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October 2005  - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal





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New speed reducers from Bonfiglioli

Bonfiglioli Canada has introduced the HDP (Heavy Duty Parallel shaft) speed reducer to the Canadian market. The advantages of this new series are said to be: record torque density; top performance with high reliability; more diverse options for assembly and attachment; user friendliness; and a competitive price/quality ratio.

The four models now available are rated: 41,150, 57,960, 101,775 and 146,500 in lbs and provide the power for a wide range of uses. They are currently in two or three stages with ratios from 7:1 to 112:1.

With a foot or flange configuration, with hollow shaft for slot and keyway, the new HDP units can be mounted to satisfy applications in mixing, stirring, conveying or lifting. As for options, oil cooling and heating are available, as are heavy duty bearings and back stops.

Carmanah revises territory, acquires chipper business

Jeffrey Specialty Equipment Corporation of South Carolina and Carmanah Design and Manufacturing Inc of Vancouver, BC have revised their agreement, with Carmanah adding the territories of Manitoba and Ontario. The previous agreement included the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

In addition to servicing the forest products and pulp and paper industries, Carmanah will also support Jeffrey’s aftermarket parts business which includes the company’s exclusive Ultralloy hammers, Duratip replaceable hammer tips, and Slant-Flow screen grates.

Jeffrey’s equipment includes the industry standard Jeffrey wood hog and the Chipsizer, which was introduced in 1997 and has more than 110 installations to date.

In other company news, Carmanah announced in September that it had acquired the chipper business unit from Nicholson Manufacturing Ltd. As of October 1, 2005, Carmanah will be responsible for the future supply of all spare parts, capital equipment and service for the chipper product line formerly owned by Nicholson.

Jeffrey updates horizontal wood hog

In other Jeffrey news, the company’s horizontal wood and bark hogs, designed to handle construction and demolition waste, land clearing debris and wood waste, have been updated with new mechanical and electrical features.

The updated machines incorporate a large drag chain in-feed conveyor with pusher attachments along with a pivoted roll that is both variable speed and variable pressure. Both features insure there is a constant and positive feed of material into the shredding zone at all times. The machine has also been updated with a PLC to provide accurate control of the machine’s feedback loops as well as primary machine functions.

Temperature/humidity mapping guide

Millyards seeking to control environments and minimize inventory spoilage can now access a free-of-charge“Temperature and Temperature/Humidity Mapping Guide” from Dickson Company at 26.php. This best practices guide to warehouse and production facility temperature and humidity mapping can potentially save guide users thousands of dollars annually by protecting inventory quality, the company says.

Dickson’s guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to create and maintain effective facility mapping programs, including practical advice on how to determine critical mapping points, appropriate sampling rates, data logger selection criteria, and how to approach data analysis, and remediation considerations, among other topics.

Central Boiler offers pre-insulated piping

TheremoPEX is flexible pre-insulated piping that is ideal for use with outdoor wood furnaces. It consists of two, 1” oxygen barrier Central PEX lines (supply and return) that are insulated with highdensity polyurethane, closed-cell foam insulation and a thick, durable, waterproof polyethylene outer jacket.

It saves energy and maximizes efficiency by keeping heat loss to a minimum and reduces wood consumption. It’s pre-assembled, ready to install and comes in 100’ and 800’ lengths.

Environmental hydraulic oil meets Hitachi specs

ConocoPhillips Company, a leading lubricants supplier, has introduced Conoco EcoterraT hydraulic fluid HVI 46, a premium quality, zinc-free, multi-viscosity hydraulic fluid designed for use in offroad equipment. It is an environmentally friendly oil that meets the specifications for Hitachi Genuine Hydraulic Oil Super EX 46 HN.

Ecoterra HVI 46 hydraulic fluid has outstanding low and high temperature performance combined with a premium, ashless anti-wear package, which makes it ideal for severe operating conditions.

It also provides many synthetic-like performance benefits due to its hydrocracked base oils, including wear protection, enhanced rust and corrosion protection. A multi-viscosity oil, it is suitable for year-round use in the hydraulic systems of construction and forestry equipment.

New excavator from Link-Belt

LBX Company, LLC has announced an all-new hydraulic excavator, the 700 LX. Weighing in at 152,600 lbs, the 700 LX fills the gap between the 104,500-lb 460 LX and the 174,000-lb 800 LX. The 700 LX is also available in a mass excavator version.

The 700LX is the first Tier III compliant Link-Belt excavator with a 425 hp, six-cylinder Isuzu engine. It is also the first LX machine with a hydraulic drive reversible fan, which provides increased horsepower, quieter operation, and allows the operator to blow out the coolers from inside the cabin.

The boom lengths on the standard and mass excavators are 25’3” to 21’6” respectively. And their maximum digging radius with the 11’6” arm is 43’2” and 38’7”.

