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May 1997 Table of Contents

Logging Costs Skyrocketing in BC
An Independent study reports a staggering 75 percent hike in logging costs in BC - in just five years - mostly due to the Forest Practices code. Will the Government Act.

Large Hardwood Stands A Challenge For Contractor
A Timbco/Hultdins combination works out well in large hardwood stands for Ontario contractor Florian Casavant.

BC Firm Leads Way In Seedling Genetics
Anticipating a soaring world demand for seedlings - 25 billion by 2025 - a Vancouver firm is working hard to perfect a better product.

In a few short years, Douglas Manufactured Homes has carved out a niche as Canada's leading exporter of panelized wood frame buildings to Japan. Here's how.

Mill Waste Headed For Backyard BBQs
A Calgary company is finalizing plans for a $10-million charcoal briquette plant in BC - utilizing wood waste that once went into smoke-belching beehive burners.

Shake/Shingle Sector Facing Tough Times
Although market demand remains strong, BC shake and shingle producers face a serious raw material crunch that is pushing prices through the roof.

Large-Stem Delimber
Two early users of the new Pierce HSD 3345 say they finally have what they want - a beefed-up, powerful stroke delimber designed for BIG timber.

Ingenuity Pays Off for Manitoba Logger
Starting out as a welding shop special, the Roto-Lim has evolved as an economic delimbing alternative for contractors.

Tech Update: Finger Jointing Equipment

New engine, axle in updated 911C
Sisu Valmet revamps its single-grip harvester to address North American loggers' needs - including local parts supply.

Supplier Newsline

Industry Watch: Make-Work Forestry Jobs No Help for BC's Unemployed
Opinion piece by Jim Stirling

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