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Check out our update on the latest processors and slashers.

Tech Update Editor: Mel-Lynda Andersen
Copyright 1996. Contact publisher for permission to use.


Hahn With the new Hahn HSW 110/T In-The-Woods Delimber, timber can be delimbed in the woods. Bigger trees are processed in stroke mode while smaller trees and most softwoods are rolled through at nearly 10' per second. Designed to follow a feller buncher, the HSW 110/T manoeuvres through the stand, delimbing the bunched wood, leaving limbs, tops and other debris scattered on the forest floor. Damage to residual stand is markedly reduced, says the manufacturer, since whole trees are no longer being skidded. In addition, skidders are more productive because they are pulling only processed stems.

The HSW 110/T can be set up on a landing or off the road and whole trees skidded to it. This machine is powered by a 176-hp turbo-charged diesel engine running through a two-place pump drive with throwout clutch. With the Hahn Harvester HSW 110/B, whole trees are skidded to the landing where the Hahn delimbs them, measures the lengths and bucks them into the preferred products. Trees are handled only once, converted into finished logs or pulpwood, and either piled on the ground or loaded directly onto trailers. The HSW 110/B delimbs and slashes both hardwood and softwood up to 23'' in diameter. It can be operated by one or two people, sorts by length or species, and is both self-propelled and towable. It features a five-knife delimbing head, a mechanical length measuring system, and a 3/4'' cutoff saw.

Hahn also manufactures the HTL 300/F, a multi-function tree-length processor, capable of handling trees up to 32'' in diameter, and the Hahn HS 500/A Slasher-Merchandiser, a self-contained, mobile log merchandiser designed to cut and sort high-valued saw-log material from tree-length stems.


The Target Processor, manufactured by Valor, delimbs large-stem trees and multiple stems, and is capable of working at tree stump or roadside. A measuring roll securely grips the trees, even on uneven surfaces. When the retractable butt plate is used, the precision reaches 100 per cent, claims Valor. The spike pattern on the feed rolls is designed to improve the control of the log during processing and decrease power requirements.

The Target fits directly onto the end of the excavator's stick, with the carrier requiring only minor modifications; no alterations must be made to the boom or stick. In this way, the carrier maintains a low, stable gravity centre. Horizontal and diagonal control are maintained by two hydraulic tilt cylinders. This system simplifies grabbing low-lying trees and positioning logs when slashing or piling. The processor/ delimber is equipped with identical top and buck saws, both equipped with an automatic chain tightener and stroke limiter. An idler roll is also positioned under the boom to facilitate processing.

Pierce Pacific

The Pierce HSD 3345 Delimbinator Stroke Delimber offers a higher strength 12x12 boom for increased lifting capacity and logevity in the field, plus a larger 33'' tunnel opening to accommodate the largest of flared butts. For operator ease, the Pierce Design incorporates features like saw safeties, hydraulic lowering system, ductile iron manifolds, and choice of either 404 bar and chain with automatic chain tensioners or 11BC 3/4 pitch saw units.

Pierce The Delimbinator also features a 140-size traction chain and drive system providing over 9,700 lbs. of pulling force at 10' per second. The 140-drive chain is combined with a Pierce Smart Cushion Valve Design and guaranteed for a minimum 3,000 hours.

The new Pierce Level II Expandable Measuring System offers complete automation and optimizing including multiple presets, volume measurement, production reports, automatic decking and pre-scanning of the log with bucking from the top backwards.

Also offered by Pierce are the new HTH and HTH 26 Dangle Head Processors. These processors are the two largest of five models offering processing up to 32'' logs. Features include larger feed roll and saw motors, simplified and standardized hydraulic design, built-in diagnostics, and full-scale merchandising measuring systems offering volume measurement, production reports and cab-mounted printers.

Metal Marquis

Marquis The DS3500 Delimber-Slasher, manufactured by Metal Marquis Inc., allows the operator to process several trees simultaneously. Delimbing and slashing takes place at the stump, providing improved natural regeneration by leaving cones in place and using tops and branches to protect the soil. The company says this machine is simple and efficient to operate and features easy chain replacement, cutting length precision and good results with logs up to 34'' in diameter.

Weighing just 7,900 lbs., the DS3500 features a mechanical measuring system, a hydraulic driving system with cylinder, a 117'' stroke, boom speed of 13' per second, and horizontal traction force of 9,000 lbs. Delimber grapples measure 34'' open and 1-1/2'' closed.


Siiro Manufacturing slashers and delimbers since 1943, Siiro has several different models of slashers and delimbers for conditions specific to North American forests. Model S-150-VM-S features a single tube-type main frame, Volvo piston direct-drive saw motors, hi-press inline filters, HD welded hydraulic cylinders, and steel tube construction. With hydraulic components, this slasher also has inserted tooth carbide tip saws and an adjustable butt plate for different lengths.

