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September 2004


Small Log Milling Technology

Tech Update Editor: Diane Mettler

Coe Newnes/McGehee
Coe Newnes/McGehee has developed solutions to meet the demand to process smaller logs quickly and efficiently. At a mill in Dartmoore, Australia, the SL2500 Small Log System processes whole logs to boards in a single pass, at feed speeds up to 100 mpm. Logs can range from 2.5 to six metres in length, with a maximum diameter of 25 mm. Logs pass through a 3D scanner that sends the log data to an optimizer capable of producing shape sawing solutions to obtain the maximum recovery. The optimized board solution may have a maximum width of 205 mm with narrower profiled boards on top and bottom of the stack. The SL2500 offers varying configurations to meet the requirements of almost any operation dealing with logs of 3-1/2 to 12 diameter and seven to 20 long. Its unique profiling section produces a wide variety of products in a single pass. It has the ability to profile and saw compound/complex curves, efficiently producing ready-to-trim lumber. An additional saw section can produce side boards. The SL2500 features the unique, patented RoboGang vertical arbor curve sawing gang. The single true-shape scanner makes the rotation and cut decisions. The vertical four-roll turner accurately turns the logs horns down. Side chipping heads produce high quality chips, and create a superior surface finish on the piece. Profiling allows top and bottom boards to be offset, if needed. Logs are shape sawn to suit the sweep of each log. www.coemfg.com  Reader Service Card #7050

Optimil Machinerys small log break-down system, featuring double-length or extended length infeeds, is designed to rotate and hold the log in position for optimum recovery. Log position is determined by Optimils auto rotation scanner. To hold the log in place, Optimil uses two pairs of spiked rolls, which are controlled by linear position with air cushions. A benefit of their system is the flare reducer heads, which help remove the flare butts before the scanner. These infeed systems are used to feed logs into Optimils two-sided canters with sharp chains or four-sided canters for further log breakdown. These state-of-the-art infeed systems feature skew/slue and tilt to maximize the recovery required on todays modern sawmills. Optimil small log canter systems have the capability of processing over 1,000/ logs per hour at feed rates of over 700 fpm. The Optimil small log systems can process logs from 2-1/2 to 30 in diameter. www.optimil.com  Reader Service Card #7051

Specially designed to process small and very small logs, Inotechs Quad is an innovative machine built to deliver: squared lumber with precise dimensions and incomparable sawn surfaces quality; and high quality wood chips, which is a very important aspect of processing small logs. The feeding mechanism has been designed to centre and hold the log while processing, so the results are dramatic: a sharp decrease of braking and splitting while processing the log in the machine. The Quad can be fed with sorted logs, or unsorted logs with scan/set system. It can also be equipped with a dimensions self-control which is a closed-loop systema new feature in the lumber industry. The machine offers unique features like the Monohull chipping heads, intelligent design to ease the service on the machine, horsepower balanced for the operation, and logs processed without log turner. Inotech offers Quad-4 for 2x2 and 2x3 production and Quad-24 for cant production up to 4x4. Quad can process logs as small as 1.5(4 cm) in diameter and deliver high quality saleable productslumber and wood chips.

This machine is one of the less expensive in the market, assuring the sawmills owner the best return of investment by the shortest period of return. www.inotechfabrication.com  Reader Service Card #7052

The Vertical Shape Saw (VSS) System is a mill-proven innovation that is fast becoming the shape-sawing solution of choice. The VSS can achieve higher yields with greater throughput than either traditional fixed arbor systems or horizontal arbor shape sawing systems. The system is designed to process up to 16 to 20 pieces per minute at feed speeds up to 550 fpm, depending on species and size. In a single pass, the VSS System transforms a bucked log into boards ready for trimming, sorting, and drying. With optional profiling chipping heads, only sideboards need to go to the edger. The entire VSS System runs automatically, requiring only a single operator, from bucked logs to boards. The system doesnt release cants until after the last cut, minimizing the chances of jams and other problems that the operator must fix. A recent installation at Dunkley Lumbers new sawmill in Hixon, British Columbia features the VSS equipped with top and bottom profiling chip heads. Instead of a quad-roll log turner and extended length infeed, Dunkleys small log line uses another USNR innovation: the Knuckle Turner Infeed. The Knuckle Turner Infeed is a compact piece of machinery that can simultaneously rotate, slew and skew logs for optimum sawing orientation. Combined with the VSS, the Knuckle Turner Infeed dramatically reduces the real estate required for a small log breakdown line. www.usnr.com  Reader Service Card #7053

The R200 Plus was designed based on customers increased requirements. Its rugged construction now answers the industrys demanding expectations of high feed speeds and production volumes. The R200 Plus offers speed and flexibility while maintaining the superior capabilities in curve sawing, recovery and compact size. Operators will appreciate the 70-200 m/min. standard line speed, variable chip length, no motor size restrictions and scan n set with short log gaps. It has a cant width of 70 to 200 mm, and height of 60 to 255 mm. The R200 Plus can handle logs from 80-350 mm, and features optimized edgings, optimizing of independent edged board sizes and position with 3D scanning and controlled curve swing. The R200 Plus has thick steel plate construction and stainless steel chipper heads. And the chipper head cover opens automatically and the service platform is hydraulically placed in position for easy maintenance. The easy operating machine is sound proof, dust proof, and its attachment sub frame makes installation easier. www.hewsaw.com  Reader Service Card #7054

