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Tech Update

By Helen Johnson

Prentice introduces the TMS II factory-installed, total timber merchandizing system. Incorporating the Prentice loader, delimber and slasher with the new delimber trailer, the system provides optimum processing and slashing at the landing. The pull through delimber is the work horse of the system and is available in four models: the 325, 350, 400 and 500. Complementing the delimbers are three new slasher models: the 36IP, 42IP and 50IP. The direct saw drive, V-shaped bunks and load-sensing saw feed system increase production. The system can be ordered with the Prentice 310E, 410E or 410EX loader. The long reach of the Prentice booms — up to 32’6” — and the cast-head, CHT continuous rotation grapple, made from high tensile steel, increase productivity. Also from Blount is the new CTR 550 delimber that can handle stems from 4” to 26” or 28” in diameter without readjustment. Designed with two additional rollers to reduce friction and increase pullthrough speed, the CTR 550 has five alloy-steel blades, a floating bottom blade and a topping saw. The cradle mount allows the delimber to follow the curve of the tree without guide arms. Ideal for mounting on delimbing trailers, it is also available on mobile units and the CTR whole tree processor.

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The TS150 slasher from Tanguay offers operator comfort with optimum output. The spacious cab, which is pressurized and soundproof, has been heightened and placed on the same side as the saw to ensure excellent visibility and control of all operations. The sturdy main frame is equipped with rear and front hydraulically actuated stabilizers, further increasing operator comfort. Manoeuvreability in the woods is enhanced with the front directional axle providing a very short inside turning radius. The TS150 has a lift capacity of 10,000 lbs at 25 feet, a maximum reach of 31 feet and a 60"-diameter, carbide-tipped teeth saw blade. A Cummins Turbo 6BTA5.9-litre engine is standard. The machine can be equipped with an optional towing package, which allows it to be moved with the use of a tractor only, thus reducing the waiting period and the costs related to the use of a low bed

tech_2.jpg (15799 bytes)

Hahn Machinery:   The Hahn HTL250GT track-mounted delimber is the latest addition to the Hahn line of processors and delimbers. Combining the productivity and reliability of the Hahn HTL 300/F with the mobility and versatility of a track undercarriage, the HTL250GT works on or offroad in dry or wet conditions. It can handle trees up to 24" in diameter and delimb down to a three-inch top, with processing speeds of up to 11 feet per second. Mounted on a portable bearing, the new Hahn can swing 270 degrees making it easier than ever to line up with incoming skids and sort the finished logs. Standard equipment includes a John Deere 6.8L Powertech engine, hydrostatic drive, log length measuring system and a rugged 3/4 " pitch chain saw. In addition, Hahn offers rubber-tired roadside processors, including its HTL300/F tree length delimber, the new HSW110/C shortwood processor, the HS500/A mobile slasher-merchandiser and the HSG 140 and 160 single-grip harvester heads. 

The two machines join the HTH 20T, the larger HTH 24 Super and the HTH 26 Bigwood, bringing the total number of Warrior series models to five. They offer an increased feed roll power of 8,410 lbs using larger 20" diameter rolls, an increased cutting capacity of up to 27" with automatic chain tensioner, and a new hydraulic counting wheel position. All models include a 60,000- to 100,000-lb. capacity rotator unit, a standard topping saw, longer delimbing arms, a standard find end photocell feature, a hydraulic measuring wheel and the Logrite optimizing measuring system with volume capability and cab-mounted printer. For thinning, selective or squirt-telescopic boom applications, Waratah also offers a complete line of lighter Scandinavian harvesters including the 762B, 746 and the four-wheel drive models, the 758 and 745. Weighing from 900 lbs. to 3,000 lbs., the machines’ cutting capacities range from 14" to 26". The Waratah DS 260 whole tree processor features a totally self-contained, radio-controlled delimber/slasher unit. A tag-along trailer design, it features dual wheels, air brakes, a double-beam design, a heavy duty ball ring-mounted delimber/topping saw with a protected hose design and provisions for attaching a slasher. One man can top, delimb, slash and load trucks from the comfort of the loader cab.


