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Supplier Newsline

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New K90 Crane from Ponsse 
The K90 crane from Ponsse, presented at the SkogsNolia trade fair in June, is a strengthened version of its predecessors, the K70 and K80 cranes. Designed to fulfil the requirements of 12 to 14ton forwarders such as the S16 Buffalo and the S15 Bison, the basic structure has remained the same, but all of the main components - including swivel system, stand, cylinders, tooth racks and columns - have been strengthened. Swivel force, essential when working on slopes and when handling large trunks, has been increased to 30 kNm. The K90 crane is available as a single extension model (S) and as a double extension model (M), giving it a reach of seven, eight or 10 metres and a lift force of 124 kNm. Ponsse has achieved better boom quality through machining to the required accuracy after welding and rigorous inspection methods, the company says. Circle Reader Service Card #465 

Hitachi Welcomes New President 
Hitachi Construction Machinery announces the appointment of Gene AGriffith as the new president of Hitachi Construction Machinery (America) Corp and Hitachi Construction Machinery Canada Ltd. Before taking up his new position at Hitachi, Griffith spent more than 30 years with John Deere Construction Equipment Co as a manager of finance and a regional sales manager. Outgoing president William Horaney will continue his relationship with Hitachi by moving to the parent company where he takes over the presidency of DeereHitachi Construction Machinery, the joint venture company established by John Deere and Company and Hitachi Construction Machinery Ltd of Japan in 1988. In the last four years, Hitachi sales have tripled and the number of employees has grown to more than 500. Circle Reader Service Card #466 

Norwood's All New Super Lumbermate 2000 
The new Super Lumbermate 2000 portable band sawmill from Norwood Industries handles logs up to 31" in diameter and cuts boards up to 24" wide accurately to 1/32 of an inch. It saws logs 13 feet long or, with additional bed extensions, logs of any length. The rugged, highcapacity band sawmill has many options including power feed, sawhead rotators for twodirectional cutting, power log lifters, a trailer package and a 20hp Honda engine. Circle Reader Service Card #467

Versatile SuperFell 851 from Hultdins 
Mounted on a shovel logger, the new SuperFell 851 from Hultdins Inc can fell, shovel and pile or load, eliminating the need for a feller buncher. With its 33.5 inch cutting capacity, it is ideal for large wood, windfall, salvage, rightofway clearing or selective cutting and can be quickly installed on standard log loaders, shovel loggers, excavators and feller bunchers, the company says. The unique upper boom link system simplifies the mounting and is designed for maximum hose protection. With continuous rotation, the rotator is rated at 101,165lbf capacity and is able to withstand loads in any direction. Other features include high gripping force grapple arms, a hydraulic snubber to control side to side motion, a simplified single brake system and cushioned cylinders. The 3,410lb SuperFell has a Hultdins SuperCut 300 saw unit with 3/4 inch pitch 11H saw chain and patented automatic chain tensioning. Circle Reader Service Card #468 

Deere Offers HighLift Loader Package 
John Deere's popular four wheel drive loader HighLift option, which has been custom fitted in the past, is now available direct from the factory, in response to customer demand. As a result, machine delivery times are reduced and quality control is increased from the company's ISO9001certified factory. With lighter loads and where dump height is critical, the HighLift arms with special buckets add reach to Deere's 444H, 544H, 624H and 744H loaders and increase bucket and fork clearance. The extra height allows a full bucket roll that reduces cycle times over a standard length arm loader and offers more even distribution and more precise and higher stacking. Circle Reader Service Card #469 

Perceptron's Smart TriCam Offers True 3D Scanning 
The new Smart TriCam laser triangulation sensor, manufactured by Perceptron Inc, provides a truly three-dimensional view of the board's surface. Used in edging and trimming applications, the transverse TriCam sensor utilizes a dual laser line that washes across the piece, scanning it entirely, with no laser gaps in the data, and produces dense data for more complete modeling than laser point scanners. The system is online on a trimmer system in Ireland where it is running at 117 lugs per minute, offering the accuracy required in both scanning and modeling to support the more stringent visible wane rules sawing method, the company says. The sensors have a wide field of view and are arranged at an angle that captures multiple frames as each piece is conveyed through the scan zone. Using a true differential scanning system, where sensors are mounted on top and bottom, the same performance is offered whether a piece is conveyed waneup or wanedown. The worst face is displayed on the optimizer computer screen. Circle Reader Service Card #470

