Logging and Sawmilling Journal -
November 2006

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At the recent AGM of the Alberta Forest Products Association, speakers weighed in on a variety of topics, from the oversupply of softwood lumber in the North American market to the need to reduce input costs for the industry.

Getting a financial edge

Forest companies can better manage risk, and gain a competitive advantage, by using fi nancial tools such as hedging to help smooth out large swings in both revenues and costs.

Seeking the best in sawmilling equipment

Extensive research and mill visits were carried out as part of the advance effort to set up a new $18 million high tech sawmill in Oregon.

Delivering fuel from fibre

The cost of natural gas is creating increasing interest in the development of waste wood generated heat, and Alberta’s Bob Rimes wants to be at the forefront of this emerging business.

Blackwater does it their way

Whether it involves harvesting timber or building logging roads, Blackwater Construction has its own way of doing things, a way that continues to pay off with success.

Optimizing breakthrough?

Sound technology could well be the next optimizing breakthrough in Canadian sawmills, and two New Zealand companies have already made signifi cant advances in this kind of technology.


Certification benefits

Domtar’s FSC certifi cation of its forest licences in Ontario is expected to pay off on a number of different fronts, perhaps including getting an advantage in the marketplace.

Guest Column: Battling climate change by using more wood

Guest Columnist Patrick Moore says that a good way to battle climate change is to use more wood, not less.

Double D & L’s

Two D & L Double Cut sawmill units are keeping Manitoba sawmiller Brent Isaac doubly busy, producing cants and sourcing wood to feed the equipment.

A Hot Market for Logs - Firelogs

Meeting the Challenge



Regardless of whether it involves harvesting timber or building logging roads, Blackwater Construction has its own way of doing things. Their approach includes selecting the right equipment in the fi rst place, which plays an important part in equipment performance and longevity. (Cover photo of the company’s Madill 3800C loading short logs courtesy of Blackwater Construction)


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