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Vermeer Brush Chipper/Loader

Vermeer Manufacturing Company recently introduced the BC 2000 brush chipper with heavy-duty loader for tackling high-volume organic chipping projects The BC 2000's loader is a new, labour saving feature that can help operators chip a higher volume of trees faster and more efficiently, says the company. Powered by a 200-hp, six-cylinder Cummins 6BTA5.9 engine, the drum-style chipper has a lifting capacity of up to 3,000 lbs., and at full reach its steel loader can lift a 7-1/2'log that's up to 20" in diameter. It also enables operators to place materials on the infeed table.

The BC 2000 has been deisgned with tandem wheels for increased stability and flotation and better weight distribution when rolling across yards and fields. This unit is also equipped with Auto Feed II, a system that steadily and automatically feeds the brush, with a feed sensor that automatically monitors and controls maximum engine performance.

Prairie Truck-McCoy Bros. Merger

Prairie Truck Ltd. and McCoy Bros. Inc. have joined forces to serve the Grande Prairie and Northern Alberta market. Prairie Truck Ltd. is the Navistar International Truck Dealer for the Grande Prairie and Northern Alberta territory. In addition to truck sales, Prairie Truck provides comprehensive truck service and an extensive parts supply business for the trucking industry. As part of the McCoy family of companies, Prairie Truck will gain access to the Scona line of heavy-duty trailers, suspension components, axles and additional truck parts lines. Prairie Truck is presently expanding its parts facilities to accommodate new growth.

McCoy Bros. has four truck parts and service operations in Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary, as well as the new addition of Prairie Truck Ltd.

New Fish-Friendly Bridge

Armtec Construction Products has developed and manufactured the new Mini-Span Bridge, a cost-effective crossing for environmentally sensitive streams. Developed in BC through consultation with industry and government, Armtec Mini-Spans retain the natural stream bottom to preserve aquatic habitat. Each structure is completely assembled in the company's shops to reduce field installation time and overall project costs, and the structures are pre-engineered to meet a variety of live loads under wide range of covers. explains Anntec.

The proprietary cross strut design maintains the span and rise of the structure during transport and installation, reduces the potential for footing scour, and improves fish passage, claims the company, adding all components are hot-dip galvanized to ensure long-lasting performance.

High-Performance Diesel Additive

Mohawk Oil Co. Ltd. has introduced Diesel Max, an exclusive diesel fuel that contains a unique high-performance additive package. This premium diesel additive is blended with low-sulphur diesel fuel and is currently available to industrial, commercial and agricultural customers through Mohawk's Bulk Sales network. Diesel Max contains detergents, lubricity and cetane improvers, and corrosion inhibitors that its manufacturers claim reduce fuel consumption by up to five per cent; increase engine torque and power; reduce injector deposit formation by 60 to 76 per cent; reduce pre-formed injector deposits (clean-up) by 26 per cent; improve lubricity by up to 35 per cent to reduce injection system wear; increase fuel stability; provide superior anti-corrosion protection; improve fuel/water separation performance; and reduce emissions by up to 28 per cent.

Morbark PT737 Trommel Screen

Engineered and fabricated with extra mass in critical areas, the Morbark PT737 Portable Trommel Screen is designed to withstand the abusive treatment found in soils, compost, green waste, wood grinding and land-clearing projects. The PT737 is the second largest unit in Morbark's lineup of heavy-duty trommel screens designed for the waste and construction industries. The 3'X7'-diameter trommel tube is constructed of 3/8"-thick steel plate which holds its shape even when processing bulky, heavy material.

Grizz Harvester-Loader

The new Grizz, manufactured exclusively by JM 2000 of Quebec, is a compact harvester-loader that negotiates through rough forest terrain in challenging conditions. It can be transformed from a harvester to a loader by changing the cutting head and the grappler, an operation that takes about 15 minutes, reports the company, which adds, in spite of its small size, it is as powerful as most of its much larger competitors. The Grizz is also equipped with a Mowi parallel crane.

New Fingerjointer

Sunhill Machinery has introduced a new fingerjointing machine aimed at serving the mid-range volume needs of woodworking industries.

The CKM processes the fingerjoint blocks in a batch-type system, allowing for either vertical or horizontal joints. The pneumatically gripped block is held stable as the block is cut, allowing pieces as short as 4.5" or up to unlimited lengths. This holding method decreases rejects, eliminates blowout, and even the hardest species are machined without creep, says Sunhill. A Mitsubishi PLC controls all the timing and co-ordination so that all the operator does is put a fingerjointed block on the conveyor and occasionally download the finished lengths from the accumulator area. The FJ-15 comes in standard lengths of 8' and 16' with optional custom lengths.

Newnes X-Ray Lumber Gauge

Newnes reports that sales of its new X-Ray Lumber Gauge (XLG) have been climbing steadily since its introduction to the market in 1993. The XLG accurately predicts the strength of structural MSR and NIEL products for truss and laminated beam manufacturers, and is approved by the Canadian Lumber Standards Accreditation Board, the American Lumber Standards Committee, and also meets the European Standard EN519.

Newnes has also developed a Bending Proof Tester to test the accuracy of the XLG's strength predictions. Both the XLG and the Bending Proof Tester complement other planermill equipment supplied by Newnes.

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