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Deeres Responsive Track Machine
The 2054 Logger is the latest model in John Deeres Logger Series of purpose-built forestry machines and is available as a log loader,
harvester, road builder or delimber. Offering more fuel capacity, larger storage compartments, better cab visibility and improved mainframe area, the 2054 Logger features heavy-duty track undercarriage, stress-tested logging front, reinforced cab and built-in guarding and walkways. Designed to increase productivity at the stump, landing or mill yard, the machine can be ordered with a standard or high-wide undercarriage. It combines a 140-hp power plant with Deeres Powerwise engine and hydraulics management system that keeps a constant balance between hydraulic pressure and flow, while increasing flow to the function that is under the heaviest load. Reader Service Card #161

Lucidynes New Automated Grading System
The new GradeScan system from Lucidyne Technologies Inc features fully-integrated colour, tracheid, geometric and density sensors and is designed to operate at speeds up to 1,500 fpm. The system provides consistent grade optimization and improved trim decisions, the company says. GradeScan was recently installed in Seneca Sawmills planermill in Eugene, Oregon. The operation processes two-inch dimension lumber, four to 14 inches wide and eight to 28 feet long. Lucidyne Technologies provides the wood products industry with trimmer/sorter control systems, ColorScan grade mark readers and scanning and optimization systems. Reader Service Card #162

Newnes/McGehee Offers Flexibility with A-B ControlLogix In addition to the Allen-Bradley PLC-5 control system, is now offering the A-B ControlLogix system on its complete line of products. ControlLogix is a modular PLC system that addresses many of the weaknesses of older PLC systems, specifically CPU processing performance and communications connectivity to remote I/O devices. Scan time has been improved considerably over the initial increases in ladder logic of five to seven times faster than the PLC-5, achieved in the first models. The new PLCs come with a base memory of 1.5 Mbytes, expandable to 7.5Mbytes. If more processing power is required, multiple ControlLogix PLCs can be placed in the same chassis and the tasks then distributed among the PLCs. Communications speed has been addressed with Ethernet now available at 10/100 Mbps and the ControlNet communications protocol operating at 5 Mbps, the company says. Another feature is the integration of motion control into the PLC, eliminating the need for an IMC or XDC controller to handle motion control. Reader Service Card #163

TEKLYNX Software Tracks Inventory
TEKLYNX International now offers a lumber yard tracking application that is an add-on module for its BACKTRACK asset and inventory tracking software package. The application helps lumber yard personnel track different lots of lumber as they move through the yard and a bar code system keeps track of lot characteristics such as wood species, grade, thickness, board feet and other variables. Developed by BACKTRACK systems integrator, Electronic Imaging Materials of Keene, New Hamshire the system provides full lifecycle tracking when used with lumber tags that can withstand kiln firing and outdoor storage. It also produces flexible reporting to summarize lumber type, vendors, stack numbers, yard locations, users, movement and transactions. Reader Service Card #164

Caterpillars Compact Rubber-Tracked Loaders
The Caterpillar 267 and 277 Multi Terrain loaders are the first of a new class of compact, rubber-tracked machines designed for versatility, flotation, traction and stability. With a suspended track undercarriage that allows the machine to work in a broader range of applications and terrain conditions than a skid steer loader, the new loaders are productive in soft, wet conditions and on slopes. The machines combine the upper portion of the Caterpillar 236 and 246 skid steer loaders with a Maximum Traction and Support System undercarriage from ASV Inc. The 267 has an operating capacity of 2,030 lbs and a Cat 3034 59-hp diesel engine, while the 277 has an operating capacity of 2,065 lbs and is powered by a turbo-charged 74-hp Cat 3034. The closed-loop, high-output hydrostatic drive system in each loader features an anti-stall system. Dual, closed-loop, axial piston pumps are driven directly off the engine. A mechanical quick coupler is standard on both loaders. All Cat Work Tools incorporate an interface that matches the coupler and the operator can change quickly from one tool to another. Tools include the new Cat BH30W backhoe and the 302.5 mini hydraulic excavator, buckets, blades, forks, augers, brooms, tillers and rakes. Reader Service Card #165

Morbarks Rugged Track Grinder
The rugged mid-size Model 4600 track wood hog from Morbark is a breakthrough in wood waste grinding technology, handling very demanding applications, according to the company. Uniquely designed to move and grind simultaneously, the 4600 wood hog offers more production per hour and, with remote control of all functions, can be operated from the cab or the excavator or loader as it feeds material to the grinder. Mounted on a Caterpillar 325L undercarriage with 20 inches of ground clearance, the 4600 tracked machine manoeuvres through rough terrain, making quick work of green waste, logs, brush, stumps and other wood waste. Horsepower options range from 475 to 630 hp. The machine is equipped with a 14x57 live floor, a 32x58 crushing feed wheel, a 40x57 hammermill with standard 22 rotors, auxiliary air compressor and excellent material containment when delivering material to the grinding chamber. A hydraulic hinged door provides access for changing sizing grates. Reader Service Card #166