Timrick:   Timrick Welding and Machine Ltd. offers two loader options on its mobile slasher. The Serco 270 loader is equipped with Vickers vein pumps, Gresen valving and a five-speed transmission for travel. The 2750 Weldco-Beales loader offers Rexroth piston pumps and load sense valving. A fully hydrostatic drive, with speeds up to 13 kmh, propels the unit. Other upgrades include a heat stress relieved boom, “cat style” cylinders (bolt on caps), and relocation of the valving. The boom valving is mounted on a plate below the cab, while the remaining functions, such as the saw, drive and bang board, are set between the frame below. Both units come with a John Deere 6068T engine with a Webasto prestart and offer 360 degrees of continuous house swing, with outriggers up or down. A large, fully-insulated, 72-decibels cab comes complete with A/C, illuminated gauges and an adjustable seat for comfort. Timrick slashers offer several standard features allowing for increased production including: a half-cord reinforced grapple with one-inch T-1 tynes; a high performance saw with a double link saw arm; a 62"-wide bunk with deflected posts; and a hydraulic flip plate behind the saw that flips off unwanted shorts. Options include a sorting deck with adjustable dimensions and hydraulic pin stops for the bang board.

Metal Marquis Inc. Two models of delimber-slashers available from Metal Marquis Inc. are made for commercial thinning and have multiple stem capacity. Delimbing and slashing takes place at the stump, providing improved natural regeneration and soil protection. Offering cutting length precision and increased forwarder productivity, the Marquis DS1000 has delimber grapples with a 25-inch maximum opening.  The 2,600-lb machine features a 66-inch stroke, boom speed of up to 10 feet per second and horizontal traction force of 6,500 lbs. It requires a 50 to 70 hp carrier classed in the 13,000- to 25,000-lb range. The 7,900-lb Marquis DS3500 delimber- slasher has delimber grapples with a maximum opening of 34 inches, a 117- inch stroke, boom speed of 13 feet per second and horizontal traction force of 9,000 lbs. The DS3500 requires a carrier in the 50,000- to 70,000-lb range with 150 to 200 hp. Both machines are easy and efficient to operate, says the company, and feature butt plate mechanical measuring systems and hydraulic driving systems with cylinders.


tech_3.jpg (28638 bytes) tech_4.jpg (13824 bytes)
Risley Equipment Ltd. The Rotosaw Slingshot harvesting head from Risley Equipment Ltd. is a single-grip, stroke-type processor that combines felling, accumulating, bunching, delimbing and processing. Compatible with a wide range of carriers, the Slingshot models —S18R, S21R and S24B barsaw — have cutting capacities ranging from 18" to 24", delimbing power of 12,000 lbs., delimbing speed of 8 feet per second and a 110" maximum stroke length. With the same delimbing power and speed in both directions, the machine maintains control of the tree in a vertical position so it can accumulate several smaller trees to multi-stem process from a thinning operation or a clearcut and helps to protect regeneration. The Rolly II single-grip harvester/ processor, offering modular design and a mounting bracket with 240-degree rotation, fells, delimbs and processes hard and soft woods in cut-to- length or tree length. Optional components, such as a 12" barsaw and accumulating or solid picker grab arms, allow configurations to meet a range of harvesting applications. Designed to operate on carriers as small as 12 tons and 80 hp, it can be fitted with Risley’s FibreSaver drive rolls and the Risley Attachment Management System (RAMS) for accurate measuring and diagnostic capabilities. The Limmit line of delimber processors, also from Risley, includes the LM2100 and the LM 2300 stroke-type models for extended reach and increased boom speed. The LM2000B and LM2200B roll-stroke models combine the speed of drive rolls with the versatility and power of a stroker boom. Both types deliver high-quality logs quickly and accurately.

Caterpillar Work Tools:
The delimber from Caterpillar Work Tools is specifically designed for the Cat 20-ton 320L forest swing machine. The machine owes its stability to the two-way motion of the boom and a centre of gravity that hangs close to the centre of the carrier. The 18,000-lb delimber has a full 40-foot stroke. Tail swing is just 18 feet, enabling it to work on small landings and narrow logging roads. A specialized measuring system uses computer-based, photoelectric detection and encoding, delivering automatic cut-to-length measurement of diameters and minimum diameter auto cutting. With a rear grapple capacity of 26" and a maximum topping diameter of 15", the butt saw cuts through hardwood in a maximum of seven seconds. A large arch opening keeps crooked stems from jamming and the working load is moved rearward as the boom strokes forward, allowing for improved stability. A following trash tray moves up and down with the boom to channel collected debris away from the machine. The delimber can be dismantled for transport in 15 minutes or less.

