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October 2004



Data Safes offer protection in the case of mill fires
In mill and logging office operations, computers need to be protected from fire, dust, magnetic fields, unauthorized access, accidental damage and electrostatics. Since computer media can be so easily damaged, manufacturers recommend it not be exposed to temperatures over 125 degrees Fahrenheit or humidity over 85 per cent. With the FireKing 3-Hour Data Safe, the safes walls and doors provide protection by incorporating layers of heat-absorbing material, fireproof insulating foam and a tough steel casing. Three-way boltwork ensures the doors remain shut if a building collapses, or if forced entry is attempted. FireKing manufactures the only UL Class 125 three-hour data safe and provides a variety of one and two hour data safes, plus the MediaVault data chest. FireKing also makes fire resistant files and records safes. All products carry a lifetime warranty and a lifetime free replacement guarantee. www.fkisecuritygroup.com  Reader Service Card #8050

Titan introduces trailers for extreme duty jobs
Titan Trailers has introduced what the company says are the worlds first high-capacity aluminum body self-unloading trailers specifically designed for extreme-duty applications. The trailers are versatile, designed to handle high-volume loads of bark and wood chips, but also have the floor strength to take on the impacts of loading logs. The new trailer is Titans response to increased demands for backhaul versatility and improved strength in extreme duty applications. With the new V-Floor unloader, Titan has extended the benefits of Thinwall to customers who also need the extra strength of a steel live floor. A 48-foot Titan trailer offers more than double the payload capacityup to 130 cubic yards. The Keith V-Floor system ensures that the trailer maintains a sure footing and the open-top Titan V-Floor trailer can accept bulk materials, logs and lumber as well as palletized loads. Titan will custom-build the Thinwall V-Floor for virtually any extreme-duty requirement, including multi-axle and B-train units. www.titantrailers.com  Reader Service Card #8053

ITT Flygt partners with Kinecor
ITT Flygt and Kinecor have a new partnership agreement. Kinecor is now the first specific distributor of ITT Flygt industrial products for Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces. This new partnership will allow ITT Flygt and Kinecor to develop the Quebec and Atlantic regions industrial sector with a professional approach using world-class products and technical expertise. Kinecor has a network of 56 branches across Canada, 19 of which are in Quebec and seven in the Atlantic Region. The company specializes in the distribution of industrial components. ITT Flygt is the worlds largest manufacturer of submersible pumps, which are produced in Sweden and distributed worldwide. www.flygt.com , www.kinecor.com  Reader Service Card #8052

Franois Germain, vice-president of the eastern region, Kinecor, with G Paul Donnini, vice-president of marketing and sales, ITT Flygt.

Deloupe diversifies product line with new partnership
Quebec-based Deloupe Inc has announced a new business partnership with East Manufacturing from Ohio. The agreement enables semi-trailer manufacturer Deloupe to diversify its product line. Through this partnership, Deloupe will now be offering additional high quality products to its clientele in the province of Quebec and the Maritimes. We will be able to offer a full aluminium semi-trailer under the name of Ultramax, in two versions, says Pierre Liasse, Deloupe sales director. The Ultramax has a load capacity of 50,000 lbs and the Ultramax HD has a load capacity of 72,000 lbs on four feet spread in 2-3-4 axles. Options include: forestry, rolling tarp systems and other systems which meet customers diversified requirements. www.deloupe.com  Reader Service Card #8051

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Data Safes offer protection in the case of mill fires  #8050
Titan introduces trailers for extreme duty jobs    #8053
ITT Flygt partners with Kinecor  #8052
Deloupe diversifies product line with new partnership   #8051


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