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Rotobec orange peel grapples offer strong structure

The new generation Rotobec orange peel grapples offer an ultra-strong structure with sealed oversized pins and bushings, high-pressure cylinders with extremely durable guarding (patent pending) and mechanical stoppers in both fully opened and fully closed positions.

Hydraulic hoses and adapters are protected from exposure by high strength steel guards that prevent hose tearing and infiltration of debris. They are easily removed for maintenance.

New Generation Rotobec exclusive continuous RT Rotators are available with different axial lift capacities and high side-loading capabilities.

Available in various sizes with four or five tines, or with an integrated magnet, they can be installed on different kinds of machines such as excavators, knuckleboom loaders and materials handling machines.

The new generation Rotobec Orange Peel grapple can handle different kinds of materials such as unstacked shortwood logs, recycled material and shredded material.

Single grip stump harvester for biomass

Finnish company Karelian Puu ja Metalli Oy has developed a single grip stump harvester attachment which with a single grip can lift, clean and split stumps according to the specifications set by a bio-energy plant. This attachment, installed on a track carrier, can process spruce, birch and pine stumps.

To improve the quality of the bio-energy material, Karelian Puu ja Metalli Oy has also developed a grapple with a cleaning function. This new grapple can be used both on a forwarder and on a truck depending on the required cleanliness of the raw material.

The stump harvesting system radically improves the possibility of using stumps for bio-energy, according to the company.

The single grip stump harvester design is based on four moving knives working against each other. It will grip, lift and split the stump into four roughly equal size pieces. Between the lift and splitting phase, the cleaning of the stump occurs, using slow frequency vibration. All phases are performed with the first grip, without dropping and picking up the stump or the pieces of the stump again. This process is said to result in very high productivity, suitable piece sizes for transportation and drying, and very clean material.

Karelian Puu ja Metalli Oy, established in 1994 and located in Joensuu, Finland, focuses on the development and industrialization of ideas related to forest harvesting and management. A founder of the company, Sakari Mononen, is known for many forestry related innovations, including the development of the single grip processor.

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CH Products' "hall effect" joystick rated for 10 million operations

CH Products, a manufacturer of joysticks, trackballs and simulation control devices, now offers the HFX Series IV joystick, with customizable ‘hall effect‘ controller engineered for rugged, hand operated applications requiring reliable positioning control.

The HFX Series IV joystick is available with several high-function handles and may be configured for one, two, or three axes of operation. Available with near limitless combination of switches and devices, additional configuration options include an index trigger switch, deadman paddle lever as well as USB and CANbus J1939 protocol outputs.

It features non-contact, hall effect technology and is constructed with high-impact glass filled nylon with a ½" steel shaft. The HFX Series IV joystick is rated for over ten million operations. It will also operate in temperatures between -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius.

CH Products, located in Vista, California, has been a leading manufacturer of advanced motion control solutions for more than 25 years.

Portable waste wood burner brings power to the forest

Florida-based Air Burners LLC has introduced a portable wood waste burner that produces up to 350 kW of electricity, enough to support more than 30 homes. The machine is based on the company's standard wood waste disposal systems that are used worldwide, including by the U.S. National Park Service, the U.S. Department of Energy, the military and many state agencies.

The company says millions of trees killed by beetle infestation in the western U.S. and Canada can now be converted into clean energy and quickly disposed of at the same time, thereby avoiding the natural decomposition that would result in the massive release of harmful greenhouse gases. This opens the way for rapid reforestation, to replace the lost carbon sink with new trees that once again will transform carbon dioxide into oxygen. The electric power can also be sold back into the local grid.

What is really exciting, says Brian O'Connor, CEO and chief engineer of Air Burners LLC, is the prospect of bringing plenty of electric power deep into the forest where much of the dead tree disposal, logging and forest restoration takes place. This may make it advantageous for companies like Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu and Volvo to expand their hybrid technologies to rely less on hydrocarbon based fuels and more on clean electricity. With Air Burners' PowerGen FireBox, they now have the means to recharge their batteries on-site from the wood waste that has to be disposed of in the forest.

The electricity is generated by a turbo-expander power generator that is integrated into Air Burners' standard firebox. The heat is collected from the thermo-ceramic refractory walls and very efficiently converted into electricity.