Danzco Danzco Machine Work and Welding of Washington offers three delimbers which can easily be moved with a grapple. The PT20L, the PT20M and the PT20H delimb trees with diameters from 2" to 20" and are fully self-contained, requiring no external hydraulics. The engine compartments on these models are enclosed in a metal framework with screens to help reduce clogging or contamination to the engine, while ensuring ventilation for proper cooling. The PT20L is designed for fixed-boom grapple skidders, while the PT20M is designed for operation with a swinging boom grapple or log loader. The PT20H is designed for use with a log loader. The machines also feature a 10-hp Yanmar air-cooled diesel engine that uses less than two gallons of fuel per day.

Denharco Denharco’s XStream series feed rollers have added unsurpassed speed to its telescopic and one-piece boom delimbers, making the DT3500 and the DM3500 the fastest and most flexible delimbers in any application, the company says. The rubber feed rollers with chains protect the quality of the stem and use a soft clamp system that maintains a constant pressure over the entire stoke for maximum traction. For better efficiency, the feed rollers are controlled via user friendly joysticks. The reliable MD I measuring system is standard and supplies data in real time on the length of each stem during the delimbing process, from the butt plate or tail gate to the cutting tool. The topping saw and butting saw are equipped with Quick Brake, a system that prevents accidental movement of the boom when either saw is operating. The cast steel delimbing knives produce cleaner stems and make for less restroking. The heavy-duty DM, with a 35-foot stroke, and the telescopic DT, with a 55-foot stroke, have the reach to clear debris away and, with the XStream feed rollers, add another 24 feet per second of continuous delimbing speed. The new DT4000 telescopic delimber features 30 per cent higher feed speed and 50 per cent more operating power. The highlight of the Series 4000 is the new variable displacement motor, which enables the operator to regulate power and speed according to the operation’s requirements. The modular design DT4000 can achieve feed speeds of up to 13 feet per second. Rigorous testing has shown the variable displacement motor, twin-pulley winch-drive system is more reliable and easier to maintain, says Denharco. Its tensioning cylinder ensures cable tension is correct, eliminating adjustments, while the cast steel delimbing arms are cast in alloy for greater durability. The holding arms, available with or without knives, have 50 per cent larger openings, while the new transportation positioning system has a permanently installed transport post for safety.

Pierce More power and less downtime are the features Pierce boasts for its 3345 De-Liminator stroke delimber. A140-size traction chain drive provides more than 10,000 lbs of pulling power at 10 feet per second and comes with a 3,000-hour warranty. Other characteristics of the 24,450-lb delimber include a stronger 12X12 boom for increased lift capacity, a larger 33" tunnel opening, 50 per cent more grabbing power and an advanced, full-scale measuring system. For operator ease, the Pierce 3345 De-Liminator offers saw safetys, hydraulic lowering system, ductile-iron manifolds and chain with automatic chain tensioners and 11BC 3/4 pitch saw units. Other standard features include a 25" capacity topping saw, a 34" capacity butt saw and four-inch heavy duty holding arm cylinders with lock valve.

Timberline Timberline’s SDL2a delimber offers a two cylinder, four way leveling system that provides the operator with safe and effective operation on sloped terrain. It offers a 42' boom with a 33' stroke and boom speed up of 10 feet per second. The sturdy head box incorporates a one-piece grapple link mechanism actuated by two 3.5" hydraulic cylinders with 3,650 psi pressure to handle the toughest stems, the company says. With 5.5-inch delimbing knives, a CAT 330 undercarriage and a Cummins C 8.3-C, 215 hp engine, the SDL2a has a front grapple pressure reducing system that allows better stem taper following for increased delimbing efficiency. The 3/4 " pitch, heavy duty topping and butt saws offer extended operating cycles between sharpening. Its single 8-D battery coupled with heavy duty brushless alternator means delivery of more cold cranking amps for longer periods in cold climates. A sealed alternator and watertight junction boxes minimize weather, dirt and corrosion problems. Standard on the SDL2a is the Timberline Smart System with diameter readout. With proven components and utilizing a rugged IDEC PLC, it offers a wide selection of options for the operator. The ROPS and FOPS certified cab is insulated for reduced noise and temperature control and offers cross ventilation, air filtration, heating and air conditioning.

