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October 1999



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Getting the Most
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but.gif (811 bytes) Spotlight

The cancellation of a forest licence
sees a lumber producer taking on the
BC government.


but.gif (811 bytes)Out of Step

Two industry consultants consider
whether Canada is getting the
most out of the forest resource.


but.gif (811 bytes)Straw To Board

Alberta is home to a new $45 million
composite board plant using straw as
raw material.

but.gif (811 bytes)Sawlogs to Salvage -
Commercial Thinning

Ontario logging contractor Decicon
Harvesting is proving that salvaging
inferior quality trees can be economically viable

but.gif (811 bytes)After The Ice Storm

Quebec recently announced programs
to help woodlot owners
affected by the ’98 ice storm.


but.gif (811 bytes)Horse Power

Nova Scotia logger James Drescher
harvests his woodlot using horses and
passes on his unique forest management
approach to students at Windhorse Farm.

but.gif (811 bytes)Going To Romania

Tenneco builds a $60 million mill
complex with help of Canadian

but.gif (811 bytes)Troubled Bridge Over Water

Sunpine Forest Products caught in
the middle over bridge in Alberta.

but.gif (811 bytes)Waste Not

Two BC companies team up to reduce
wood residuals in the forest.

but.gif (811 bytes) Handling Crooked Logs

Tolko’s Quesnel, BC operation just
got a lot better at handling small,
crooked logs.

but.gif (811 bytes)MADILL 2200

Madill’s new buncher works well in
riparian zones.

but.gif (811 bytes)Island Harvest

J S Jones takes over abandoned
harvesting operation on BC Coast..



but.gif (811 bytes)Tech Update

but.gif (811 bytes)Column

Corporate Takeover Trend in BC is Not Finished
by Jim Stirling



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