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Russian Forest Industry
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Internet Potential
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Washout At East Fork
ounts Aspen Harvest
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Bargaining In BC

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November 1996 Table of Contents

Russian Forest Industry Seeks Capital
Visiting BC recently, Russian forestry people described the vast timber resources in the Far East as "waiting to be tapped." But convincing North American investors to put up badly needed dollars isn't easy.

Closed for two years under its previous owners, GP Flakeboard's particle board plant in Bancroft - upgraded for $54 million - is now run with a dramatically different management style.

Internet Potential Tantalizing For Forest Industry Players
How is the Internet playing out as a marketing/information tool for forest companies, suppliers and government agencies?

New Moisture Sort System Improves Kiln Efficiency
Northern Milltech's moisture density sort system for green lumber reduces kiln cycle times and trim loss, and increases grade recovery, say mill users.

Washout At East Fork
Canfor's Englewood Division on Vancouver Island faced a log transport crisis when a mud slide knocked out key rail span.

Mounts Aspen Harvest: Trials In Mixed-Species Forests
A Fort Nelson value added plant tries a new approach to harvesting aspen, with a goal of significantly improving spruce understory retention.

New Era For Old Mill
Hit hard by harvesting restrictions on white pine sawlogs, EB Eddy's Agawa mill is now looking in new directions, including value added hardwood processing.

MB Throws A Wrench Into Master Bargaining In BC
Opinion piece by John Clark

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