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Tech Update Editor:  Helen Johnson

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Remorques JMS Inc/Baileys Inc
The new woodlot road trailer and grapple systems from Remorques JMS Inc join the companys line of ATV trailers and accessories. The complete road grapple loader packages include road trailers suitable for both paved and unpaved roads with capacities ranging from 2.5 to 10 tons. Complete with wired electric lights, brakes and nylon tie downs, the trailers can be matched with grapple loaders and a power unit to make a mobile, self-loading machine. The grapple loaders have a 360 boom rotation and hydraulic telescopic stabilizers.
Farma model 60D and 65D loaders have telescopic arms for extended reach. Crane lengths range from 106 to 214, while maximum grapple openings range from 29 to 46. Lift capacities vary from 1,500 lbs to 3,000 lbs. Honda pull-start hydraulic power units, with horsepower ranging from 5.5 to 11 hp, are also available. The 900TR hydraulic logging loader has a 3,500-lb capacity, a 29 grapple opening, a crane height of 48 with telescopic outriggers, log bed dimensions of 26x96 and a 5.5-hp Honda engine. The 468-lb 1003T tandem log and dump trailer has a dump bed of 49x77x14 and a capacity of 1,500 lbs. With a capacity of 2,000 lbs, the 200-lb 2001RT mini-skidder on wheels features a manual winch. An electric winch with remote control is optional. Reader Service Card #150

Norwood Industries
The ATV MultiMate L-1500 from Norwood Industries Inc is a multi-utility attachment that transforms any all-terrain vehicle (ATV) into a log skidder, forklift, hydraulic excavator, tractor, hauler or dump truck. The ATV MultiMate lifts up to 1,500 lbs and can exert up to 400 lbs of down pressure. Its steel frame mounts to the underside of any ATV and the manually adjustable masts and carriage are positioned in the rear.
Once fitted, an operator can install and remove the MultiMate in less than one minute, the company says, with two quick-connect pins. Each accessory slides onto two horizontal steel tubes mounted on the vertical carriage masts. Standard masts lift loads up to 26 off the ground.
Extended masts lift to 36. The log skidder comes standard with a chain, slip-hook and probe and has teeth and tines to keep the ATV from rolling when using the optional winch. A removable trailer hitch fits onto the skid plate for trailering without removing the skid plate. Powered by a 5-hp Honda engine that mounts to the front rack, the hydraulic excavator/backhoe has a standard 10 bucket, with a 16 bucket optional, and can dig holes up to 5 deep and reach more than 7 horizontally through 180. It comes with four adjustable outriggers and a standard control platform with two valves and eight positions.
Other quick-attach accessories include 42 standard forks, a grader blade with a 12-position swivel plate, a 30 dump bucket with a capacity of two cubic feet, a dump box, 24 folding forks and a three-point hitch. Reader Service Card #151

Enterprises F4-Dion
The F4-Dion hydraulic loader and trailer unit from Enterprises F4-Dion Inc features a 100 main boom, a 60 stick boom, an overall loader length of 369, overall loader height of 130 and an overall loader width, with stabilizers, of 106. The booms offer 390 rotation, while the grapple has a rotation of 230, with continuous rotation optional. The maximum grapple opening is 60. The 2,650-lb loader has a lift capacity of 3,000 lbs at five feet from the vehicle and 1,200 lbs at 13 feet. The 9,300-lb trailer has a load capacity of two cords and a ground pressure, when loaded, of 6.4 psi. Powered by a 78-hp Deutz F4L-912 four-cylinder, air-cooled diesel engine, the F4-Dion has a five-speed transmission, two Rockwell differentials, pivot steering, articulated frame, dual hydraulic cylinders and 10,000-lb capacity tandem arm suspension. It has a climbing ability of 65 to 80 per cent and a side-hilling ability of 40 per cent, the company says. Reader Service Card #152

Cam-Trac Chicoutimi
A versatile combination for mechanized thinning, selective harvesting and silviculture work is offered by Cam-Trac Chicoutimi. It features a mini-feller multifunction Kubota harvester with an adapted telescopic boom and is the smallest of its kind, the company says. The 200-cm wide processor is matched with a 175-cm wide Vimek 606D mini-forwarder and can process trees up to 15 and 18 in diameter in 8, 12 and 16 lengths.