Forespro Forespro offers its new stroke and telescopic boom delimber, the RST-300, featuring hydraulically independent delimbing and grab arm knives for better control and processing. The delimber head has heavy duty, double topping knives with an 8" maximum diameter. The topping saw has a maximum diameter of 20", while the butt saw’s is 30". The 23,900-lb machine has a 57-foot continuous delimbing reach, a stem diameter delimbing capacity of 30" and a boom travelling speed of 13 feet per second. Other standard features include a 30" funnel boom, double tension cable, a heavy duty 30" trough and cylinder. Options include a topping saw and a 24" or 30" butt saw.

Pro Pac Pro Pac Industries Ltd. manufactures two slasher models, the 500 and 600. Both feature a 60" saw blade, butt plates of 48" to 50" and 96" to 100" and cut lengths from 48" to 16'4". The 5,000-lb Model 500 has an overall length of 19'7", while the 8,900- lb Model 600 is 28'7" in length. Pro Pac also offers the PP393, PP453 and PP513 delimbers. All can be converted from an upright working position to a horizontal position for transport in a matter of seconds with no tools. The topping saw or circular saw provide a fast, clean cut from 15" to 22" in diameter in a few seconds. Tree length and diameter can be set by the delimbers’ computerized systems. Specifications include a 36' to 48' boom, a 20" to 30" maximum grapple opening, maximum delimbing diameter of 16" to 24", a 5" to 8" topping diameter with optional topping saw, and an approximate stroke of between 26'6" to 37'5". Pro Pac’s delimbers are adaptable to all carriers.

tech_5.jpg (8748 bytes)

Votec Innovation The versatile Hornet 825 delimber processor from Votec Innovation delimbs and processes hardwoods and softwoods up to 29" in diameter. With the use of a butt plate, the Hornet 825 minimizes the use of a measuring system, making it precise and productive. With a tail swing no longer than that of a standard excavator, it requires less room to operate than a stroketype delimber, while its low centre of gravity allows for easy manoeuvreability. The butt plate is now activated by a single four-inch cylinder, providing the same power as a pair of three-inch cylinders but with fewer wear components. The adjustable butt plate quickly allows for cuts from 96" to 117" in length using only one butt plate. An optional computer system is capable of up to 10 preset lengths. To avoid damage to feed roller motors, the case drain hoses have different fittings and cannot be mixed with the saw motor hoses. The new spike configuration on the feed roller wheels means less damage to logs and excellent traction force. Chained rubber rollers are also available. New feed roller arms have a stronger grip, while large-size feed roller motors offer superior feeding force, says Votec. Hydraulic hoses are made of abrasion- resistant, four-braided hose, while the stress release, homogenous heavy-duty steel delimbing knives are curved, enabling a perfect contour of each tree. Other features include: a newly designed heavy duty steel frame structure; Vickers valves; a fixed knife for more strength and better delimbing quality; sealed rotator with low maintenance components; and a lifting capacity of 100,000 lbs in any direction. Votec now offers a one-year, unlimited hours warranty on the frame, delimbing arms, butt plate, drive wheels and hydraulic cylinders. Its standard warranty on the other components is six months or 1,500 hours, whichever comes first.

tech_6.jpg (19873 bytes)

Quadco A pulling force of 13,500 lbs and a standard topping saw are the main features of the new, extreme service 7500 processor from Quadco. The main saw on the prototype is a .404" saw, but other options include a 3/4 " pitch or Ultimate ring saw. The heavy duty 7500 processor, which will also be available in a harvester version, has a maximum cutting capacity of 30". The 5,800-lb processor comes equipped with a measuring/optimization system and top of the line proportional hydraulics. Feed rollers are available in either steel or rubber, depending on the application, and the arms are specially designed for picking trees out of a deck. The 7500 is ideally suited to carriers of 30 tons and over.



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