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1997 Calendar of Events


Feb. 12-14/97
Cdn. Lumbermen's Association Annual Convention, Montreal, QC 613-233-6205
Feb. 18-22/97
New Zealand Forest Industries International Exhibition & Conference, Rotorua, New Zealand
Feb. 19-22/97
Oregon Logging Conference & Equipment Show, Eugene, OR 503-686-9191
Feb. 28 - Mar. 4/97
China Wood '97 5th Int'l Woodworking, Forestry Technology & Machinery Exhibition, Shanghai, China
Mar. 4/97
10th Annual Price Waterhouse B.C. Forest Industry Conference, Vancouver, BC 604-443-2622
Mar. 12-14/97
Northwest Woodworking Conference, Portland, OR 415-905-2745
Mar. 12-14/97
Wood Technology Clinic and Show, Portland, OR 415-905-2745
Mar. 21/97
Canadian Institute of Forestry, 403-624-6456
Mar. 23-26/97
C.P.P.A Canadian Woodlands Forum Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC 514-866-6621
Apr. 3-4/97
Northern Forest Products Ass. AGM, Prince George, BC 604-565-5136
Apr. 5-8/97
American Pulpwood Association Annual Meeting, Hilton Head, SC 301-838-9385
Apr. 8-10/97
31st International Particleboard/Composite Materials Symposium, Pullman, WA 608-231-1361
Apr. 9-11/97
Ontario Lumber Manufacturers Association, Toronto, ON 416-367-9717
Apr. 18-19/97
Interior Logging Association Annual Meeting, Vernon, BC 604-374-0733
Apr. 21-23/97
Eastern Hardwood Resources, Technologies & Markets, Harrisburg, PA 608-231-1361
April 21-23/97
ANZIF Conference, Canberra, Australia
Apr. 24-25/97
Interior Lumber Manufacturers Association, AGM, Kelowna, BC 604-860-9663
Apr. 24-26/97
BC Sawfilers Annual General Meeting, Prince George, BC 604-769-1945
Apr. 27 -29/97
3rd Annual Pacific Rim-World Wood Products Marketing Conference, Vancouver, BC 604-443-5087
May 1-2/97
Olympic Logging Conference, Victoria, BC 360-452-9357
May 1-2/97
Cariboo Lumber Manufacturers Association, Williams Lake, BC 604-392-7778
May 5-10/97
Ligna Hanover-World Fair for Machinery & Equipment, Hannover, Germany 416-364-5352
May 8-10/97
Northern Alberta Forestry Show, Grande Prairie, AB 403-532-3279
May 12-14/97
4th International Conference on Woodfiber-Plastic Composites, Madison, WI 608-231-1361
May 25-30/97
Wildland Fire Management & Sustainable Dev., Vancouver, BC 604-669-7175
May 28-30/97
Fire Expo - Int. Showcase of Wildland Fire Equipment Services/Technology, Abbottsford, BC 604-824-5555
May 28-30/97
Lumber Drying for the 21st Century, Prince George, BC 604-997-6451
May 28-31/97
3rd Canadian Urban Forest Conference, Halifax, NS 902-428-6559
June 4-6/97
Maritime Lumber Bureau Annual Meeting, Charletown, PEI 902-667-3889
June 4-7/97
Elmia Wood International Forestry Trade Fair, Jonkoping, Sweden +46-36-152000
June 17-20/97
13th International Wood Machining Seminar, Vancouver, BC 604-224-3221
June 18-21/97
14th Annual Transportation & Marketing of B.C. Forest Products Conference, Whistler, BC 604-684-0211
June 22-25/97
Canadian Association of Equipment Distributors, Whistler, BC 613-722-4711
June 22-26/97
Forest Products Society Annual Meeting (50th Anniversary) Vancouver, BC 608-231-1361
June 26-27/97
SFPA 24th Forest Products Machinery & Equipment Exposition, Atlanta, GA 608-231-1361
Fall '97
Impact of New Forest Management Practices on Wood Quality & Availability, Spokane, WA 608-231-1361
Sept. 4-6/97
Lake States Logging Congress, , MI 715-282-5828
Pacific Logging Congress In The Woods Demo, Bellevue, WA 503-224-8406
Sept. 21-27/97
Canadian Institute of Forestry AGM & Conference, Prince George, BC 613-234-2242
Sept. 24-26/97
Eastern Canada Wood Products Industry Conference, Montreal, QC 604-443-5087
Sept. 30-Oct. 2/97
Alberta Forest Products Association 55th Annual Mtg., Jasper, AB 403-452-2841
Oct. ___ /97
52nd Annual Congress and Exhibition, Victoriaville,QC 819-562-3388
Oct. ___/97
Alaska Forest Association 40th Annual Meeting, Ketchikan, AK (location TBConfirmed) 907-225-6114
Oct. 1-4/97
GPS/GIS'97 - High on Energy - Global Innovative Solutions, Calgary, AB 403-451-5670
Oct. 3-4/97
51st Annual Congress & Exhibition, Drummondville, QC 819-562-3388
Oct. 4-8/97
Society of American Foresters, Memphis, TN 301-897-8720
Nov. /97
2nd Biannual Residual Wood Conference: Residue to Revenue, Vancouver, BC 604-990-9970
Nov. /97
International Panel & Engineering Wood Tech Expo, Atlanta, GA 415-905-2745
Dec. 4-6/97
National Woodlot Forum, Grande Prairie, AB 403-422-4565
Dec 3-5/97
North American Wood Markets Market: Outlook for 1998, Vancouver, BC 604-443-5087

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