Blount CEO recognized for 50 years of service

Blount International has recognized the 50-year employment anniversary of James S. Osterman, the company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Osterman joined the company, Omark Industries at the time, in 1959 as an inventory planner.

Over the next five decades, Osterman excelled in many roles, holding positions such as Director of European Operations and Senior Vice President of Marketing, Manufacturing, and Engineering. When Blount International purchased Omark Industries in 1985, Osterman was promoted to President of its Oregon Cutting Systems Division. He became President and Chief Executive Officer of Blount International in 2002, and eventually Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in 2005.

"It has been a very interesting and rewarding 50 years, with many challenges and many opportunities," says Osterman. "I think we have positioned the company well for the future, with new products and new technologies coming on line."

Blount International recently announced a CEO succession plan, which included hiring Joshua L. Collins as President, Chief Operating Officer and CEO Designate. Collins will assume the position of Chief Executive Officer when Osterman retires in January 2010. Osterman will stay on as a consultant to the company following his retirement.

Kenworth receives Green Washington award

Kenworth Truck Company was honored with the 2009 Green Washington manufacturing award by Seattle Business magazine during a recent special awards banquet in Seattle.

Kenworth received recognition for its T270 and T370 diesel-electric hybrid trucks, T800 liquefied natural gas (LNG) vehicles, and award-winning efforts by its manufacturing plant in Renton, Washington, to build trucks in an environmentally sustainable manner.

"Kenworth is pleased to receive the Green Washington manufacturing award in recognition of our extensive environmental efforts," says Bill Kozek, Kenworth General Manager and PACCAR Vice President.

Kenworth continues to be a leader in the trucking industry by providing practical technologies that help customers enhance fuel economy and reduce emissions, he added. The company now has over 500 hybrid and LNG trucks operating in the marketplace.

Earlier this year, Kenworth become the first truck manufacturer to receive the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Air Excellence award in recognition of its environmentally friendly products. The EPA has also acknowledged the aerodynamic, fuel-efficient Kenworth T660 and T2000 Class 8 models as EPA SmartWaySM program trucks.

Astec Industries acquires assets of pellet equipment manufacturer

Astec Industries Inc., the parent company of chipping and grinding equipment manufacturer Peterson, has acquired some of the assets of Industrial Mechanical & Integration (IMI) of Walkerton, Ontario.

IMI is a small company with a unique machine technology used to make wood pellets. Rick Minke, president of IMI, says key employees have agreed to remain with the company to further develop and promote this new technology. IMI has been testing the technology for two years and is now making the first group of production machines.

"We're excited about the potential of this new technology," says J. Don Brock, chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Astec Industries. "Conventional pellet production machines were designed for easy to use materials and do not always work well with a wide variety of wood species. With this acquisition, Astec can provide a one-stop solution to customers desiring to own a pellet plant that can process material from round wood all the way to finished product."

Brock added that the company is well positioned to be a turnkey supplier to the growing wood pellet industry. Many companies in the Astec Industries family of companies already make components needed by this market. The acquisition of IMI is in line with Astec Industries' continuing effort to grow the renewable fuel portion of its business. It believes wood pellets will be an important part of the renewable energy standards that are being adopted in the U.S. and around the world.


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November 2009


A First Nations forestry company, Coast Tsimshian Resources, is working hard to create new business opportunities abroad--by opening a trade office in Beijing--and at home in northwestern British Columbia.

A scrappy sawmill

A group of New Brunswick entrepreneurs have taken a fence company that had closed its doors and turned it around, utilizing almost every scrap of wood--and along the way, getting the most out of their residual wood.

It's all about value, value, value

B.C.'s Errington Cedar takes a different mill approach, in that it's all about value, value, value, rather than production, production, production.

Praise-worthy processing combo

Alberta's JHL Harvesting is putting
Waratah's new HTH624C processing head and Waratah's new fixed wrist to work--and the combination is getting praise from operators.

New sawmill for Ontario

A new multi-million dollar value-added sawmill is now up and running on the site of a former Domtar mill in Ontario, processing eastern white cedar that had previously been shipped out of province for milling.

The Last Word

The industry has been beaten up and battered lately, but Tony Kryzanowski asks the question: Is the Canadian forest industry ready for the recovery?

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