The Vimek 606D has a hauling capacity of three to 3.5 cubic metres, a load capacity of 3,000 kg and a load length capacity of 16. The combination has a fuel consumption of 6.5 litres per hour. The Vimek forwarder is powered by a 20-hp Kubota diesel engine and has a remote control winch and a reversible driver seat with controls in both directions. With low ground disturbance and little damage to surrounding trees, the Kubota can also be equipped with a Patu 400SH head and a boom able to reach 25 feet from the centre of the machine. The Patu multifunction head has a capacity of 4.1 tons in hard or softwood and can delimb branches up to 5 in diameter. The Kubota carrier or mini-feller can also be fitted with the SMC400 brush cutting head for eliminating undesirable species. Cam-Trac also offers the articulated Waltra/Valmet Forest Tractor 115, with a multifunction Logmas 928 head, a parallelogram boom and panoramic cab, and the Mini Master 101 mini-forwarder with a load capacity of two cubic metres (2,000 kg) and a loading length of 16. Reader Service Card #153

RCS Manufacturing
The T mini-skidder from RCS Manufacturing allows skidding of logs virtually anywhere, the company says. With the weight of the log on the T skidder, the full weight of the tractor front is on its front wheels for better control and traction. Designed for small-scale timber management, the T skidder can be operated by one person and is limited only by the capabilities of the tractor, the company says. A 20- to 35-hp tractor is recommended, preferably a four-wheel drive.
Powered by a deep cycle rechargeable battery, the RCS 35-36 uses a 3,500-lb Warn winch for movement of logs up to 32 in diameter. Its frame is made of tubular steel and a safety cage is incorporated along the front of the arch for protection. The T mini skidder has two grooved implement tires to minimize soil disturbance. The ATV mini skidder offers many features of the RCS 35-36 and comes in two models, the RCS 25-24 and the RCS 35-24. The RCS 25-24 uses a 2,500-lb Warn winch, allowing for longer battery life and skidding of logs up to 14 in diameter. The RCS 35-24 uses a 3,500-lb Warn winch for movement of logs up to 20 in diameter. Reader Service Card #154

NovaJack products and accessories are designed for use by one operator and can be used to haul wood with an ATV. The complete trailer kit is an on-road/off-road combination of logging and road units that can be used to transport an ATV to the woods and converts to a forwarding trailer by removing the metal box. With a removable dump box, the three-in-one trailer is equipped for loading, hauling and unloading logs from 4 to 16 long, moving goods on the highway and dumping. The package comes with a metal frame, a metal box measuring 88x51 1/2, four curved log posts, a complete loading mast with a 2,300-lb capacity hand winch with brake, a 25 double-braided polyester cable, a 5/16 grab hook and an 8 V-chain. It also includes a boom extension for the dump box and a 2,000-lb capacity heavy-duty trailer jack.
The skidding cone kit enables the use of an ATV to skid logs. With a 20 opening, the cone can move large logs or bunches of logs, allowing them to move more easily through other trees and protecting the logs from damage. The skidding kit comes with a gas- powered capstan winch and has a 2,000-lb pulling capacity, while the logging arch kit is pivoting and self-loading and lifts logs up to 24 in diameter off the ground behind an ATV. Reader Service Card #155

Davco Manufacturing Ltd/Barda Equipment
The BC705SS and the BC604SS brush cutters from Davco Manufacturing Ltd are loader-mounted, with quick attach, to most skid steers with adequate hydraulic requirements of between 22 and 30 gpm (3,000 psi). Rated for a 4 cutting capacity, they have a 60 or 70 overall cutting width, four reversible cutting knives and direct drive. The BC705 and BC604 brush cutters are similar to the SS models but the quick-attach mount is designed for Posi-Track crawler tractors.
The loader-mounted BC503 brush cutter has a recommended cutting capacity of 3, with a cutting width of 58 and a recommended hydraulic flow of 14 to 20 gpm (3,000 psi). Available with a blade or pick disc, the EBC604 excavator brush cutter is boom mounted on 12- to 20-ton excavators, rated for a 4 cut, with an overall cutting width of 60. The QC1200 accumulating feller buncher is quick-attach mounted on larger skid steers. It features a high-speed disc saw and cuts trees up to 14 in diameter. The economical and portable DL18 delimber is free standing or anchors to trees. It features universal quick attach for easy moving and handles trees up to 22. No engine or hydraulics are required. Reader Service Card #156

Log loaders from Majaco can be powered by horse or ATV and are equipped with high-quality hydraulic valves and overpressure valves in order to protect the various parts. Made of high strength steel, the M-140 has a lifting capacity of 1,300 lbs at 14 and 2,500 lbs at 7. Other features include a reach capacity of 14, 360 continuous rotation and a maximum opening diameter of 48. The M-180 log loader has a lift capacity of 900 lbs at 18, while the M-160 has a lifting capacity of 1,150 lbs at 16. Of the smaller machines, the M-120 allows for manoeuvrability in difficult conditions, while the M-105 is suitable for use with smaller tractors. The loaders are mounted on the R-Flex series of Majaco trailers, including the R-Flex 410, 512, 612 and 612 HD. The R-Flex 612 HD is an extra-strength version of the 612 and has a thicker frame, reinforced tandems, a stronger protector shield and an articulated draw bar driven by two hydraulic cylinders. The trailers offer load capacities from 12,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs. Reader Service Card #157