Blount Honours Outstanding Dealers
Blount Inc presented its outstanding dealer awards for 2001 earlier this year in Irving, Texas. ALPA Equipment Ltd of Fredericton, New Brunswick was among four recipients of the 2001 Outstanding Machines Sales awards. Thirty-five dealer principals representing all North American and international distributorships attended the meeting, including representatives from South Africa, Venezuela and Chile. Five dealers won the Eagle award for sales excellence. Reader Service Card #167

Koetter Dry Kiln Offers Flexible System
The new Timber-Dry Management Control System from Koetter Dry Kiln uses state-of-the-art instrumentation and a flexible operator interface to automatically execute the sequential drying recipe. It offers reduced drying time, up to three days per kiln charge versus the manual method, increased drying efficiency due to faster response time and shorter drying cycles and reduced operator interface time, the company says. Pre-programmed drying procedures and custom drying schedules are determined by the kiln operator and the system also has the capacity to manipulate or suspend the drying schedule as it is executed. It can also export records such as wet and dry bulb temperatures and exhaust settings. Other features include frequent wet and continuous dry bulb measurements, automatic control of floor temperature (based on dew point) to eliminate condensate, operator interface showing the drying sequence as it is executed in real time and multiple kiln operation through one operator interface. Drying history data enables quality assurance and tracking. Reader Service Card #168

New Komatsu Dealer in Ontario
Equipment Sales and Service (1968) Ltd recently became a distributor for Komatsu equipment in Ontario, serving the regional centres of London, Ottawa, Sudbury and the greater Toronto area. A 55-year-old company serving the construction industry, Equipment Sales and Service is known for its product support. Federal Equipment Inc will continue to serve Komatsu customers in northeastern Ontario, while Terratech Equipment Inc represents Komatsu in northwestern Ontario. Reader Service Card #

Recycling Encouraged for Log Bundling Strand
New measures to promote environmentally responsible alternatives to current log bundling strand handling practices in British Columbia have been announced by Environment Canada. In partnership with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Coast Forest and Lumber Association, River Cable, Fred Schiller Boom Gear, Interfor and Weyerhaeuser, the federal department has released an instructional video, Join Together, as well as posters, to raise awareness of and promote options to reduce log bundling strands adverse effects on the coastal environment. The government will also be assessing disposal practices and helping to develop and implement alternatives. Each year, more than 50 million feet of log bundling strand is used in coastal logging operations in BC. The objective of the Log Bundling Strand Recycling Initiative is to increase the recycling of the more than 75 per cent of the strand material that is currently discarded in coastal waterways. Reader Service Card #169

Tanguays New Tracked Feller Buncher
The new generation tracked feller buncher from Tanguay Industries,
the FB760, has a specially-designed 32-foot boom reach and follows in the same tradition as the FB221 series machines. Equipped with a load sensing hydraulic system and a heavy-duty D7 type undercarriage, it has a ground clearance of 28 inches and a tractive effort of 83,000 lbs.
The lift capacity of the boom is 40,000 lbs over 360 degrees, offering an advantage over other non-forestry machines, the company says. It features a left side mounted cab, measuring 42x60, offering operator comfort and safety. Tanguay Industries is a division of The Canam Manac Group. Reader Service Card #170

Hydro Fire Outdoor Wood Furnace
A new line of outdoor wood furnaces providing an affordable heating alternative is now available from Hydro Fire, a division of Central
Boiler. The three models include the HF SS36, the HF48 and the HF60 and have firebox lengths of 36, 48 and 60 respectively. All units feature a Cam Loc or Cam Latch cast iron door and Ripple Top firebox design. A complete line of installation accessories is also available. Central Boiler has developed a Dual Fuel option that can be ordered on the Classic outdoor wood furnace. The option virtually eliminates visible emissions, the company says, and can be used with wood and fuel oil, wood and liquid propane and wood and natural gas. The Dual Fuel system provides up to 250,000 BTUs when using propane or natural gas and up to 420,000 BTUs when using fuel oil, the company says. Reader Service Card #171

BarMate Simplifies Fallers Work
The BarMate carrying container from Jabka Ltd is intended to simplify the work of a faller, keeping every piece of equipment needed to carry out the job of felling trees. The BarMate holds bars, files, chains, wedges and other accessories required and carried by fallers. The cylindrical carrying case keeps equipment all in one place, instead of in the truck or on the side of the road. Reader Service Card #172

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