The Siiro Hydra-Logger Model S-110-DL features a direct-drive saw motor, hydraulic components with HD welded hydraulic cylinders, steel tube construction, inserted tooth carbide tip saw, electric and hydraulic remote control valves, a sorting plate to separate bolts from pulpwood, and a unique limbering head design, says the company.


The new Ultimate 230 Delimber is capable of delimbing at stump or roadside. According to the manufacturer, the 330� rotate mount enables the 230 to limb in adverse terrain, allowing the operator to efficiently pick stems off the decks. The 230 delimbing system consists of a floating top delimbing knife and two main delimbing arms, both of which are double edged. The top knife ensures constant contact on the surface of the tree without excess fibre damage. The 16'' spike-canted rolls support the stem, effectively reducing drag off the delimbing arms. The topping saw has a 12'' diameter cut and feed roll lockout, allowing the top to be severed without losing control of the main stem.

The Ultimate 230 Delimber is adaptable to most carriers, weighs just 3,000 lbs., features quick installation, and can be detached so the carrier can be used for other functions, says the company. Ultimate also manufacturers two single-grip harvesters - the 5600 22'' cut ring saw and the 5620 22'' cut bar saw, and a felling head - the 2200 22'' cut.

Pro Pac

Built for small or large contractors, Pro Pac Model PP393, PP453 and PP513 delimbers can be converted from an upright working position to a horizontal transportation position in a matter of seconds with no tools. According to the manufacturer, the topping saw or circular saw provide a fast, clean cut from 15'' to 22'' in diameter in a few seconds. A computerized system also sets length and diameter of trees.

Technical specifications include a 36' to 48' boom, 20'' to 30'' maximum grapple opening, maximum delimbing diameter of 16'' to 24'', 5'' to 8'' topping diameter with optional topping saw, and approximate stroke of between 26'6'' to 37'5''. The Pro Pac delimber is adaptable to all known carriers. Pro Pac also manufactures the Model 600 Slasher, with a 60'' saw blade, 48'' to 50'' and 96'' to 100'' butt plates, and cut length of 48'' to 16'4''.

For more information about Pro Pac, please send an email message.


Danzco of Washington manufactures three delimbers which can be easily moved with a grapple. The engine compartments on these models are enclosed in a metal framework with screens to help reduce clogging or contamination to the engine while ensuring ventilation for proper cooling. New for '96 are the PT20L, designed for fixed-boom grapple skidders, and the PT20M, designed for use with a swinging boom grapple or log loader. The PT20L, PT20M and PT20H delimb trees from 2'' to 20'' and are fully self-contained, requiring no external hydraulics. They also feature a 10-hp Yanmar air-cooled diesel engine that uses less than two gallons of fuel per day. The PT20H is designed to be used with a log loader. Reader Service Card No. 158


The Mark II is Denharco's latest generation DH550B harvester , which features a self-cleaning measuring wheel activated by a hydraulic system encased in padded plastic. A new fixed delimbing knife reduces the number of moveable parts, and a new automatic hydraulic circuit increases the holding strength of the arms. Other features of the Mark II include electro-proportional control of the delimbing and drive arms, and deactivation of the saw blade stroke limiter.

Denharco's SH500 is a Sweden-style single harvester head. It also has four moving and two fixed wrap-around knives and spiked feed rollers or rubber tires as an option. With an 18''-diameter delimbing capacity, the SH500 can be mounted on a 15-ton track-driven machine. Standard features include programmable computerized control and measuring systems with diameter measuring and trouble shooting.


Risley The Rolly II harvester/ processor from Risley Equipment is assembled using modular components that can be configured to meet a range of harvesting applications, including roadside, delimbing and processing, and at-the-stump single-grip processing. The main structure is equipped with two 18''-diameter drive rolls while side mounting bracket rotation of 240� is driven by twin planetary drives and gives total tree control off the stump. The Rolly II can be equipped with Risley's computerized measuring and integrated electronic control system for fast, accurate cut-to-length or random-length measuring.

The Slingshot Feller Processor head from Risley Equipment is a single-grip stroke-type processor that combines felling, accumulating, bunching, delimbing and processing into a single harvesting attachment. Designed after the Rotosaw line, the Slingshot has proven itself as a high-production, low-maintenance, cost-effective machine under all harvesting conditions, according to the company. A completely hydraulic control system eliminates the need for electrical or computer components. Total tree control is possible with the Slingshot, providing select cutting or thinning, while accumulater-style grab arms permit multi-stem processing in small-diameter wood.