Hakmet Ltd
A number of machines are available for the woodlot owner from Hakmet Ltd. Nokka grapple loaders offer many mounting alternatives, a wide range of accessories and versatile operating features. Suited to various loading and lifting tasks with many kinds of base machines, the three-point mounted Nokka loaders can be equipped with either traditional fold down-type or telescopic stabilizer legs. The manoeuvrable Nokka one-beam trailer is easy to pull and works best with small- and medium-size tractors and grapple loaders. The length of load space is easily adjustable by moving the bogie along the frame beam. Nokkas two-beam forest trailers with hydraulic drive serve as a base for grapple loaders.
Several mounting positions for front grill and support poles make them adaptable to various timber lengths. The Nokka 3266, 3966 and 3970 loader models are suited to the 92 and 92 4WD trailers, while the Nokka 4469 and 4475 loaders are the best choice for the heavy duty Nokka 122 and 122 4WD trailers, the company says. The HK 5468 and HK 5484 grapple loaders can be mounted on either the 122S and 122S 4WD or the MV122S or MV122S 4WD.
The versatile, modular Meri Crusher, manufactured by Suokone Oy, is available in seven models and can be used for clearing, crushing stumps and debris, maintaining forest roads and preparing land for silvicultural purposes. With a crushing depth of up to 10 below ground level, depending on the model, the machine has a low power demand compared to crushing capacity, the company says.
Pete small wood chippers from Junkkari are suitable for wood chipping and composting and make uniform-sized chips for fuel. The three available models are manually fed, three-point-hitch mounted and have outputs ranging from two to 20 cubic metres per hour. The Arbro-Stroke harvester fells, delimbs and cuts trees to length and can be installed on a standard log loader.
Powered by the hydraulics of most farm tractors, it features a Volvo saw motor, a 14 or 16 cutter bar and eight pre-selected lengths. The Hakki Pilke 2X machine cross cuts logs up to 12 in diameter into short lengths and splits the lengths into firewood, all within a fully guarded area. All operations are hydraulically driven. Reader Service Card #158

The FORCAT 2000 from Berfor is a small tracked skidder designed for selective logging and is equipped with an 8,000-lb capacity winch. Its hydrostatic drive gives excellent manoeuvrability, the company says, with a zero degree turn radius. The FORCAT 2000 features a very low 2.3-psi ground pressure, making it suitable for working in swamps and on sensitive ground. The low impact working method allows the operator to harvest high-value and mature trees without damaging the smaller trees.

Equipped with a front pile up blade, a rear back plate and a ROPS/FOPS approved cab, the FORCAT 2000 is powered by a 24-hp, air-cooled Onan engine and has hydraulic couplers to operate a hydraulic log loader or other equipment. The variable flow hydrostatic transmission operates two hydraulic motors that drive the 10 wide tracks and there is direct coupling to the gas engine. The skidder has a ground clearance of 12.5 and a weight of 2,770 lbs. Berfor is a Division of RAD Technologies Inc. Reader Service Card #159

Hardy Equipment
The loader model 850ST from Hardy Equipment is designed for use with small tractors or ATVs. Transportable and compact, it is ideal for smaller forestry work in confined areas, the company says. The 850ST can be mounted as a three-point hitch and features a single-lever control system, grapple rotation up to 400, two individually-activated hydraulic stabilizers, a centre mast installed on the bearing, mast rotation of 350, a maximum boom reach of 86 and a lift capacity of 550 lbs at 8. Optional is an independent hydraulic unit that includes a four-hp engine, 2.2-gallon reservoir, in-tank strainer, relief valve, engine supports for ATV installation and a hydraulic filter.
Other options are available including a forearm with trenching bucket for mini-excavation. Five larger models of grapple loaders are also available, with boom reaches ranging from 116 to 17 and with lift capacities ranging from 1,075 lbs to 2,178 lbs at 8. Hardys log grapples are equipped with heavy-duty scissor clamps for grappling wood as small as 5 in diameter. The large, 13.5 frame clamps enable the grapple to grip with extreme force, the company says. Hardys tandem trailers feature a mono-beam system for manoeuvrability and lighter weight.
With an adjustable tandem system to suit the length of the load and adjustable load poles, the trailers feature pivoting side poles to minimize breaks, a front protection rail and jack support. Available in five models, the trailers have load capacities ranging from 1.5 tons to 8.5 tons. Reader Service Card #160

Jonsereds Iron Horse Standard tracked skidder features a differential lock, counterweight and a 5.5-hp engine. Available with either a 5.5-hp or 9-hp engine, the Iron Horse Pro has load protection for safer transport, a hand-operated winch, protective bars around the engine, a chain saw holder and storage box. Both machines can be equipped with composite double-wheel bogies on sealed ball bearing axles and a fold-back steering arm. A motorized winch, with a pulling force of up 2,200 lbs, is also available. The rugged bogie wheel design and wide rubber tracks make the machines easy to manoeuvre, the company says. Reader Service Card #161

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Davco Mfg Ltd/Barda Equip  #156
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