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BGR Saws Distributes Pro Mac Guides 
BGR Saws, manufacturers of custom saw blades for the sawmilling industry, is now the Canadian distributor for Pro Mac guides. The guides are manufactured to exact specifications by Pro Mac Manufacturing Inc and are custom made of quality materials including QT400 steel and T6 grade aluminum. Pro Mac also engineers and manufactures edger arbor replacement parts, saw centring devices and sawmill replacement parts. Reader Service Card #061

New Recovery Process for Short Blocks 
Jolamco, the finger jointing, laminating and gluing system from Conception RP Inc, offers a new recovery process for short blocks or low-grade lumber. The system makes high quality products using the full width of good fibre and eliminating wane. The taper is profiled to optimize recovery and taper profiled blocks can be combined to get parallel boards. The pieces are reversible end to end and face to face and can be ripped to the desired width. Desired lengths can be obtained by finger jointing laminateboards. Reader Service Card #062

Prentice Introduces New Skidder Line 
The first model in Blount's new skidder line, the Prentice 490, is a single arch model meeting the demands of a large segment of the skidder market. The machine is powered by a 173-hp 6BTA Cummins power plant that drives a torque converter transmission with six forward and three reverse gears. The torque converter transmission delivers smooth power to the wheels allowing for efficient manoeuvring in tight spots. It also reduces wheel spin in soft ground conditions, minimizing ground disturbances and stresses transmitted into the driveline. The drive train is engineered to perform consistently in tough conditions because the outboard planetary design lowers stress in the axles and the wheel-end planetary housings are supported with dual roller bearings. The Prentice 490 comes with a rugged delimbing grate and a choice of bunching or sorting head grapples. The bunching head has a maximum opening of 110" and a tip-to-tip capacity of nine square feet. Reader Service Card #063

Tigercat Builds Custom Training Harvester 
Responding to a request for a training harvester that could accommodate both student and instructor, Tigercat's track engineering group fitted the H845B harvester with the all-new 800 series feller buncher cab. The operator's station in the training harvester features front and side door access, a large interior space and multi-directional visibility. With the new configuration, the instructor is seated behind the student for observation. A few adjustments to the upper assembly of the carrier were all that was needed to accommodate the new cab. The zero tail-swing 800 series models include the 822 and the L830 feller bunchers. Reader Service Card #064

USNR's New Machinery Parts Division 
USNR, the US-based manufacturer of machinery and control systems for the wood processing industry, has created a new Machinery Parts Division to coordinate all parts sales for sawmill and planermill machinery. Previously, all machinery parts sales were handled separately by USNR's various manufacturing divisions in Washington, Arkansas, Florida, British Columbia and Quebec. The move will improve service to customers, ensuring all inquiries and parts ordering can be achieved in one call, the company says. The new Machinery Parts Division will be led by Dale Brown, a member of the USNR team since 1986. Reader Service Card #065

Rototilt Line Expands 
Rototilt, the side-tilt rotator for excavator and loader attachments available from Hultdins, is now available in three models. The RT60 has been joined by the RT40, designed for 10- to 15-tonne carriers, and the RT80, handling loads for 23- to 30-tonne carriers. The Rototilt has unlimited rotation and 40-degree side-to-side tilt, allowing the bucket, grapple or other attachments to be placed in any position without moving the machine. The innovative quick coupler lets the operator change buckets without leaving the cab. Compact in size, with low overall height, the RT40 and RT80 feature robust worm drives and heavy bearings to handle the stresses of non-stop productivity, the company says. The RT40 weighs 750 lbs and the RT80 weighs 1,550 lbs. Reader Service Card #066

INFORM's Integrated Forestry Database 
TheForest Manager, developed by INFORM, allows forestry organizations to optimize operations, planning and adaptability with an integrated solution. Functions include harvesting, silviculture, roads and map management, operational and strategic planning and five-year plan submissions-all working with the same data. Among the optional functions are tree merchandizing and viewshed analysis, log and contractor management and scaling and cost tracking. A joint venture between Telus Enterprise Solutions and Timberline Software Development Group, INFORM also designs software and develops Internet/Intranet and GIS applications for governments, industry and First Nations. System integration services are available, as well as data conversion, maintenance and auditing. INFORM also provides training and ongoing support for its products. Reader Service Card #067

New Portable Horizontal Grinder from Gruendler 
The new Gruendler 2860 T-Rex portable horizontal grinder is designed to rip through most wood waste with its 28" diameter heavy hitter rotor, powered by a standard 500-hp or optional 650-hp engine. The T-Rex line of portable grinders processes pallets, railroad ties, C&D, logging and sawmill waste, whole trees, shingles and drywall. Consistent sizing is achieved in only one pass, the company says, and a variety of standard screens is available to produce mulch, compost, animal bedding, fuel and other saleable end products. Reader Service Card #068

Caterpillar's New C Series Hydraulic Excavators
The new C Series excavators from Caterpillar offer improved performance through increased horsepower and hydraulic flow, enhanced controllability and a new cab and interior layout for optimum operator efficiency. The new 312C and 315C replace the 312B and 315B and are available with long undercarriages-the 312C L and the 315C L. The 312C L weighs about 28,970 lbs and the 315C L weighs about 36,840 lbs.
The 312C has 90 hp (six per cent more net power than the previous model) and the 315C has 110 hp-more than 11 per cent more power at the flywheel than the previous model. All models use the open-centre, two-pump hydraulic system and the 312C and 315C have increased hydraulic flows of six per cent and 13 per cent respectively. The hydraulic cross-sensing system improves productivity, the company says, with faster implement speeds and quicker, stronger pivot turns.
Caterpillar's new 320C L Utility hydraulic excavator offers the same level of performance as the 320C L excavator and has a smaller swing radius-6'7"-that falls within the track length and makes the 320C L Utility ideal for use in logging road construction and other space-restricted sites. It has a 70 per cent heavier counterweight, net power of 138 hp produced by a Cat 3066 turbo-charged, six-cylinder engine and high torque at medium to low speeds, making for fuel efficiency and reduced sound levels. Operating weight of the 320C L Utility is about 50,700 lbs.  Reader Service Card #069


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Rototilt Line Expands #066
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New Portable Horizontal Grinder from Gruendler  #068
Caterpillar's New C Series Hydraulic Excavators  #069

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