Anderson Ventures
Anderson Ventures Ltd has over 30 years of experience inventing and fabricating special high production machines for the value-added wood industry, as well as traditional equipment. The company offers an automatic short wood loader specifically designed for use with the AVL-2000 End Dog. The End Dog comes in six models the AVL-2001 on up to the AVL-2006. The End Dog features independent end dogging, an all steel frame and hydraulic variable speed drive. It can handle logs from 10 to 17 in length and 14 to 18 in diameter. The maximum thickness between cuts is 16 to 12 and the minimums range from 1.75 to 1.5. Options include the log loader, a 90-degree log-turning device and PLC adaptability. Reader Service Card #7055

Comact innovates again with its famous DDM family of products. Comact presents the new DDM-SBP (Side Board and Profiler). Mills can now get the DDM technology producing side boards in the primary part of the breakdown and profiling the cant. This medium log processor is a single true shape scanner machinethe whole process is controlled by a single scanner. After scanning the log, the system executes the opto-rotation and the log is then centred into a compact step chain infeed. The first breakdown equipments are canter and circular twin or quad configuration. After the side board is removed, the centre cant is processed in the DDM type curve sawing and profiling equipment. The entire process is fully optimized and quick, with optimized profiling and thin kerf sawing. The machine keeps entire control of the log all the way through the process. www.comact.com  Reader Service Card #7056

In processing small diameter material, log and cant positioning has a strong impact on lumber recoverywhere there is little room for error. Mis-positioning causes down-graded and down-sized lumber products. Sawquip uses established elements of its four-head canters, profilers and curve sawing gang edgers to provide a high recovery sawline, with individual machining centres to eliminate log instability and mis-orientation at high feed rates. Sawquip uses established elements of its CCO infeed, steering (articulating) chipping heads, real-time cant profiler and curve sawing thin kerf gang for a true controlled single pass system. Individual processing centres (versus compact four-head machines) permit the full use of 3D scan data in real time to follow the optimized cutting path determined for each log and each cant. The increase length required is easily justified by the higher recoveries achieved over four-head systems. www.sawquip.com  Reader Service Card #7057

Valley Machine
Valley Machine Works Ltd manufactures various small log-processing machines for various applications. The twin saw systems have single pass or multiple pass capabilities and can be furnished complete with automatic log turning and saw positioning. Valley Machine Works has been manufacturing sawmill machinery for over 20 years for both softwood and hardwood applications and is capable of supplying complete sawmills. www.valleymachine.com  Reader Service Card #7058

The modular sawmill and pole rounding systems were developed to answer the needs of small and medium sized mills who wanted to process small logs. The Micromill is a primary breakdown machine using four chipping heads to square the logs and double arbor saws to further process the cant in a single pass. The Micromill is an economical solution that can be operated and maintained with a minimum of trained personnel. Its modular design also allows for simple and quick relocation. The mill is available in either diesel or electric powered units and the diesel unit is completely standalone, which makes it particularly attractive to mills in remote areas or for setting up on roadside landings. The Micromill is capable of processing up to 10,000 plus board feet per hour depending on the quality of the logs and sorting. Both models will handle logs from 4 to 13 producing cants of 3x3 to 8.5x8.5 and are capable of cutting all softwood species and most hardwoods. Its proven technology has made it a market leader and a total of 32 mills have been manufactured and sold around the world The company currently serves clients in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Latvia, Japan, and Russia. www.micromills.com  Reader Service Card #7059

One-Stop Internet Point for Wood Product Information

A large number of businesses, including equipment, engineering, and construction companies, market their products to the wood products industry in a variety of ways. But one company, Wood Products Solutions Inc (WPSI: www.wpsi.ca  on the Internet), has created a medium in which wood products personnel can do a majority of their product research in a less expensive and more productive manner. WPSI is the Kelowna-based subsidiary of Pederson Management Ltd. Pederson Management has over 25 years experience in project design and management, as well as sawmill and woodlands management experience. Lloyd Pedersons vision for WPSI first took shape when he realized it had become more difficult to explain how complicated technologies function in the workplace.

Due to safety reasons, guards and fences often obstruct a clear view of the inner-workings of equipment. As well, it is often difficult for wood products personnel to envision how a number of pieces of equipment or a new facility will operate. His solution: a combination of sophisticated and technically accurate animations, video and graphics to provide a clear and visual representation of the technology. Once he implemented and saw the success of these animations, he decided to create a central location that would enable vendors to display existing and emerging technologies to customers. High speed Internet now allows WPSI to offer real value to both vendors and customers with a highly graphical website. The main focus of the website is to provide a central location for vendors to showcase their products and a place for the end-users to gather information.

This may sound very similar to what other websites have to offer but the comparison stops there, according to the company. WPSI utilizes more comprehensive animations, video and graphics than other advertising media. The user is better able to quickly evaluate a large number of products and services and then has the option of contacting a particular vendor of the equipment, supply or service directly. The site is set up in sectors of the wood products industry (i.e. lumber or reman). This allows the users to only view items concerning their specific sector. The site also has defined geographical regions. This is to allow the user to restrict the vendor search to vendors that provide equipment and services to the users region. The user can select all regions to view all the vendors worldwide.

WPSI has also included sections beneficial to the user such as technical data pages, industry events and a glossary. The technical data pages are designed to help with day-to-day operations within the wood products industry (i.e. saw calculators, knife mark calculators, or metric conversion calculators). WPSI also provides animation services to the manufacturers of equipment. These are used by the vendors as sales and training tools. One of the goals behind these animations has been to make them as realistic and as accurate as possible. To achieve this, WPSI works closely with the manufacturer, using original detailed CAD drawings and consulting with the client to accurately reproduce the look, feel and range of motion of each piece of machinery. Reader Service Card #7060

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One-Stop Internet Point for Wood Product Information  #7060

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