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September 2006 - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal



DynaVision sensors make higher value optimization decisions to improve lumber grades, increase yield output

DynaVision products are high-speed 3D sensors that can support integrated true colour vision technology for everything from log breakdown to board and cant optimization. The company supports original equipment manufacturers to provide the best optimization solutions for the wood manufacturing industry.

DynaVision’s sensors are designed with specific features to give an unrivaled amount of profiling information, differential scanning, and colour vision for defect detection, says the company. As a result, its sensors make higher value optimization decisions to improve lumber grades, increase yield output, and decrease material waste. The company has installed over 10,000 DynaVision sensors. The success of the DynaVision product line continues to set the standard for 3D scanning in the wood processing industry, according to the company.

DynaVision is a division of LMI Technologies Inc (LMI), a global supplier of vision sensor technology for original equipment manufacturers.

Since 1976, its partners have engaged LMI to develop and deliver sensors for numerous automated vision, control, and measurement applications.



USNR acquires Inovec

USNR has acquired the Inovec business from its former parent company, General Electric. Based in Eugene, Oregon, Inovec is a leading supplier of optimization and control systems for primary and secondary breakdown in sawmills.

“USNR’s optimization products have generally targeted the softwood side of the industry, while over the last 27 years Inovec has focused more on hardwood sawmills. Pooling our resources will create a winning combination for USNR, Inovec, and our combined customers,” said Chris Blomquist, vice-president and manager of USNR’s Optimization Division, Blomquist expects that customers will see virtually no change as a result of the new ownership.



Blount launches full line of Prentice forestry equipment

In August, Blount’s Forestry Division announced the company was launching a full line of forestry equipment under the Prentice brand name and unveiled updated trade dress in the Prentice colours of red, white and black.

Beginning in mid-August, all Hydro- Ax wheel feller bunchers and site prep tractors will wear the Prentice name, with Hydro-Ax as a secondary brand. Fabtek forwarders and harvesters will also join the Prentice line-up, with the conversion date to come. Votec harvesting heads, manufactured by a Swedish firm recently acquired by Blount, will be integrated into the current line of Fabtek harvesting heads and branded Prentice.

The Prentice brand will be accompanied by a new slogan: “Built better than it needs to be.” The model numbering system has also been revamped to further unify all products.

Also in August, 10 new and updated machine models, all with the same new look, were introduced to the company’s dealers. Besides the modern trade dress, the products were upgraded to satisfy evolving applications, increase efficiency, and comfort.

Lastly, the Forestry and Industrial Equipment Division has been renamed the Blount Forestry Division.



Weldco-Beales to acquire Bateman Manufacturing

Weldco-Beales Mfg Ltd, a leading manufacturer of heavy equipment attachments and truck-mounted cranes for heavy equipment dealers servicing the construction, resource, forestry, mining, and road maintenance industries, has agreed to acquire the assets of Bateman Manufacturing, a Barrie, Ontario-based manufacturer of heavy equipment attachments.

The acquisition supports Weldco-Beales’ overall strategy to manufacture the highest-quality attachments and cranes that provide enhanced value to heavy equipment dealers throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest, the company says.

The Bateman name will change to Weldco-Beales Mfg Ontario Ltd effective September 1, 2006. Bateman’s general manager, Enzo Borrelli, and his manufacturing and sales team of 75 people will remain on with Weldco- Beales following the acquisition.

With the acquisition, heavy equipment dealers will now have access to a national provider of attachments with proven engineering and manufacturing capabilities, according to the company.

The Barrie location will also provide an excellent platform to support the introduction of Weldco’s Hydra-Lift cranes to the Eastern Canada market.

With a solid reputation earned in the Alberta oil field, the truck-mounted crane division is anticipated to be well-received by customers looking for cranes with excellent durability and local support and service in a range of lifting capacities. “Our commitment to find value-added solutions for our customers is driving the company’s growth,” said Doug Schindel, Weldco-Beales president.



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