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Tech Update: Trailers and Truck-Mounted Log Loaders

Tech Update Editor: Mel-Lynda Andersen.  


With over 50,000 log loaders to its credit, Prentice is a leading manufacturer of purpose-built truck and trailer-mounted log loaders. Seven models provide lift capacities, ranging from just under 8,000 lbs. with the smallest truck-mount self-loader to over 33,000 lbs. with the largest model. Available loader mountings include behind-cab self-loaders, centre and rear trailer mounts, and self-propelled rubber-tired carrier mounts for mill and woodyard applications. 

November images Recognizing the need for flexibility in today's timber harvesting industry, Prentice designs and builds log loaders to be productive and reliable in all applications, from loading to delimbing and slashing for merchandising at the landing. 

Focusing on the ergonomics of log loaders, Prentice has added a suspension seat with full adjustment capability as standard equipment on most models. The company reports that extensive research on fatigue factors such as entry and exit from the cab, noise levels and location of controls has resulted in the development of a very comfortable, quiet cab. 

The Pretitice 410 EX featured here has a lift capacity of 31,500 lbs. at 15' radius. The EX performance packaoe includes power-on-demand and load-sensing hydraulics, which generates less heat and increases fuel savings, claims the company. 

Superior Trailer 

Since 1973 Superior Trailers has been manufacturing logging trailers to meet changing needs of the forest industry. The company specializes in custom-built, durable and lightweight units for both on- and off-highway use. 

November images According to the manufacturer, their design ensures their customers can maximise payload while having a low maintenance operation in the bush and on the highway, and are able to incorprate many ooptions to meet specific requirements. 

Dealers for Superior Trailers are located in Williams Lake, BC, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Swan River, Manitoba, and Truro, Nova Scotia. 

Lemco Hydraulics Inc. 

Lemco Hydraulics, Inc. has designed an advanced structure and hydraulic system for knuckleboom log loaders. First in the XLT loader lineup is the Lemco model XLT-60, with its 4,000-lb. working or wet weight, 7,000-lb. lift capacity, 22'6" boom light package (one platform, two booms), aluminum 16-gallon reservoir with sight gauge, screen shutoff, stainless steel coil for cold weather heating, high-pressure Fairey Arlon filter and return line filter, high-pressure flow-on-demand load-sense valve, and pump. The loader is available in either truck or trailer mount with a 1/4- cord bypass or butt-typc grapple. The Lemco model XLT-80 is rated at a working or wet weight of 6,500 lbs., with a lift capacity of 27'6", aluminum 30-gallon reservoir with sight gauge, screen shut-off, stainless steel coil, high-pressure Fairey Arlon filter and return line filter, high-pressure flow-on-demand load sense valve and pump. The loader is available in either truck or trailer mount with a 1/3-cord bypass or butt-type grapple. 

Two more XLTs will be added to the Lemco Hydraulics line in the near future, reports the manufacturer. First to be added will be the XLT-280, a truck-mounted loader with 28,000 lbs. lift at 10' and 10,000 lbs. at 25'. The second addition will be the XLT-150, a truck-mounted loader with 15,000 lbs. lift at 10' and 7,000 lbs. at 22'6". 

The hydraulic system for the complete loader is a high-pressure, flow-demand, multi-function operation system. Flow to the loader is supplied by VOAC L90LS load-sense piston pump, directional valve. This valve is hydraulic power-controlled with VOAC PCL4 joysticks and foot-controlled for swing. Matching the PCL joysticks, L90LS valve and V40 pump to the Lemco loader's requirements provided optimum operating performance and increased productivity for the XLT line, claims Lemco. 


The Weldco Hydra-Lift WL14TSS/ VAL I 4TES 14-ton-capacity log loader features 28,000-lb. lifting capacity at 10', heavy-duty structural components for long service life, tractor or trailer mount, 24- hour parts availability and in-house installation and service. 

Key features of the hydraulics system include gear-type triple in-line pump, three separate stack-type valve bunks with main relief valves, return line filter built into reservoir with 25- micron disposable element Weldco-designed and manufactured hydraulic swivel for continuous rotation, 100-gallon capacity, chassis-mounted oil reservoir with sight gauge and filter gauge,as well as commercial shearing gear pumps ' Gresen V20 stack valves, Sun holding valve cartridges, Charlynn swing motor, and Aeroquip hoses. 

