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Oct 2004 - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal


Demo 2004 sees introduction of new equipment

The Demo 2004 show held in Quebec in September saw a huge exhibition of logging equipment at work, with many manufacturers using the show as an opportunity to introduce new equipment.

By Roy Ostling

More than 100 exhibitors and 300 woodlands machines were set up along the 4.5 kilometre loop at Demo 2004, held at Forêt Montmorency, northeast of Quebec City.

Excitement was in the air and the sounds of revving logging equipment echoed around the hills when Demo International 2004 opened in September at Forêt Montmorency, northeast of Quebec City. Meanwhile, waiting yellow school buses shuttled the throngs of contractors, woodlot operators and forestry professionals up the mountain to the University of Laval’s experimental forest, host of the 10th edition of Demo International. Wet weather may have put on a damper on the last Demo held in Eastern Canada in 1996 at the Forêt Montmorency.

Bount - Blount had its new Prentice zero tail swing track feller bunchers and harvesters working at Demo. The bunchers and harvesters—the 1090, 1190, 1190T and 1290T—are designed for rough terrain and tight areas for select cut and thinning applications.

But not this time. For much of the three-day event, the sun shone on the visitors and the more than 100 exhibitors and 300 woodlands machines and systems valued at over $200 million that operated on a 200-hectare site along a 4.5 kilometre loop. Demo is North America’s largest active exhibition of wood harvesting equipment and sustainable forest operations.

Hultdins - Hutldins introduced the new line of Indexator Rotators with Multi Plate Brake (MPB) swing dampers. The MPB brake system offers high braking power, long life and simple maintenance.

The show featured all of the major players and regional dealers. It had some something for everyone— from the latest in harvesting, forwarding and loading technologies to road construction and transportation, high-tech GPS systems and even low-tech horse logging demonstrations. The Canadian Woodlands Forum (CWF) sponsored the show, which is held every four years. “Overall, I’d say it was a huge success,” says Peter Robichaud, executive director of CWF, which spent almost three years planning and organizing the event. “The numbers were good, the road along the loop and all the booths were full, and the response from the exhibitors was very positive.

Rocan - Picture Not Available

Rocan - The new equipment at the Rocan exhibit at Demo included the MHT Neuson 24-ton harvester with a Log Max 7000 harvester/processor head adapted to multi-stem.

A lot of good contacts were made, with actual machine sales taking place and confirmations being made during the show.” Robichaud credits the exhibitors for the work they put into their booths and show areas, providing an attractive venue for their clients and visitors. The show fits very well with CWF’s mission: a commitment to sustainable forestry management through quality woodlands operations.

Quadco - Quadco had a variety of equipment at its site, but the company used the show to introduce the L220 processor which, weighing in at 8400 lbs, fits most mid-sized excavators or feller bunchers.

Robichaud emphasized the University of Laval’s Faculty of Forestry and Geomatics role in planning and hosting the event, as well as the cooperation of exhibitors in ensuring harvesting and work practices met the strict environmental standards required on the university’s research forestlands. The final attendance for Demo 2004 came in at 9,618 and two bears. “Everyone was very happy,” says show manager Mark Cusack of Master Promotions, which produced the show. “CWF and exhibitors agreed it was the biggest attendance for Demo since 1988.”

Caterpillar - Caterpillar had its new M325C MH log loader moving timber around the Cat site at Demo. Part of the new C-Series of wheeled material handlers, the M325C MH offers improved performance through increased horsepower and hydraulic flow. It is equipped with a six-cylinder, turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled diesel engine that produces 189 net horsepower.

While most attendees came from Quebec and the Maritimes, as well as other parts of Canada, there was good representation from the US. Even delegates and visitors from as far away as Russia, Brazil, Chile, Central America, Australia and Asia were there to see the working equipment, illustrating the tremendous draw of the show.

Sani-Terre - Sani-Terre was on hand at the show demonstrating its mobile washing system for forestry equipment. This includes a truck equipped with a water tank, hot water washer units, a filtering system, oil residue tank, washwater collection and recycling system.

