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New President Named for CAE Forestry 
CAE announces the appointment of Jim Best as president of CAE Forestry Systems, Wood Products Division, effective immediately. Best joined CAE Machinery in 1976 as controller and assistant secretary. He has held positions of increased responsibility during his 25 years with CAE and in 1990 was appointed president and general manager of CAE Machinery. Best replaces Darrell Madill. CAE's Forestry Systems provides innovative solutions for the forest industry, designing and manufacturing proprietary machinery and equipment for lumber and engineered wood producers and servicing equipment in the pulp and paper industry. Reader Service Card #962

Partek Appoints Federal for Valmet Line 
Partek Forest LLC of Gladstone, Michigan has appointed Federal Equipment Inc of Montreal, Quebec as the new authorized distributor of Partek's Valmet product line in Ontario, Quebec, Labrador, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Federal has represented Valmet in Ontario for more than two years. Federal Equipment has 22 locations in forestry markets and is a leader in product support to forestry customers, offering service technicians, parts specialists and sales consultants. Partek Forest, headquartered in Umea, Sweden, has 12,000 employees worldwide and annual sale revenue of US$2.5 billion. Reader Service Card #963

Bruks Machines Turn Waste Wood into Energy 
Bruks BioTech AB, manufacturers of energy chip production machinery for 25 years, offers a variety of chip making machines of different sizes for different markets. Designed to work with the wood waste of logging debris on site, the machines range from newly-introduced 250- to 320-horsepower models to the newly-redesigned 804 model with its own 430-hp engine for truck or forwarder mounting. Bruks chippers can be assembled on nearly all forwarders providing they have the right load capacity. Reader Service Card #964

Bundles of Bioenergy from Fiberpac 370 
As part of its worldwide marketing and cooperation agreement with Swedish Fiberpac AB, Timberjack has added the Fiberpac 370 slash bundler to its range of machinery for wood energy production. The bundler collects, compresses and packs slash and logging residuals for effective transport and can be used for all tree types in all types of forests. The bundling process is continuous, unlimited by the length of the material or differences in content. The machine's main functions include collection, roller feeding, compression, bundle feeding, binding and cutting. Averaging about three metres in length, each bundle has a diameter between 28 and 32 inches with a weight ranging from 880 to 1,320 lbs. The 370 bundles between 15 and 30 bundles per hour, depending on conditions. When combusted, energy content of a bundle, depending on moisture content and tree species, is more than one MWh. A felling area of one hectare yields about 100 to 150 bundles. Reader Service Card #965

New System Collects and Compresses Forest Residue 
The new Wood Pac machine from World Wood Pac AB collects forest residues after harvesting and compresses them into a log-shaped product called a woodstock, which can then be loaded and transported with conventional machinery. During compression, needles and twigs fall to the ground, aiding reforestation, which can take place the same year as harvesting. With a capacity of between 15 and 25 woodstocks per hour, the Wood Pac machine reduces ground and road damage, while lowering the cost of bioenergy. Chipping can be performed by the end user of the product, making efficient use of other equipment. Reader Service Card #966

Simlog's 3D Simulators Train Forwarder Operators 
Designed for the professional logging contractor, Simlog's Personal Forwarder Training Simulator and Personal Harvester Training Simulator reduce training costs and increase harvesting productivity by preparing new operators and better selecting training candidates. Instead of real forwarder/harvester controls, the 3D simulators are equipped with two commercial PC joysticks that offer the same look and feel. Following field evaluations of the harvester simulator, Tembec Industries endorsed the technology as affordable and essential as a training tool, Simlog says. The simulator packages include a CD-ROM with simulation software, user documentation, joysticks and installation instructions. Reader Service Card #967

Norwood's Hydraulic Tractor-Mounted Log Skidder 
The SkidMaster, an all-new hydraulic tractor-mounted log skidder from Norwood Industries Inc, harnesses the power of hydraulics to winch and skid large logs with a tractor. Safe, simple and reliable, the SkidMaster's steel frame attaches to the tractor's three-point hitch and rear hydraulic outputs. It generates up to 15,000 pounds of pulling power, while its hydraulic design eliminates complicated and dangerous drive chains, clutches and sprockets associated with PTO-type skidders. Reader Service Card #968

Caterpillar Improves D9R Track-type Tractor 
Caterpillar has upgraded its D9R track-type tractor, giving it a new Cat 3408E engine, complete with an advanced HEUI fuel system for improved efficiency and lower emissions, a more comfortable cab and undercarriage modifications for extended life and reliability. The 410-hp engine provides power through a single-stage torque converter with an output torque divider, giving greater drive train efficiency and higher torque multiplication. An elevated sprocket design moves the final drives above the work area, isolating them from ground impacts. The suspended undercarriage puts more track on the ground for better traction. Reader Service Card #969

Volvo Offers Motor Grader Lineup 
Volvo Construction Equipment's lineup now includes the former Champion line of motor graders. Formally renamed Volvo Motor Graders, the line's first motor grader to wear the Volvo logo was a G720 VHP model complete with hydraulic snow removal wing attachments that was presented to the hometown municipality of Goderich, Ontario. Founded 126 years ago in Goderich, Champion was acquired by Volvo Construction Equipment in 1997. The Volvo Motor Grader lineup includes the 700 model graders, the 700AWD graders and a line of compact graders. Reader Service Card #970

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New President Named for CAE Forestry #962
Partek Appoints Federal for Valmet Line #963
  Bruks Machines Turn Waste Wood into Energy #964
Bundles of Bioenergy from Fiberpac 370 #965
New System Collects and Compresses Forest Residue #966
Simlog's 3D Simulators Train Forwarder Operators  #967
Norwood's Hydraulic Tractor-Mounted Log Skidder  #968
Caterpillar Improves D9R Track-type Tractor #969
Volvo Offers Motor Grader Lineup #970

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