Blount/Prentice Shovel Logging Grapples 
Two new Prentice grapple saws for shovel logging, featuring the large R50 rotator designed to stand up to heavy-duty pull through delimbing, are offered by the Forestry and Industrial Equipment Division of Blount Inc. The new models, the GS4855SLR50 and the GS4548SNR50, come with an automatic chain tensing system, allowing for fast, simple replacement of saw chain or bar. A proportional chain lubrication system is built-in and both models have automatic saw bar return. Clean hose routing increases reliability by reducing potential for hose damage, while rounded jaw tips reduce log damage and the jaw design improves the handling of bundles of smaller wood. A grapple saw can eliminate a chainsaw hand from the landing area, helping to improve safety. Circle Reader Service Card #471 

Daewoo's New S250LCV Excavator 
The newest member of the SolarV excavator family, the Solar 250LCV, is a 25ton crawler type machine that enhances Daewoo's excavator lineup, which now ranges from six to 50 tons. The 53,800lb S250LCV is fuel efficient and meets EPA and carb engine emission requirements. Designed with low maintenance in mind, it offers a 162hp Daewoo engine, a breakout force of 33,510 lbs, a precision joystick control, a bucket capacity of 1.24 square yards, a firewall between the pump and engine, easy to access engine and hydraulic compartments, centralized lube points and extended intervals for oil and filter maintenance. Circle Reader Service Card #472 

New Appointments at Waratah's Kamloops Centre 
Denis Fortin and Yvon Beaulieu have accepted regional manager positions with Waratah Forestry Attachments' Kamloops distribution centre. Fortin is now the regional sales manager responsible for Eastern Canada and Beaulieu is the regional service manager responsible for Eastern Canada. Both report to Rob Agassiz, general manager of Waratah Canada. The changes were effective September 1, 2000. Circle Reader Service Card #473 

Stihl's More Powerful 046 Magnum 
The new 046 Magnum Plus professional chain saw from Stihl Ltd offers 4.5 kW of power, a 10 per cent increase in power over the 046 (4.1kW) model and an 18 per cent increase in torque. Ideal for cutting second growth timber, the 046 Magnum offers faster acceleration and produces minimal vibration levels. With a side access chain tensioner, it also features the IntelliCarb compensating carburetor system that self adjusts when the air filter becomes clogged, maintaining the correct rpm's and increasing the interval between filter cleanings up to three times. Circle Reader Service Card #474 

Michelin's XTE2 Available in Canada 
The truck tire division of Michelin North America (Canada) Inc announces the availability of its XTE2 wide base tires for severe on/off road applications. A computer designed tread pattern distributes pressure uniformly across the contact patch and reduces noise, while deep, wide channels provide water evacuation throughout the life of the tire. Lateral siping along the ribs improves traction and braking in all weather conditions. Dual compound tread rubber keeps the casing running cool, while abrasion resistant rubber compound keeps the tire wear rate low. Other features include robust construction with a four steel belt package, a rectangular bead bundle that simulates a solid steel rod "strapping" the tire onto the wheel, variable pitch wall angles that reduce stone retention and large shoulders that provide maximum resistance to slippage. The XTE2 tires are available in the following sizes: 385/65R22.5, 424/65R22.5 and 445/65R22.5. Circle Reader Service Card #475 

Cranab Launches Fortechnology 
From Partek Forest/Valmet comes Cranab's new range of crane tip attachments for the forest industry. The Forte series (short for ForestTechnology) includes Cranab round wood grapples available in the following models: the Forte G28, Forte G36 and Forte G40. The jaws have a more rounded shape and, along with high grapple power and optimally shaped jaw tips, provide improved rolling in characteristics. A 15mm jaw thickness is now standard and ensures high reliability. The frame underside is arched, increasing the grapple's ability to gather timber neatly and in straight bundles. High working pressure - 230 bar - keeps flow dependency down. The frame's open construction makes the grapples easy to service and all lubrication points are easy to access in one grip position. Integrated suspension in the end position of the grapple cylinder provides high operating comfort, the company says, and the high strength material and careful design keep weight down and the grapple smooth. Circle Reader Service Card #476 


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New K90 Crane from Ponsse  #465
Hitachi Welcomes New President #466
Norwood's All New Super Lumbermate 2000 #467
Versatile SuperFell 851 from Hultdins #468 
Deere Offers HighLift Loader Package  #469 
Perceptron's Smart TriCam Offers True 3D Scanning #470
Blount/Prentice Shovel Logging Grapples #471
Daewoo's New S250LCV Excavator #472
New Appointments at Waratah's Kamloops Centre #473
Stihl's More Powerful 046 Magnum #474
Michelin's XTE2 Available in Canada #475
Cranab Launches Fortechnology #476


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