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May 1999


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but.gif (811 bytes) New Ontario Land Use Program Delivers "Peace in the Woods"
Following the lengthy Lands for Life review process, the Ontario government has finally delivered a land use policy program, which both the forest industry and environmental groups seem happy with.
By Paul MacDonald


but.gif (811 bytes) Beating the Asian Flu
Vancouver Island reman mill Paulcan Enterprises has tackled the down – turn in Asian lumber markets in a different way — by expanding their operations to include producing hardwood lumber.
By Paul MacDonald



but.gif (811 bytes) Prairie Partnership

The new $22-million Wapawekka joint venture sawmill near Prince Albert is part of the changing face of the forest industry in Saskatchewan.
By Tony Kryzanowski


Value Added

but.gif (811 bytes) Waste Not

Flakeboard Company of New Brunswick, which uses sawmill residue as its basic raw material, is completing a $30-million expansion that will position it as one of the largest producers of thin High Density Fibreboard in North America.
By Harold Hatheway


but.gif (811 bytes) Extended Haul
A unique tire inflation system is extending the haul season for Alberta contractor Jack Thomson.
By Tony Kryzanowski

Small Sawmilling

but.gif (811 bytes) Swiss Family Sawmilling

Canadians are beginning to realize that landscaping adds value to their property, so the arrival of their European-inspired wood landscaping products is very timely.
By Tony Kryzanowski


but.gif (811 bytes) Mexican Dissapointment
It’s been five years since Mexico joined the North American Free Trade Agreement. For Canadian forest companies, sales to this huge market remain disappointingly small.
By Reg Barclay


but.gif (811 bytes) Logging By Design
An active pursuit of public input and aesthetic logging practices wins points for Weyerhaeuser in Alberta.
By Tony Kryzanowski



Tech Update

but.gif (811 bytes) Kiln Controls
Tech Update Editor: Mel-Lynda Andersen

Supplier Newsline

but.gif (811 bytes) Marketplace



but.gif (811 bytes) Cark’s No - Show a Snub to the Industry
By Jim Sterling



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