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September 2004



Blount Introduces Prentice Self-Loader
The Forestry and Industrial Equipment Division of Blount, Inc, has recently introduced a new A-frame self-loader for the pulpwood and short log market, the 124 model. An engineering focus on the hydraulics and structural aspects of the Prentice 124 has resulted in a clean, durable design that is lightweight, yet strong and powerful. The 124 is powered by a 3200 psi hydraulic system to maximize lift capacity and enhance control during multi-function operations. The joystick control valves and swing system work together to provide quick, smooth and consistent loader control. The machines formed A-frame pedestal and main and stick booms are fabricated from high strength steel to increase structural strength, while minimizing weight. The 124 comes standard with a 22 boom; a 25 boom is optional. The Prentice 124 incorporates an eight-circuit electrical collector to allow for lights. And an optional work light package for the stick boom and operators platform is available. www. www.blount-fied.com  Reader Service Card #7061

New RDM Wood Moisture Meter
Delmhorst Instrument Co has announced a new meter is available for the lumber and woodworking industries. The newly designed RDM-3 moisture meter will make its debut at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta, Georgia, in August. The new innovations to this hand-held meter include: full onscreen reading recall with date and time stamp; job grouping; graphical display; easy to navigate menu options; customized auto-shut off; optional infrared linkage to a PC or laptop; optional application software program; and an attractive two-tone case with rubber grip handle. Other features include six to 80 per cent MC range, 9V battery, built in temperature correction and built in comprehensive wood species. www.delmhorst.com  Reader Service Card #7062

More Kodiak Debarkers
Sold Valone Kone Brunette (VKB) has sold nine additional Kodiak debarkers in North America, bringing the total number of installations to 80. The Kodiaks reputation for reliability (99 per cent uptime) and low operating costs, while providing high speed debarking, have made it the choice of sawmills across North America, says the company. These Kodiak customers include: Tolko Industries Ltd, West Fraser Timber, ATCO Lumber and Pope and Talbot. In the US southeast, MeadWestvaco has chosen a single ring Kodiak debarker for its operations in North Carolina. Many of these customers currently operate VKB Kodiak debarkers and have realized the benefits that come from operating the machine, says the company. www.vkb.com  Reader Service Card #7063

Mettler Toledo Scales Offers New Line
Mettler Toledo now offers its new, competitively priced product line of scales for the industrial user. Xpress is a full range of quality scales consisting of more than 20 models including crane, pallet truck, floor, bench, counting and compact scales, as well as bases and indicators. With Xpress, dealers now have the purchasing controlthey can review specs, see up-to-the-minute stock levels, select shipment type, receive confirmation via email and do online shipment tracking. The website, www.mt.com/xpress , features password-protected dealer support while providing full Internet flexibility and access, 24/7. Xpresss personalized business-to-business website enables dealers to react instantly to customer needs. Xpress enables business partners to provide a faster response to their end users needs. Reader Service Card #7064

Risley Introduces Single Grip Harvester/Processor
Risley Equipment is introducing a single grip harvester/processor to add to its line of forestry attachments consisting of controlled and dangle style harvester/processors, delimbers, and felling heads. The new product line, based on proven Scandinavian technology, will be manufactured in Canada for utilization in commercial thinning or large scale operations, either in the forest or processing at the landing/roadside. Risley has four new models of harvester/processors available. Models are designed to fit carriers from 10 ton and up, with a simplistic interface package. Features include: four- wheel drive, providing extreme power; a high capacity topsaw for creating superior quality when processing crooked stems or removing rot; and the choice of a 12, 16, 24 or 30 butt saw for optimum cuts. A variety of feeding options from spiked, thumbnail, rubber, or low impact ECO-wheels are offered in the line. www.risleyequipment.com  Reader Service Card #7065

Wajax Industries to Represent JCB Products
In July, Wajax Industries Limited, Western Division, announced that it has been appointed as the authorized distributor of JCB products within the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and all of British Columbia, effective August 4, 2004. Some of the specific JCB products that Wajax will be representing include: backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, articulated trucks and fixed-mast, rough terrain forklifts. More information on product distribution is available at www.wajax.com . Reader Service Card #7066

SATCO 630 Felling Grapple has Continuous Rotation
The SATCO 630 Felling Grapple can be seen working throughout New Zealand and even in Oregon in the US The 630 can be fitted to all sizes of base machines from 20 to 40 ton size. It handles 30 logs, with a maximum opening of 54. It has a pivot pin height of 86 and weighs 3,850 lbs. All functions are all-hydraulic and the company says its ideal for felling and bunching for a processor, felling and pulling through a static delimber, woodlot contractors, and felling and bunching on a level swing machine for a grapple hauler. The 630 is not a fixed head and has continuous 360 degree rotation making falling easier and causing less stress on the machine. www.motov8d.co.nz/satco_links.htm  Reader Service Card #7067

Wood-Mizer E430 Board Edger
Wood-Mizer Industrial Products introduces a board edger designed, according to the company, to give the marketplace a versatile, production edger at a price point smaller operations can justify, while still providing the features and capacity necessary to allow growth to the seven to 10 million board feet of hardwood lumber per year level. Feed speeds are adjusted automatically based on board parameters. A movable operators console allows accommodation to plant layout, blade positioning is controlled at the operators station, both 16 insert blades move outward from the centre allowing the use of an optional tailer, and lasers to indicate cut lines are included. And the E430 is delivered factory ready to hook up to electricity and produce. www.woodmizer.com  Reader Service Card #7068

Coe announces the D*TEC 5000 BioScan
Coe Manufacturing announces the D*TEC 5000 BioScan, true four-sided biological and dimensional defect recognition with speeds up to 250 boards per minute. It features Microsoft Windows XP user interface, real-time 3D colour plotting on all four sides, user adjustable rule-based defect classification, higher recovery of premium grades, greater precision and consistency and comprehensive diagnostic and reporting. Mills can now take the guesswork out of knots, splits, decay, stain, bark pockets, warp, skids and more. www.coemfg.com. Reader Service Card #7069

Yokohamas Geolander M/T
Yokohama Tire (Canada) Inc is introducing the new top-of-the-line Geolandar M/T to its highly regarded Geolandar line of mud/terrain tires. The Geolandar M/T+ provides a new, higher level of off-road traction that surpasses even that of our Geolandar M/T, says Sean Nakano, director of marketing. At the same time, it offers uncompromising on-road performance. Changes to the Yokohama Geolandar M/T+ include engineering innovations to the tread, sidewalls and tire compound. The M/T+ is enhanced with new larger buttresses at the shoulders with protectors that enhance performance, durability and visual impact. In addition, new larger scoops from the shoulder blocks help the edge of the tread shed mud and dirt. Every other shoulder lug is taper cut, and the protruding blocks provide a stronger side bite. For added traction, a new groove was added in the blocks, perpendicular to the directional pattern. This additional groove gives a greater edge effect, improving both grip and directional stability, especially on dirt. www.yokohamatire.com  Reader Service Card #7070

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