The University of Laval’s Faculty of Forestry was cited for its efforts in overcoming language barriers, communicating with exhibitors and making the show a success. “They had a forestry supervisor in charge of each active site to ensure their standards were met,” Cusack says. “Their forestry engineers were very happy with the active exhibitors, the way they looked after the site and stayed within the guidelines.” The university acknowledged several exhibitors for safety, environmental practices and communications, with Komatsu, Liebherr, Denharco, and Quadco among the recipients. “Live and in Action” was the theme for Demo 2004.

Gilbert - Demo attendees had the opportunity to see a brand spanking new Gilbert 3022, specifically built for felling and accumulating large volumes of small diameter trees. The head has a shorter tower and a accumulation area of 6.3 square feet.

And while there were more than 90 static displays, the range of forestry equipment working in one to three hectare landings in a forest environment set the show apart. Forestry contractors, family logging businesses and other visitors walking the show loop watched as an estimated 5,000 cubic metres was sustainably harvested over three days. With rising markets for lumber and pulp, and a resulting increased interest in investing in new equipment, the show generated lots of leads and some sales. “I know Komatsu, Liebherr, Quadco, and Timberjack sold quite a few units,” Cusack says. “It was obvious people were coming here with the intention of buying and in terms of a database those leads are invaluable.”

Parker - At the Parker Hanifin booth, company representatives were talking to loggers about the new Parker 721 hose. The hose meets SAE 100R12, ISO 3862-1 and EM 856 Type R12 specifications, and has half the minimum bend radius of 100R12 hose.

John Deere/Timberjack’s static and working demonstrations of equipment featured wheeled and tracked machines focusing on cut-to-length harvesting. Drawing lots of interest was the new 1490 Energy Wood Harvester, a slash bundler that collects and compresses logging residuals for storage or easy transport by timber trucks to the power plant.

Terex Fuchs - TEREX FUCHS had its MHL 464 pick and carry logger working away. The locking axle eliminates the need for stabilizers, enabling the 464 to lift off the side and travel with the load.

Timberjack brought the unit on the market about a year ago and is doing demos to create awareness of what can be done with a waste product, such as turning it into energy through co-generation. Caterpillar, one of the big players in producing heavy equipment for the forest industry, had several Cat and Timberking machines working and on display.

Jonsered - Jonsered used Demo 2004 to give forestry contractors a first hand look at the new FC 2145 clearing saw. Specifically designed for stand tending and clearing, this 2.9 hp saw offers exceptional acceleration and blade speed. The asymmetrical handlebar of the FC 2145 also employs low vibration technology.

Scott Boone, Forest Industry Specialist for Cat dealer Toromont’s branch in Thunder Bay, says he was pleased with Demo 2004. “There’s lots of good product here. Everyone in the industry has turned out in force and the organizers have done a great job of putting everything together.” He noted that Cat’s forestry brand, Timberking, was well represented at the show with a range of forwarders, feller bunchers, a knuckleboom loader, and a B-series buncher, a larger full tail swing machine on display. The working demonstrations included a heavy duty TK 741 buncher with a Cat HF201 felling and bunching head. Next on the Demo 2004 loop, Tigercat was demonstrating full tree-length and cut-to-length systems.

Husqvarna - Husqvarna introduced its 345FX clearing saw to silviculture and forest care contractors during Demo. With 43 cubic centimetre displacement, the 345FX offers improved acceleration, AutoSmartStart automatic decompression valve, reduced emissions and ergonomic handle bars.

Full tree machines working featured 822 and 870 feller bunchers teamed with Tigercat’s new C-Series hydrostatic skidders, while the CTL featured a H822 harvester paired with the 1014 forwarder. Attracting a lot of interest at the Ponsse Canada landing was the Buffalo Dual Harwarder. It offers increased flexibility and productivity on logging sites by allowing the operator to change its harvesting head with all the measuring systems to a grapple and make it a full 14-tonne forwarder.

Komatsu - Komatsu Forest introduced the new EX 10 harvester featuring the CRH 24 telescopic boom with a 35 foot harvesting reach. This means less machine repositioning, and reduced fuel consumption and machine wear. With 360 degree rotation, it creates a 70 foot harvesting zone.

