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November 1999



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but.gif (811 bytes) Spotlight

A new show on the East coast lives
up to its promise of being an industry showcase.

but.gif (811 bytes)Value Added

Home Improvement.  Viceroy Homes incorporates
computerized cutting into its operations.

but.gif (811 bytes)Mill Profile

Furnishing the Furniture Market.  Ontario
hardwood sawmiller RJ Dungey and Sons finds
success in US furniture market.

but.gif (811 bytes)Harvesting

Clam Dunk.  A Rotobec powerclam with cutoff
saw does blowdown work..

but.gif (811 bytes)Equipment Profile

The New Tiger.  Tigercat's new 630 skidder is
getting good marks in the ast and west


but.gif (811 bytes)Part Cuts Show

A wide variety of equipment was
working at Part  Cuts '99 Demo

but.gif (811 bytes)Fibre Board

URBAN Wood BASKET.  CanFibre’s new
$70 million (US) plant is using old pallets and
wood construction waste to create North America’s first
100 per cent recycled medium density fibreboard.

but.gif (811 bytes)Calendar of Events

but.gif (811 bytes)Adding Value

An Irving operation utilizes mill waste wood to
produce finger-jointed material.

but.gif (811 bytes)Road Building

Saskatchewan's Murray Thideman uses some
innovative roadbuilding methods.



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but.gif (811 bytes)Column

Clark Failed to Bridge the Distrust of Industry

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