The Arbro 120 Processor sold by Hakmet and manufactured by Metso-Metalli Oy of Finland weighs 1,300 lbs. and has a maximum delimbing diameter of 13'8''' (350mm). Other features include a processor turning radius of 210�, a Volvo saw motor, a microprocessor-controlled measuring unit, and a 65-hp (48 kW) power demand.


Hudson Sales Corp. from Hueytown, Alabama manufactures several models of slashers, including the Hudson Reversible Model 65 MLR Big Cut, a reversible, direct-drive, 90-hp machine with a 65'' bar length, capable of producing multi-length cuts.

The Hudson Model 58-16 slasher with cross bucks cuts variable length up to 16' and has a 58'' bar length and a direct-drive 90-hp motor. The Hudson Reversible Model 59 MLR slasher with 58'' bar length can also produce multi-length cuts.

Chain oil on these machines is metered to the saw bar throughout the cut, providing improved lubrication. More oil on the chain with less waste decreases chain and bar wear, says the company. Precise control of the chain speed provides optimum bite into the log, The system senses the load on the hydraulic saw motor and modulates saw feed speed to provide feed speed that is as fast as possible for the type of log being cut, according to the manufacturer.

Screw-in technologing and circuit blocks simplify plumbing. New valve cartridges can be screwed in without disturbing hose connections.


The Timberline ST3520 features a rubber-tired carrier with 6-wheel drive. Travel speed is up to 12 mph; four outriggers level and stabilize the machine. Power is a Cummins CT 8.3, rated at 210 hp. The unit delimbs and processes single or multiple stems up to 30'' in diameter. It has a standard 44' boom; 40' and 42' booms are optional.

The ST 3510 series (three models) utilize a Cat 325 undercarriage and Cummins 171-hp diesel. Booms are 31' or 38'. The machines are designed for stems to 24'' in diameter. The ST 3530 has a Cat 330 undercarriage and handles stems to 30'' in diameter.

All tracked Timberline models have a tilting upper house designed for work on slopes to 40�. All delimbers feature automatic creep mode that prevents the boom from hitting the main frame; boom locks reduce saw bar and chain damage when topping or butting. The Timberline Smart System provides the "most accurate computerized measuring system" in the industry, says the manufacturer.


New from Enviro-Hydrac Equipment Inc.,the Hydrac P8-32 Wood Processor delimbs and cuts stems to various lengths on demand (multiples of the stroke) in a single operation. Manufactured in Austria, this processor weighs 395 kg, and features a 100-104cm stroke with a maximum operating pressure of 2,560 to 2,930 psi. According to the manufacturer, the shearing knives and grapple tongs can be opened wide, allowing for reliable handling of trees with diameters up to 32''. The tongs are pressed against the trunk with a constant force.

The stroke on this machine can be adjusted exactly, says the company. A high-performance, specially designed oil-driven chain saw with a 42cm blade and automatic lubrication ensures accurate cuts with minimal parts wear. This processor alse features electro-magnetic shift between the stroke and saw operation and between the rotator and grapple tong operation. The Hydrac can be mounted on practically any carrier. It is distributed by Enviro-Hydrac Equipment Inc. in Calgary.


Tanguay Thirty years of slasher manufacturing experience is behind Tanguay Industries' new TS150 slasher. Modifications have been made to this slasher to enhance field performance, says the company. For example, the lifting capacity of the load has been increased to 10,000 lbs. (4,530 kg) at a reach of 25' (7.62m) with a new maximum reach of 31' (9.4m). The hydraulic system has been designed to minimize energy consumption and maximize performance. The TS150 is equipped with a 60'' (1.524mm) diameter carbide saw mounted on a new swing saw arm mechanism with improved geometry.

Improvements to the structure include a new 16'' (406mm) main frame. The new enlarged cab has been designed for operator comfort and safety. All loader functions are operated by two hydraulic joystick controls.


Balderson The Balderson Delimber has been designed specifically for the Cat 20-ton 320L forest swing machine. With 18,000 lbs. of delimbing power and a full 40' stroke, this machine is remarkably stable, claims the company, due to the two-way motion of the boom and a centre of gravity that hangs close to the centre of the carrier.Tail swing is just 18', enabling work to be done in small landings and on narrow logging roads. A specialized measuring system uses computer-based, photo-electric detection and encoding, which delivers automatic cut-to-length measurement of diameters and minimum-diameter auto cutting. With a rear grapple capacity of 26'' and a maximum topping diameter of 15'', the butt saw cuts through hardwood in a maximum of seven seconds. A large arch opening keeps crooked stems from jamming, and the working load is moved rearward as the boom strokes forward, for improved stability. A following trash tray moves up and down with the boom to channel collected debris away from the machine. This machine can be broken down for transport in 15 minutes or less.

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