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A group of independent sawmills in BC is working to get access to timber at affordable prices and become cutting edge mill innovators.

Combining efforts in logging and sawmilling operation

Several different industry and community groups have come together to set up successful logging and sawmilling operation West Chilcotin Forest Products in the BC Interior.

Meeting the grade with the right equipment combo

A Hyndai carrier/Hornet processor combination and Ponsse Bison forwarder help ensure logging contractor Glen Davis meets the needs of forest company Bowater.

What happens after the beetle?

Communities in the BC Interior are being pro-active, planning for what comes after the massive pine beetle epidemic, and its accompanying fibre supply meltdown.

Going high tech in the mill, step by step

Domtar’s Val d’Or sawmill has invested in new high-tech production equipment through step-by-step upgrades.

Managing the slash better

An innovative front grapple being used in Alberta is delivering benefits in terms of improved slash management.

Opting for the Latest Logging Iron

Award-winning logging contractor D and T Mechanical of Newfoundland is strong on making sure its employees have the latest equipment so they can do their job in a safe and productive manner.

Forestry FAQs: Manitoba

This month, Logging & Sawmilling Journal takes a look at one of the prairie players in forestry, Manitoba, with the facts and figures on the province’s forest base and its forest industry.


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