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It's been a long and tough summer for the forest industry in northwestern Ontario, with no shortage of temporary sawmill closures.

Maxing uptime in woods

BC contractor Ted LeRoy wants to get maximum uptime from his logging equipment, and takes the approach of having fairly new iron in their logging operation.

Meadow Lake OSB Starts Up

The $200 million Meadow Lake OSB plant has started production, and is now making use of what had been an under-utilized timber resource in Saskatchewan.

Better forestry tools

BC Software company Terra Cognita is out to create better data gathering and analysis tools for the forest industry, both in Canada and Overseas.

Ottawa Valley Pioneers

Felhaber Bros Logging, pioneers in mechanical harvesting in the Ottawa Valley, continue to tweak their equipment strategy.

Coming back stronger than ever

Saskatchewan sawmill L& M Wood Products is coming back stronger than ever, rebuilding with a $5-million investment following a fire.

New Air Power take on forest fires

New Brunswick's Forest Protection Limited has invested in six new air tanker units for fighting forest fires and aerial spraying.

Bucking uncertain times

New Brunswick contractor Lloyd Spencer made the leap into purchasing a new Tigercat buncher - despite the uncertain times in the forest industry- and hasn't looked back since.

Finding those Niche Markets

The people at Canfor Houston and their contractors have been busy creating the world's largest sawmill, with annual production of 600 million board feet.

Guest Column

Canadian Senator Pat Carney, former Minister of International trade, who is very familiar with the softwood lumber file, gives her take on the current softwood lumber situation with the United States.

A taste toward Aspen

A change in wood tastes-towards lighter colours-may open the door to greater use of aspen.

Tech Update: Auctioneers and Appraisers


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