The CRB-5542 heavy-duty log bypass grapple features fully continuous rotation, Weldco-designed and built, hydraulically timed cylinders, jaw tips that bypass each other when closing to ensure a firm grip on both small and large tree stems, maximum grapple capacity of 22,000 lbs. (3/16 cord of 8' wood), and heavy-duty combination log bypass grapple model CRCB- 1060 available for picking up cut-to-length pulpwood while still allowing the jaw tips to bypass one another for closing around smaller bundles and stems. 

The crane base is fully welded and stress-relieved prior to final machining, and is available in tractor base, B -train base and Super B-train base for mounting configurations. Other features of the crane base include Rotek-type bearing, rotating turret that is fully welded and stress-relieved prior to final machining, fold-down operator's seat for travel, height clearance complete with removable seat cover, joystick controls on each side of the operator seat for all boom and grapple controls and foot-operated swing pedal for operating three independent hydraulic functions simultaneously. 

Two folding-type stabilizers are individually controlled from valves on the operator's platform, featuring a spread at grade of 184" (4.67 in) and below-grade penetration of 14" (358.8 mm), and Weldco-designed and manufactured cylinders with integral load-holding cartridges (5" bore diameter, 3" rod diameter and 29" stroke). 

The standard maximum horizontal reach from centre of rotation on the boom is 25'5" (7.75 in); with the Extend-a-stick the reach extends to 34'1 1 ". The main and stick booms have high-tensile steel boom sections that are submerged and arc-welded. 


Peerless Limited has introduced a lightweight series of short log hayrack trailers. The new series include tandem, and tridem models from 40' to 5 3' long, along with several B-train models for carrying various lengths of shortwood. Depending on the jurisdiction of operation, the tridem models can achieve payloads of 33,500 kg and the B-train models can achieve payloads of 44,000 kg. Peerless also has various bunk and stake options available that include aluminum telescopic stakes, high- tensile steel stakes and a new ultra-light- weight steel stake that is close to the same as an aluminum stake. Features such as sliding king pin structures that allow for Weight transfer to the drive axles for traction and shortening wheelbases make these trailers more adaptable in woods operations, says Peerless. With these various options, Peerless reports that it can provide a shortwood logger for any application. Peerless will soon be releasing a new option that will make these shortwood trailers more versatile. 

Arctic Manufacturing 

The HR-44H folding straight-frame hay rack manufactured by Arctic Manufacturing is a sophisticated log trailer incorporating a number of innovative features, designed to enable truck loggers to manoeuvre easily in a small area and then return to full size and haul out a legal, full- length load of logs. The trailer folds up and onto the truck body aided by two lockable hinges - one at the front of the fifth wheel and one about a third of the way back from the front of the trailer. A set of lift cables is attached at the mid point of the trailer frame, and the truck is equipped with a rear ramp and cab support and guide. Either folding the trailer onto the truck or preparing it for a full load of logs can be accomplished in less than 10 minutes, reports the company and its customers. The company adds the Arctic folding trailer is unique to the industry - the only one of its kind that is highway legal. 

Features include fabricated TlA hinged frame, compound butterfly TI A cross members, integral rear bumper/push bar, swing-down pin-type logs, sliding/folding traction-transfer kingpin, fold-down counter-balanced bunks, Hendrickson/ Turner HT250 or HT300 suspension, quick-mount rear ramp load system, and combination cabguard/support and guide. 

Advance Engineered Products 

November images Advance Engeered Products Ltd. is the exclusive western Canadian distributor of Deloupe Inc's Viking State system. According to the manufacturer, these revolutionary steel posts are 28 per cent lighter than conventional posts, yet cost approximately half that of aluminum. Advance reports they added the Viking system to their custom-built logging trailers because they are sturdy, easy to handle and are able to withstand the most punishing of tests. With their state-of-the-art system increases payload and results in, a quick return on investments, says Advance. Viking stakes are now available on all Advance logging trailers, including the 80' RTAC tree-length Super B. 

Ocean Trailers 

Ocean Trailer Alberta Ltd. was the distributor of Columbia logging trailers and parts until very recently, when the logging division of Columbia-Remtec was purchased by Peerless Page. While this only affects the logging division, Ocean Trailer Alberta was unfortunately left without a logging trailer. The company reports that they do, however, still supply tridem and super-B flat decks equipped with rigid or folding log bunks for the logging industry. 

