provides a combination of existing technology and proprietary software and hardware, which allows trucking companies to realize benefits far greater than any of these technologies can deliver alone, says the company. Designed and developed in Alberta, the Fleet Management System combines GPS vehicle tracking, custom mapping of routes and locations, onboard load scales, electronic paperwork, and wireless transfer of data into a single easy-to-use system.

Tempus products range from a basic data collection GPS device to a fully interactive system that uses a touch-screen LCD display in the truck, integrated load scales, and two-way live communication between trucks and the base. The modular design lets companies customize the system to meet their needs.




3LOG Software provides high quality solutions that make woodlands, timberlands investment management organizations, logging, hauling, mill, and pulp and paper operations more effective.

Its products are comprehensive and scaleable. They are used in single mill operations to multi-national corporations.

LIMS (Log Inventory & Management System) provides complete contract and inventory management, from the woods to the mill. Companies can track silviculture activity, harvesting, hauling and settlements to all related partners, and also recover advances, pay
contractors and subcontractors, invoice customers and accrue Crown dues. Settlements can be shared with corporate financials such as: SAP, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, GEAC, MAS, Great Plains, Solomon and AccPac.

One of the company's products, WeighWiz, quickly and accurately captures load details at attended and unattended weigh scales. It uses proximity cards, bar codes, touch screens and other technologies and complies with governmental regulations including, HBS in British Columbia and TPRS in Alberta.




One of the most complicated aspects of log harvesting is accurately tracking load delivery. TimberTrax Solutions and communications company Telus Geomatics have teamed up to provide a low cost, consistently accurate measuring and reporting process with specific focus on the forest industry and log hauling.

The Telus Geomatics automated vehicle tracking solution is currently installed in over 7,000 vehicles. This integrated GPS automated vehicle location (AVL) system provides real time and historic monitoring through a secure Web application.

TimberTrax leverages the standard GPS data to identify potential productivity improvements and custom industry specific measurements and reports designed for the forest industry.

The two companies have also developed an automated load manifest that can be wirelessly transferred from the bush to the office or mill yard, utilizing the same GPS hardware. The dual use of
this hardware and technology, with no operator input required, keeps the cost per unit to an affordable level with a very fast ROI.


TradeTec Computer Systems

TradeTec Computer Systems has been in the business of developing and supporting solutions for the forest industry for over 20 years. In addition to providing Microsoft-based mainstream solutions, TradeTec is the only provider of both software and hardware for data collection and data management needs, says the company. They also supply a diverse range of industry applications, from standing timber through valueadded production to invoicing. Together or individually, the TallyWorks solutions offer a powerful, flexible, modular solution with the only 24/7 support program available, according to the company.

Its products include: TallyWorks Lumber—a powerful, scaleable lumber sales and inventory management system; TallyWorks Logs—a woodlands timber procurement and log inventory system designed for both weigh-scale and/or hand-scale logging operations; and TallyWorks Weigh Station—an automated scale attendant system designed to register and track shipments by weight and driver/carrier.


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