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Tech Update

Logyard and Timber Management Software

Tech Update Editor: Helen Johnson

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3LOG Systems Inc
3LOG Systems addresses the need of forest product companies for user-friendly inventory and management software. Its Log Inventory and Management System (LIMS) is designed to enhance operational woodland management by comprehensively supporting all company fibre interactions from one central database, giving the big picture of their operations. From the woods to the mill, the nine-module system is tailored to meet a companys operational, contractual, administrative and accounting requirements. LIMS is web-ready, allowing information access and management from multiple locations.
WeighWiz is an unmanned, integrated weigh scale software option that improves the accuracy of log load weights and enhances the ability to monitor loads. Designed to be operated by truck drivers and weigh masters, the software captures the true weight of the load and automatically associates it with a specific contractor, truck, destination or other user-defined field.
By combining the portability of handheld devices with the power of PC software and the expandability of database servers, ScaleWiz facilitates the critical task of log scaling and data uploading.
  Reader Service Card #160

GESPRO Technologies
GESPRO Technologies specializes in software development for the forest industry and offers solutions for the industrys specific requirements. For the past 15 years, the company has been helping clients attain objectives through forestry software solutions such as wood scaling for private or crown wood, either in the forest or in the mill. It also offers software solutions that include automated weigh scales, mass scaling, management of harvesting and hauling activities, inventory and lumber sales management, as well as automated hardwood grading. GESPRO also provides professional training and customer support programs with its software.
Reader Service Card #161

Woodlands The System, created for the forest industry by Linnet The Land Systems Company, is a comprehensive forest management package for managing information for every aspect of woodlands operation, from planning and silviculture, through inventory tracking to wood delivery, contract management and final settlement. All information is accessible from the desktop, so the right information is available to the right people at the right time, whether they are on site or at the office. The system provides better information and greater efficiency with the result being a better bottom line, the company says.
Reader Service Card #162

Changing the concept of stratum conversion factor access is a recent undertaking of Logsale.com. Logs are sold by a calculated volume based on their weight at the scale. The calculation to convert weight into volume includes a stratum conversion factor. A stratum is a group or collection of logs that is species specific.
Logsales new stratum checker service allows the seller of the wood to determine the conversion factors for more than 150 British Columbia sawmills. It also provides historical information for identifying trends within the stratum. This information is invaluable for buyers and sellers of timber and provides another tool for the negotiation of prices, as well as improving tracking and accountability.
Logsales new timber mark checking service provides further accountability in log sales and deliveries. A person may now search by timber mark to find out where the logs from that mark were delivered. All this information is now produced in a user-friendly and readable format online.
Reader Service Card #163

Genus RMT
Genus Resource Management Technologies, a subsidiary of Canadian Forest Products, was formed to provide land and environmental management software to resource industries.
A very tight integration of map data with attribute data is achieved by Genus through the use of ESRIs embedded COM object technology. With the use of handheld computers for field data entry, Genus enables the selection of relevant data to be downloaded to a handheld and provides synchronization when edited data is ready to be uploaded. With all data stored in a single database, access to information from all levels of the organization is fast and easy, the company says.
The Application Service Provider option enables users to access the Genus software applications using an ordinary Internet browser, thus avoiding major investments in software, hardware and support staff.
  Reader Service Card #164

Remsoft Inc
Remsoft Inc, a specialist in software programs for forest and wildlife management, offers Woodstock and Stanley, two packages used by major forest companies, universities, forestry consultants and public agencies for a host of integrated planning problems, including supporting forest activity compliance with certification regulations.
Woodstock users can address common modelling problems, such as harvest scheduling and timber supply analysis, as well as non-timber-related issues such as incorporating wildlife habitat and conservation areas into a long-term forest plan.
Stanley, a spatial harvest scheduling software package, takes those plans and puts them into action, automating harvest block scheduling and visually projecting the future forest state.
  Reader Service Card #165

Geosoft Development Corp
Geosoft Developments Logyard Inventory Management System (LIMS) manages log scale data using handheld scaling computers. The system automatically imports scale data from the handheld to a local computer, assigns sort/bin designation and manages the log inventory from arrival to sale with full support for invoicing, supplier payments and commissions, purchaser information and extensive reporting. As business practices, user requirements and reporting formats vary from site to site, every LIMS application is customized by Geosoft, making it unique for each logyard.  All scale data is stored in xBASE format, allowing easy integration with third party accounting programs, as well as popular database programs such as FoxPro, Access or Excel. LIMS runs on any computer using any version of Windows.
  Reader Service Card #166

