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November 2005  - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal




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New Tigercat 604 cable skidder

Tigercat has introduced the 604 cable skidder. The compact 604 is designed for valuable hardwood selective felling applications. With a 155 hp (115 kW) Cummins QSB5.9 Tier II engine and Tigercat’s enhanced hydrostatic drive system with variable speed engine rpm, the 604 is quick, powerful and fuel-efficient. The engine house is roomy and uncluttered with convenient access to daily maintenance points. The tilting cab provides access to the hydrostatic pump stack, motors and driveline. The precleaner is housed inside the engine compartment. An electronic control system governs machine functions.

The hydrostatic drive system provides a smooth ride with no gear shifting—just forward and reverse drive pedals. The operator can set the minimum engine rpm depending on terrain conditions or run at constant rpm for severe terrain conditions. The operator can also limit maximum speed for increased machine control in tough terrain.  Reader service 134

Sennebogen 735 M-HD

Sennebogen has introduced the 735M-HD, a unique timber-handling machine with high lifting capacity. The robust boom system with the boom pivot point in the rear allows loads to be transported and stacked in extremely narrow spaces. And it can grab timber up to four cubic metres.

The cab is said to be roomy, with excellent visibility. It features a Deutz diesel engine with 272 hp at 2,000 rpm, and the 735 M-HD can travel from 0-20 km/h. Operators can expect high drive performance and speed with two large hydraulic motors and the two-circuit drive system that transfers the power.

The state-of-the-art, load-sensing hydraulic system makes the machine more efficient.It has a swing speed of up to eight rpm. And the 735 M-HD’s hydraulic motor, with integrated hydraulic brake valves, keeps break system wear to a minimum.  Reader Service 135

Komatsu introduces
PC300LC-7 Power Plus

Komatsu Canada Ltd recently introduced the 242 HP PC300LC-7 Power Plus—a new version of one of its popular excavators. The new design, with operating weights from 75,682 to 78,130 lb, offers improved lift capacity and more efficient use of the PC300LC-7’s large arm crowd and bucket breakout forces.

With additional upper frame reinforcement and increased counterweight mass, 2,500 lbs have been added to the rear bias for improved stability in digging applications. Compared to the standard PC300LC-7, the PC300LC-7 Power Plus features an 8.2 per cent improvement in front lifting capacity and a 10.8 per cent improvement over the side. The added counterweight allows the machine to fully realize its usable arm crowd force (37,040 lb) and bucket breakout force (44,970 lb) with the 10’5” arm installed.

The excavator’s turbocharged Komatsu SAA6D114E engine delivers a high 242 hp power rating, low fuel onsumption and is EPA Tier 2 compliant. Engine oil and filter change intervals have been doubled to 500 hours. Drawbar pull was increased by 17 per cent to 59,300 lb and a three-speed auto-shift.  Reader Service 137

Thinwall VFloor trailer
wins innovation award

Custom trailer manufacturer Titan Trailers Inc recently received the 2005 Award o Merit for Innovation in the Ontario Global Traders Awards for the southwestern region of Ontario. The award acknow edges Titan as an innovative leader in transportation equipment, culminating in the April 2004 introdution of the Titan Thinwall VFloor trailer.

The award-winning design was based on the patented Thinwall extruded aluminum panel along with the steel VFloor unloader system from Keith Mfg Co.

The new trailer was designed for strength and is ideal for extreme-duty applications, says the company. Titan custom- builds Thinwall VFloor trailers for extreme duty requirements including multi-axle an B train units.  Reader Service 138

High speed fuel transfer pump now available

The Great Plains Industries, Inc (GPI) model M-3025 12-volt fuel transfer pump delivers 25 gal/min (95 lpm) making it the fastest 12-volt refueling pump on the market, according to the company. It’s compatible with gasoline, diesel or kerosene.

High speed refueling in the field is important to heavy equipment owners and operators because it reduces both refueling time and operator exposure to inclement weather, says the company. GPI’s model M-3025 is said to reduce fueling time by anywhere from 25 per cent to 50 per cent compared to other 12-volt pumps. GPI is represented in Canada by the J Stewart Murray Agency.  Reader Service 139


Woodflow technology enables reliable fibre supply to mills

When managers think about the size and complexity of forestry and wood procurement operations today, it’s hard to imagine being able to predict everything involved along the way. The ultimate goal is to deliver the right product to the right mill at the right time, while containing costs, to be as competitive as possible. In trying to do this, there are steps, decisions, obligations and alternatives that can impact all stakeholders in the supply chain and the bottom line.

In forestry, as in nature, few things are predictable, such as the weather, market deterioration and changes in resource availability. However, all of these can have a huge impact on procurement decisions, wood flow allocations (fibre demand and supply), stakeholder relationships and customer satisfaction, not to mention cost and value.

Compounding this already dynamic and challenging situation, companies are procuring wood from various sources, including Crown land, open market and mill transfers to supply multiple mills, both external and internal. There are often multiple products moving from different source locations to their respective destinations with multiple contractors logging and hauling those products. It quickly becomes obvious why it can be so difficult to find the optimum transportation and logging plans to ensure a reliable wood fiber supply.

Linnet’s Woodflow Manager provides companies with a proactive way to help extend wood flow planning horizons to make better-informed decisions based on the anticipated impacts of otherwise unforeseen events. This reduces the incidence of“reactive” decision-making, which often results in higher raw material costs through less than optimum logging and transportation plans and reactionary purchasing.

Typical events where Woodflow planning technology can help optimize would include the effects from beetle damage, changes to AAC, poor weather, supplier over- or under-performance, inaccurate inventories and market changes. Certain conditions can never be predicted and so reactive decision-making is and always will be a reality in this industry. However, having the information and tools at hand to make better-informed reactive decisions will help result in minimal negative impacts to wood flow plans and stakeholders.

By performing “what-if” analysis, the ability to find the optimum wood flow plan is made significantly easier, yielding benefits for all stakeholders across the entire raw materials supply chain. For example, there is less contractor redirection, reduced variability in delivered products to the mill, improved efficiencies in preparing wood flow plans and more planning flexibility regarding inventories. Powerful analysis and reporting capabilities provide superior decision support, on-demand.

Woodflow Manager is the latest module from Linnet’s leading raw material supply chain management solution, Woodlands The System (WTS). WTS has been implemented across Canada and the US to help forestry companies streamline and simpifly their business processes. Other WTS modules provide effective solutions for wood procurement, contract management, scaling, settlements and forest planning and operations.


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