Arne's Trailer Sales 

Arne's Trailer Sales in Edmonton and Grande Prairie have recently delivered two sets of Super B log trailers to Formula Logging of Grande Prairie. Arrow Manufacturing designed the trailers to haul three tiers of 20' wood. The lead unit has two sets of bunks while the pup has one set. All bunks are moveable and capable of hauling different lengths of wood. The rear trailer can be loaded on top of the lead, for transport back to the bush for loading. Arrow also manufactures single and tandem log jeeps, pole trailers and tridem hayracks. 

Doepker Industries 

The new HYKIT folding short-log trailers from Doepker Industries and distributed by Fort Gary Industries offer customers a unique "go-anywhere" capability, according to the manufacturer. Folding onto the back of a tractor, this short-log trailer places an increased weight on the rear tractor, greatly improving traction and eliminating tractor hop in heavy pulling conditions. The drag of the trailer tires is also eliminated on uphill climbs. Converting from transport position to the working position takes just minutes, saving valuable time and money, reports Doepker. 

Doepker Industries has over 20 years of trailer manufacturing experience and was the first trailer manufacturer in Canada to achieve ISO 9002 certification. 

McCoy Bros. 

Scona Truck & Trailer, a branch of McCoy Bros., manufactures a variety of heavy-duty custom trailers, including lowbed trailers, log trailers and construction trailers, all designed to perform in both on- and off- highway conditions. According to the manufacturer, they are designed, engineered and built to handle tough terrain and adverse conditions, as well as extended highway use. 

Scona's newly designed seven-axle log trailer combination is available in all air ride, spring, or walking beam suspensions or any combination required. It includes CHT 100 steel bunks and optional scale systems. Detailed specs include newly designed tandem axle jeep with 40-ton frame rated capacity, 17" cup and saucer assembly, optional Turner heavy-duty air ride suspension/single point/walking beam, rebound straps or optional chains on air ride suspension, pole trailer carrier with shoe assembly, 30' outside pole and 22' inside pole with compensator, trip stakes and fold-down extensions on all bunks, and sealed beam rubber-mounted lighting. 

Other trailers manufactured by Scona include triple-axle equipment trailers and low-profile jeeps, triaxle single-drop log trailers, pintle high-tech ramp lowboy, and a tandem-axle boosters. Scona also manufactures trailers and floats for the oil industry. 

Also sold through McCoy Bros.' heavy equipment division in Alberta and Saskatchewan are Vanguard cranes, considered the cadillac of truck-mounted log loaders, reports McCoy. 

Vanguard Cranes Inc. 

Vanguard Cranes Inc. manufactures a full line of truck-mounted log loaders and trailers, including models 1010, 1016, 1028, 1028X, 1034 & 1034X. Vanguard's model 1028X Extend-A-Jib carries the folded boom jib above the line of sight of the driver. The boom can be carried forward under loaded condition, or over the back when the truck is empty and only carries the trailer. 

Specifications on this model include 44" WC, 28,000-lb. maximum rated lifting capacity at 10' radius, 32' boom reach, 2,500-psi normal operating pressure, 2.5-diameter main boom, jib boom and cylinder pins, 39" turntable bearing, 1 1 2-US-gallon reservoir capacity, and hydraulic pump rated flow and pressure at 12,00 RPM of 75 gpm at 3,000 psi. The hydraulic system consists of a reservoir complete with suction screens, return manifold and filter, combination sight and temperature gauge, as well as a top-quality triple-section gear pump and joystick-style directional control valves. The swing system includes a 360' non-continuous rotation planetary reduction gearbox with high-torque hydraulic motor. The Vanguard-built hydraulic cylinders are double-acting cylinders with induction- hardened chrome rods, aircraft aluminum pistons and glands and close tolerance, micro-honed, normalized tubing. Heavy- duty base mounts and rod ends come complete with self-aligning bearings. West Coast pole grapples come in 32", 38", or 44", as well as 40" twin pin or 1/3-cord pulp grapple. 375' non-continuous rotation is standard; continuous rotation is available on all styles at additonal cost. 

The operator's platform is constructed from standard aluminum steel; steel construction is available. 

Vanguard's model 1034X has the extension in the jib, but does not fold up the same way, due tospace constraints, reports the company. 

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