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Canfor Launches Genus
 Vancouver based Canfor Corp announces the launching of a technology subsidiary company that will develop its new Genus resource management technologies. The fully integrated system offers easy, quick and single point access to a broad range of resource management data. Three years in the making, Genus responds to three major challenges facing the forest industry, including increased regulatory requirements, pressure for eco certification and the demand for technological innovation to improve efficiencies and financial performance. Some of the numerous benefits of the system include decreasing stumpage costs through more accurate reporting; guaranteeing timely and uninterrupted access to timber supply by ensuring required documentation is available; and decreasing logging costs by better harvest planning. Genus's log production application tracks the "chain of custody" of each log from the forest to the customer, an essential for companies seeking certification. The comprehensive Genus package incorporates Oracle with a geographic information system (GIS) and employs an easy to use Windows desktop interface. Development tools include Powerbuilder and ESRI's Spatial Database Engine and Map Objects. The system includes eight modules: road management, block tracking, incident tracking, stumpage, silviculture, operational planning, GIS and map plotting. Genus can be modified for use in oil and gas, mining, transportation and real estate applications. 
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Krylon Marking Paint Works on Wet or Dry Wood
 Ideal for the forestry, lumber processing, logging and construction industry, Krylon Industrial Woodmark marking paints provide one coat coverage on all wood substrates- wet or dry-and can be used to clearly mark trees, logs, rough lumber, plywood or pallets. They are also useful for colour grading various types of wood during the milling process. The paints dry to the touch in only 10 minutes and come in eight colours formulated for maximum visibility at a distance.
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Dynaweld's EasytoLoad 100XHD Semi
The new 100SHD 50ton hydraulic detachable gooseneck semi from Dynaweld Inc offers maximum efficiency in loading heavy equipment from the front onto the 24' x 8.5' main deck. With beavertail and hydraulic rear ramps, plus diamond plate steel over the wheels, the 14' x 8.5' rear deck is also easy to load. Minimum tie down time is assured by 24 chain tie downs built into the framing and load security is further enhanced with 18 D rings and 10 pairs of outriggers. Other features include a T1 steel frame, full two inch oak decking, Ziebart rust proofing and a waterproof, modular wiring system with a five-year warranty. 
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Infoflip Simplifies Road Deactivation 
A handy tool for achieving standardized results in road deactivation is now available in the form of a simple and easy to use Info flip booklet titled Forest Road Deactivation Practices. Printed on waterproof paper in a compact 4" x 8" x 1/4" size, the 8,000word Info flip contains explanations on cross ditches, pullback, trench drains, erosion protection, stream diversions for culvert removal, blanket drains for water management under pullback, a design concept and construction guide for fords, a pre-work checklist, voluntary shutdown guidelines and much more. Developed by ToMo Consulting Services and Info flip Productions Ltd, the detailed, cross referenced text and descriptive illustrations on vertically arranged pages are linked to other parts of the booklet by colour and number. The Info flip does not alter obligations to seek professional advice. 
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WaratahKoehring's 7,000th Felling Head 
The new FS 122B is Waratah Koehring's 7,000th disc saw felling head. The new swing to tree head has a narrower saw housing, making it easier to use in selective cutting and reducing the potential for damage to residual trees. With the capacity to accumulate a larger number of small trees, the FS 122B has a unique front discharge system, which reduces the velocity of the discharge and directs chips and debris away from the machine. Incorporating the latest improvements in disc saw felling heads developed over the last 20 years, the FS 122B's symmetrical design helps keep the weight of the tree balanced to avoid tilting. Koehring merged with Waratah in 1999, bringing together the manufacturers of disc saw felling heads and harvester/ processor heads to create Waratah Forestry Attachments. 
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Hultdins New SuperGrip TL580 Grapple 
Hultdins introduces the SuperGrip TL580 grapple, capable of maximizing output from the largest shovel loggers and loaders in demanding tree length applications, the company says. It offers a heavy duty IR22 rotator, built to withstand high loads in all directions and rated at 101,165lbf capacity, and the upper boom link is designed for complete hose protection. Other features include standard load checks on the high pressure cushioned cylinders, a 1,000hour greasing interval and a patented tapered sleeve pin that eliminates motion and reduces wear in the joint. A hydraulic snubber to control side to side motion is optional and extra rotator ports allow for attachment of the SuperCut saw option. 
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Fabtek Introduces Tracked Harvester 
The 40,000lb FT 153 tracked harvester from Fabtek Inc is a copy of the FT 133, with the addition of a D5 size 9' 4"wide undercarriage and two more feet of reach in the booms for a total reach to the tree of 23' 3". With an overthetrack tail swing of nine inches and a highvisibility cab, the unit is suited for thinning and select cuts as well as clearcutting. The FT 153 can be coupled with any of Fabtek's four harvester/processor heads (two fixed mount styles and two dangle head styles). A squirt boom is available for extended reach requirements. 
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Innovative Optimization Process 
A new optimization and yield analysis process developed by Metriguard Inc is designed to eliminate the trial and error approach to finding machine settings and optimize lumber production to better match a mill's profit goals. The MSR (machine stress rated) equipment measures thousands of mill samples to develop a fibre profile. Using a spreadsheet, calibration factors are applied to the lumber samples to convert the average E and low point E values into actual E values that would be expected if the same lumber were tested on an offline E measuring device. The program provides yield analysis for every grade combination and determines suitable grade threshold settings for each grade. The settings are adjusted back to actual machine settings using the adjustment factors determined in the calibration process. The final step combines lumber prices for all machine grades, the visual grade prices and the visual yield data to compute the average price for each grade combination. The result is a value for each grade combination, expressed as $/MBF at the mill, which go into an output table along with the yield data. The table is then sorted using average price as the key sort, revealing the grade combination that produces the highest average selling price. 
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New LinkBelt 300 Series Bearing Catalogue 
A new 12page Series 300 heavy-duty ball bearing catalogue, now available from Rexnord Corp's LinkBelt bearing division, features super finished bearing races for better lubrication, higher speed, longer life and quiet operation, as well as fixed and expansion units allowing for thermal expansion. A spring locking collar and two set screws lock the wide inner ring securely to the shaft for rotation in either direction or reversing applications. The new PLY300RAO interchange bearings include a CamLock wide inner ring and a double lip contact seal for high contamination applications. The PU3K00 adapter mounted bearing design provides maximum holding power and automatic centering for concentric shaft fit, maximizing shaft bearing balance and extending life. 
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Canfor Launches Genus 281
Krylon Marking Paint Works on Wet or Dry Wood 282
Dynaweld's EasytoLoad 100XHD Semi 283
  Infoflip Simplifies Road Deactivation 284
WaratahKoehring's 7,000th Felling Head  285
Hultdins New SuperGrip TL580 Grapple  286
Fabtek Introduces Tracked Harvester  287
Innovative Optimization Process 288
New LinkBelt 300 Series Bearing Catalogue 289

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