The Inte-LX computer control system monitors hydraulic output, pressures and regulates engine performance for the optimum balance of speed, power and fuel efficiency. And the LX Series enables operators to choose the working mode of the excavator. Operators simply choose the work mode from four selectable work modes to match the machine’s output to the job application, or choose Auto- Mode.

New wheel loader from Deere features seven cubic-yard bucket capacity

John Deere’s new 844J wheel loader, with 7.25 cubic-yard bucket capacity, is available as of November. It features strong engine and hydraulic power, smooth shifting and numerous other features that translate into high performance and productivity.

The 844J is powered by an efficient, electronically controlled, 12.5-litre John Deere PowerTech diesel engine with 380 SAE net hp (283 kW) at 1,600 rpm. The engine features wet-sleeve cylinder liners for exceptional engine cooling, the company says.

A key feature of the 844J is its Deere Powershift transmission, which provides smart shift technology.

By continuously sensing speeds and loads, and adjusting clutch pressures accordingly, the transmission delivers smooth shifts without delay.

The 844J, with a bucket capacity of 7.25 cubic yards, weighs in at 69,300 lbs. It possesses heavy-duty outboard planetary axles with open differential (standard) and limited slip (option) available. The braking system is comprised of outboard wet multi-disc brakes that selfadjust for wear to maintain excellent response.

Creation of GPX International Tire Corporation finalized

The creation of GPX International Tire Corporation has now been finalized, through the merger of Galaxy Tire & Wheel, Inc of Boston, Massachusetts, and Dynamic Tire Corp of Toronto. Galaxy and Dynamic announced their intent to merge in June 2005 and completed the merger on September 30.

The flagship brands for GPX will continue to be Galaxy and Primex, with both lines competing in the work tire category.

GPX expects to make the full range of tires available through its branches across the US and Canada by January 1, 2006. They will be available at seven major distribution centres in the US. In Canada, tires will be available through its major distribution centre in Ontario, which will be supported by three 3PL’s across Canada. The merger will also allow GPX to concentrate on product development and expansion.

ECO-Wheel Tracks now available for CTL machines

ECO-Wheel Tracks are now available for 600, 700, and 750 tire sizes for CTL machines.

ECO-Wheel Tracks provide a wider footprint, lower ground pressure, and improved flotation with less ground disturbance than standard tires. Operators can sustain longer operating periods in wet conditions. The smooth cross-member design improves traction with less spin and grab—which is easier on the ground and the machine. And the wheel tracks also improve stability on six wheel machines.

Thompson Slope Packer can be used with an excavator

The Thompson Slope Packer eliminates the expensive and time-consuming task of packing slopes with a crawler tractor, according to RocklandManufacturing.

Slopes can be packed with an excavator on any grade and in any soil condition up to 10 times faster than conventional methods, the company says. Fuel consumption is dramatically reduced and 28 PRODUCTS to page 29 from page 46 undercarriage wear is eliminated. The Thompson Slope Packer will pack soil right up to obstacles and silt fences without causing damage.

The Thompson Slope Packer features a unique self-cleaning design and is available in 4’, 6’ and 8’ widths for various size excavators. All Thompson Slope Packers feature a one-year, 2,000-hour Rockland warranty and are in stock for immediate delivery.

Gater grapples for compact excavators

The Gater Grapple is said to be an innovative attachment for compact excavators.

It features synchronized dual clamp action and 360-degree continuous rotation that allows operators to pick up virtually anything from odd-shaped rocks and pipe to logs, tires and debris.

The Gater Grapple attachment comes in two sizes: 560 lbs (net weight) for 3.5 to 7.5 ton excavators and 720 lbs (net weight) for 8.0 to 14.0 ton. Both feature T-100 steel construction. The grapple comes as a complete kit ready for easy installation and attaches to existing bucket linkage, maintaining full articulation.

Operators can create a higher demand for their compact excavators because the Gater Grapple allows their machine to become a perfect fit for landscaping, rock wall building, construction/ utilities recycling and pipe laying projects.

Komatsu’s new—and largest—skid steer offers increased power


Komatsu Canada has introduced the SK1026-5 skid steer loader, an 8,068 lb (3,660 kg) unit designed to meet customers’ demands for increased power and performance in a variety of material handling applications.

The SK1026-5 is the company’s largest skid-steer loader and offers increased horsepower with enhanced loader arm and bucket control, one of the longest wheelbases in its class (45.7”), and high performance HydrauMind hydraulics, Automatic Power Control, and standard two-speed travel features.

The SK1026-5 is powered by Komatsu’s turbocharged and fuel-efficient S4D98E-2NFD diesel engine, running 84 hp (63 kW) at 2,500 rpm. The hydraulic self-leveling bucket with 5,400 lb (2 450 kg) breakout force improves the productivity of the operator on the job site. The 40-degree dump and 28-degree rollback angles of the bucket allow for faster dump cycles and load retention over rough terrain.




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