TimberSoft/NorthStar Digital
Timber measurement consultants TimberSoft Technologies Ltd now engineers software for the production of professional quality geo-referenced digital topographic maps of Canada. The Geo TIFF maps work well with GIS applications for use with vector data and for use with a GPS and moving map software. Loggers and foresters can use the maps for navigational purposes or have logging plans custom-scanned and geo-referenced for use with a GPS, allowing them to locate a new harvest site with no difficulty.
TimberSoft also offers a cut-to-length quality management program to monitor the complete timber harvest, waste monitoring software and a bundle tracking and inventory system.
NorthStar Digital Imaging, a division of TimberSoft Technologies, offers the NorthStar Memory-Map Personal Navigator. Operating on a Windows CE device, it displays navigation information and position on a colourful map image.
NorthStar also distributes the Compact Flash GPS that converts a pocket PC into a self-contained navigation system for real-time positioning and data collection.
  Reader Service Card #167

BCS Woodlands Software
BCS Woodlands Software offers a logyard and timber management software package called the BCS Log Hauler, which has been recording, reporting and evolving for 15 years. The BCS Log Hauler, along with its associated BCS Scale House Tracker, provides intermediate-sized mills with all the requirements for tracking their wood volumes and the associated liabilities incurred in bringing that wood into their logyards. The decks are maintained with conversions and volumes and may be decremented as the mill processes the logs.
  Reader Service Card #168

Perforex Solutions
Perforex Solutions has developed the PowerSuite System for quality, productivity, efficiency and key performance indicator tracking, reporting, charting and analysis to support timber supply management. PowerSuite modules are developed in the latest Microsoft technology and include Log Quality with scaling bureau integration, Fiber Utilization, Environmental Compliance and Safety Management.
  Perforex Solutions partners with forest product companies to increase their profits by implementing operating practices, systems and disciplines that drive results and create sustainable performance improvement.  Reader Service Card #169

Progressive Solutions
Accurate, real-time inventory controls are at the hub of the business software solutions that Progressive Solutions Inc offers to the wood products industry. Tying all business functions into a single environment, all software products have easy-to-use, Windows-based screens providing critical information to sales and operations staff.
Fiber Track is a complete log procurement and settlement package for sawmills of all types and sizes.
Lumber Track is a full-featured total management solution, ideal for single- or multiple-site sawmills, panel mills and value-added producers, distributors, wholesalers and brokers for both domestic and export markets.
Mill Track focusses on the sales and inventory control needs of single-site softwood and hardwood sawmills and value-added producers.
  Reader Service Card #170

Forestry IT
Forestry IT provides software solutions for woodlands and sawmill operations from seedling to stump to mill, assisting in streamlining data collection and reporting requirements.
SampleIT handles the sampling requirements for fixed length, tree length and stack. Cumulative reports include mass volume factor, per cent defect, per cent undersize and diameter distribution.
WeighIT looks after the wood flow in and out of the yard across the scales, which can be either attended or unattended. The driver interface is simplified with the use of touch cards and a touch screen. Reports available include contractor/hauler payment, crown dues, daily deliveries and production.
ISO-CheckIT handles the collecting and reporting of ISO compliance via a pocket PC. Check boxes allow the tallier to indicate if a contractor is in compliance with the standard operating procedures and, if not, allows for recording of comments.
QualityIT looks after the collecting and reporting of product quality of material received. Data is collected either with an MDC data collector or a pocket PC.
  Reader Service Card#171

TimberOffice, an integrated suite of software solutions from Timberjack Europe, is specifically designed for contractors and forest companies to manage the information produced by the harvester for cost-effective performance.
The suite includes TimberCenter for e-mail and centralized information management and SilviA, a management program for bucking that helps create and manage price lists and sends bucking instructions to a working harvester. The TimberNavi program is a GIS that uses global positioning (GPS) so machine operators can see their position displayed in real time. TimberCalc integrates machine costs, follow ups and estimates, while TimberMonitor keeps an eye on machine performance.
  Reader Service Card #172