Laval University awarded Ponsse honours of distinction for its communications during the show, which was a highlight for Ponsse sales manager Roger Legault. “I think it was an excellent show. Everything went super, the weather cooperated, and the crowds were there.” Ponsse sold two forwarders it was demonstrating, a Buffalo King and a Buffalo, which was sold by ALPA Equipment in New Brunswick.

Vohl - The Vohl/Akrobat model VR-200 forwarder was making tracks at Demo. Vohl also had the Vohl/Akrobat shredder model VS, series 400, on static display.

Ponsse also sold two of its largest harvesting heads, the H73. Equipment Federal, which distributes Komatsu-Valmet, Timbco, and Blount equipment from northeastern Ontario to the Maritimes, featured 20 machines, valued at $9 million. Christian Tremblay, Equipment Federal’s director of operations says this was the third Demo show he’s attended in Quebec and each time it gets better. One of the machines working on the landing was a Denharco DT 4100 telescopic delimber mounted on a Komatsu PC220 carrier. It offers a choice of chain or cable drive systems as a new feature. Komatsu-Valmet was showing its 941 harvester—one of the largest on the market—featuring a 33-foot boom and Valmet 370 harvesting head with true cut-to-length capabilities.

Denharco - Denharco offers loggers a family of delimbers of modular design combining high-performance components and adaptability. Demo attendees got a good look at Denharco’s new DM4140 delimber, mounted on a Liebherr 914.

George Schmidt, Komatsu-Valmet’s Regional sales manager for Western Canada, noted that two 941s have been sold in the BC Interior. Tanguay support technician Denis Larouche was busy answering questions about the company’s log loaders. That included the WL350, a new mid-sized machine that has a cab rising feature and is mounted on bearings and bushings instead of pins. He says customers want the WL350 faster than Tanguay can make them. Working on the site was the WL150, which is one of the most wanted log loaders for small side producers. Larouche noted that Demo 2004 started with a bang and he was pleased with the crowds and their interest.

RNP - Quebec-based RNP Industries had its selection of grapples and grapple saw systems on display at Demo.

Daniel Boutin, Rotobec’s representative for Quebec and the Maritimes, says he was very happy with the show and the way it was organized. “We’ve had good people at our booth and lots of forest guys who know what they need.” Rotobec’s working demos included its new Rotochip DEB 51-inch brush cutter mounted on a Liebherr 934 Linotronic carrier.

Denis-Cimaf - The Denis-Cimaf site at Demo included the DAH-100 bruchcutter/chipper, which offers easy chipping through trees of 30 cm in diameter. It is said to be among the heaviest brushcutters on the market today.

Boutin says that the brush cutter has gone through its testing phase in the field and should be on the market next spring. Demo International 2004 will be remembered as one of the most successful ever, but now it’s time to start the four-year process planning for the next event. “We’ll have a Demo Organizing Committee meeting, do our final review and see what the recommendations are to start for 2008,” Cusack says. “Where Demo 2008 will be located is up to CWF to determine.”

Rotobec - Rotobec had a wide variety of products on display at the show. The company introduced a new line of large capacity bunching grapples, the F800HD, the F1000HD and the F1250HD, with respective capacities of .70 cord, .88 cord and 1.05 cord. The grapples are designed to handle both short wood and tree-length with a live heel boom.


Deloupe inc - Deloupe Inc used the Demo show to unveil its brand new forestry trailer, the Drakkar model. The trailer is designed for owners seeking a strong unit, and comes with a three-year parts and labour warranty.


RMT - RMT Equipment had a VEI scale being demonstrated on a Liebherr 934 at the show. The company’s new VEI Helper P5 grapple scale is specially designed to help avoid truck overloads and maximize production in the forest.


LSJ - There was lots of activity at “Fort Logging & Sawmilling Journal” at Demo, with show attendees picking up the latest issue of the magazine, which included a preview and feature coverage of the show.


Globalstar - Well known for voice and data communications solutions, Globalstar personnel also had the AXTracker and Sentinel GPS monitoring units on display. Part of Globalstar's simplex services, these devices allow forest companies to monitor, track and provide fleet management information from virtually anywhere.


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