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Tech Update-Tracked Log Loaders  

Tech Update Editor: Helen Johnson

(Note- A Summary of  specifications are located at this Link)

Tracked log loaders are becoming the workhorses of the industry as multiuse tools that can perform a variety of tasks including hoe chucking/ shovel logging, ditch cleaning and even felling. The machines are also proving to be very cost effective and, as a result, are becoming ever more popular. Although these versatile pieces of equipment have most often been comprised of modified excavators, the trend now is toward purpose built log loaders. Dexter Olund, senior vice president of marketing and product support for Madill, says the purpose built machines don't have the compromises and shortcomings of the non-purpose built models. "We design them from the ground up to do what we want them to do," he says, noting the Nanaimo based company was the first to manufacture purpose built log loaders. Economics is another big advantage to the machines. "They are a very cost-effective way to get logs to roadside," says Olund, estimating log loaders reduce those costs to about $3 to $4 per cubic metre. Madill offers four basic models, including the 2800B, the 2850, the 3800B and the 4800B. All are available in heel boom, butt 'n top, power clam and dangle head configurations.Several have also had hydraulic yarding winches installed, Olund says. 

Two brand new, purpose built tracked log loader models on the market from Hyundai Construction Equipment are the 33HDLL and the 42HDLL. Featuring Cummins engines and weighing 70,620 lbs and 89,320 lbs respectively, the machines have elevated side entry cabs, computer aided power optimization systems (CAPO) and centralized monitoring. Swing torques are 52,606 ftlbs for the lighter model and 85,415 ftlbs for the heavier one. 

The three models of Logmaster hydraulic log loaders in LBX LinkBelt's Quantum series of excavators are the 2800, the 3400 and the 4300. The three models can be fitted with either Pierce or Young loading attachments with heel and have swing torques ranging from 46,195 ftlbs to 73,700 ftlbs. Tractive effort is rated between 46,855 lbs and 66,650 lbs. 

Kobelco also manufactures two log loaders, the SK210LL and the SK290LL, weighing 62,000 and 82,000 lbs respectively. The SK210LL has a 36' live or fixed heel, while the larger SK290LL has a 40' live heel.The swing torques are 48,077 ftlbs and 70,732 ftlbs respectively. Kobelco's excavator series, not included in our specs chart, consists of the SK 210 LC, the SK 250 LC, the SK 290 LC and the SK 330 LC. 

John Deere Construction Equipment Company's 200LC, 330LC and 370 form part of its Loggers series and can be used as log loaders, road builders, harvesters and delimber carriers. The machines range in weight from 58,850 lbs to 102,000 lbs and have swing torques of 41,250 ftlbs and 67,700 ftlbs. 

Hitachi Construction Machinery Canada's line of purpose built Forester log loaders consists of five models with greater stability and ground clearance and stronger upper structures. Live heel and butt 'n top/clam grapple log loader options include hydraulics and controls for either a two function grapple or valve in head controls. The models include the EX200, the EX270 BNT, the EX330, the EX370 and the EX450. Hitachi also offers its Super excavator line not included in our specs chart. 

Seven tracked log loader models are available from Komatsu Canada Ltd. The PC200LC6, the PC270LC6, the PC300HD6, the PC400HD6 and the PC600LC6 are in west coast configurations, while the PC270LC6 and PC300HD6 are in interior configurations. Weights range from 58,320 to 168,000 lbs, while maximum reaches range from 35' to 47'. Swing torques range from 50,636 to 154,554 ftlbs. T E C H U P D AT E 

Tigercat's purpose built T245B track loader offers wider booms for increased durability, with the main boom pin increased to 4.5", providing a large wear surface area. The 53,000lb machine offers 36-degree continuous rotation at 8 rpm and high swing torque for delimbing applications. 

The Prentice track loaders from Blount are the 63,500lb CRX 410E and the 86,080lb CRX 625, featuring Cummins engines and maximum reaches of 32'6" and 38' respectively. 

The four log loaders in the Caterpillar lineup, the 320 LL, the 322B LL, the 325B LL and the 330B LL, feature Cat engines and lift capacities from 20,300 lbs to 44,800 lbs at 20 feet at ground level. 

The new 835 shovel loader from Timberjack is already in use as a harvester, with a Waratah HTH 24 harvesting head, and can move wood to skidders or to roadside over difficult ground unsuitable for conventional skidding. It joins the 735 shovel logger and the 635 crawler loader. 

Liebherr Canada offers the R944V hydraulic excavator with log grapple. The 86,807lb loader features a 42foot reach and a 223hp Liebherr D 926TE engine. 

Case Corporation offers the 9030BTK, the 9040 BTK and the 9050BTK in its excavator series. The machines range in weight from 63,000 lbs to 90,600 lbs and have lift capacities from 11,820 lbs to 14,140 lbs. 

New Holland's crawler excavator series include six models: the EC130, EC160, EC215, EC350, EC450 and EC600. The machines range in weight from 31,500 to 139,560 lbs and reaches from 27 to 42 feet. Swing torques range from 25,815 to 141,610 ftlbs. All six excavators offer three pump hydraulic systems, heavy gauge steel construction, comfortable cabs and Onboard Diagnostic Computer (ODC) systems. These statistics are as complete and up-to-date as possible, but they are still meant for general comparisons only. Some statistics, such as lift capacity, vary in the way manufacturers report them. They are not always reported at the same height from the ground and usually, but not always, exclude the weight of the grapple. Customer preferences may also vary weights, reaches and other specs. Potential customers should contact an authorized dealer, distributor or the manufacturer for exact and detailed information on specifications. 

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