Pacific Northwest National Lab
A computer model that helps forest managers design or modify forest roads, tree harvesting and other land-use activities based on their effects on watersheds, streams and fish habitat has been researched at the US Department of Energys Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The model simulates the movement of water throughout a watershed, making it possible to explore economic and environmental trade-offs. The model considers solar radiation, precipitation, air temperature, evaporation, plant transpiration and downslope water movement.
The Geographic Information System-based Modeling System for Watershed Analysis (GISWA) shows how alternative practices can help avoid altering a watersheds natural processes.
  Reader Service Card #173

Savcor Forest
Savcor Forest of Finland supplies customized forest data management solutions and electronic field equipment, providing software, interfaces and user education. Its suite of timber measurement solutions incorporates computer calipers and includes inventory, log measurement and harvester head measurement control. Inventory software provides information
for felling decisions, forest valuation and harvest planning. .  Reader Service Card #174

Mesbois Inc
Founded in 1990, Les Consultants Informatique Mesbois Inc specializes in forest industry software development for different methods of log scaling and handheld computers. The companys log scaling software is adapted to the needs of forest contractors, sawmills and both the private and public sectors and offers scaling compilations, production management and preparation of payment.
Yard management software allows the supervision of production at different levels and the creation and updating of inventory lists, according to user specifications. The software presents an interface-vendor for such items as consultation of stock, preparation of delivery documents and sales management.
Its board classification software for handheld computers calculates mill production, automatically compiling information to allow the user to print the specifications of one or more bundles and/or transfer the information to an inventory control system.
  Reader Service Card #175

Aldata Software
The Boss Line is Aldata Software Management Incs complete fibre management software system that collects data and reports on many aspects of the fibre flow. A key feature is its ability to seamlessly handle the forest industrys complex contract administration process. The Boss Line includes: Yard Boss Logs; Yard Boss Chips; and Scale Boss.
Yard Boss Chips works within the business rules that apply to chips and other wood commodities. In addition to contract administration and inventory tracking, the product monitors the complex quality parameters associated with purchased chips and applies bonuses or penalties where applicable.
Yard Boss manages inventory and contracts with increased efficiency for maximum value, tracking loads of logs and chips, linking them to the primary contract and calculating vendors payments. The system generates inventory reports that provide managers with a snapshot of the cost of obtaining current inventory, as well as its attributes.
  Reader Service Card #176

Scoop Software Corp
Designed solely for the forest industry, web-based Scoopsoft software is an enterprise knowledge system that integrates enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management and e-business. The system, from Scoop Software Corp, offers solutions for raw material inventory, advanced production planning and scheduling, capacity and delivery, while providing insight into product profitability, demand, production and procurement optimization, based on the bottom line. The company offers custom product development, customer support and services.
  Reader Service Card #177

Strong Engineering
The Digital Remote Scaling (DRS) technology from Strong Engineering Company continues to evolve, diversifying into a complete system with digital image technology at the core. The new, complete system now integrates data, weight and images and the image system can be integrated with existing weight systems, the company says. DRS technology can scale a truckload of material in a couple of minutes, is faster and more efficient than weight scaling and offers quality control and security.
When the loaded truck passes between the camera housings, which are climate-controlled to 40 degrees F, the driver swipes a bar-coded card or tag through the reader and digital cameras photograph the truck. The images are downloaded to a computer and stored for the scaler. More than 200 loads can be scaled per shift and captured images can be read remotely from any location. As well as simplifying tracking and auditing of loads, the technology provides a permanent record of each load that can be stored to a CD.
Reader Service Card # 178

The TB Terminal from TRUCKBASE Corp is a new two-way data input/feedback option for the companys onboard system for trucks and heavy equipment. The terminal enables operators to input data to be inserted into the GPS data set and at the same time provides feedback from the Model B computer. Enhancing the TRUCKBASE Truck Management System (TMS), the TB Terminal allows the driver to input waybill numbers, driver ID, cutblock ID and destination mill yard(s), a feature particularly useful for hauls involving numerous loading and unloading destinations. The terminal also provides productivity information collected by the onboard system, as well as diagnostic and onboard system performance information.
TRUCKBASE develops customized systems for a variety of industry clients.
  Reader Service Card # 179

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BCS Woodlands Software #168
Perforex Solutions #169
Progressive Solutions #170
Forestry IT #171
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Pacific Northwest National Lab #173
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Mesbois Inc #175
Aldata Software #176
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