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TECH UPDATE: Site Prep Equipment

Compiled By Mel-Lynda Andersen
Copyright 1996. Contact publisher for permission to use.

Br�cke Two-row Scarifier/Seeder: The Br�cke two-row scarifier/seeder produces intermittent scarification with minimal soil disturbance and an elevated, aerated microsite. The mattock wheel rotates at approximately half the tire speed, causing the teeth to dig, scalp and invert the exposed mineral soil. When the mattock hits an immovable obstacle, the tire slips to absorb the shock load before scarification resumes.

Available with 2.0 m row spacing, this machine can be pulled with a small prime mover and is simple to install and maintain. Productivity ranges from 0.7 to 1.3 ha/hr. The Br�cke three-row is an adaptation of the two-row scarifier/seeder. With hydraulically adjustable row spacing from 1.0 to 2.0 m, the three-row offers increased operational flexibility and productivity, according to the manufacturer.

Reducing the row spacing to 1.0 m creates higher microsite densities for director aerial seeding and improves slash penetration. Increasing the row spacing to 2.0 m raises production and lowers scarification costs. Air seeders and a herbicide applicators are available as options.

Br�cke-Planter The Br�cke-Planter makes a mound of mineral soil on inverted humus, compactsthe mound and plants as many as 300seedlings per hour. The unit mounts easilyon medium-sized tracked excavators in the 12- to 15-ton category, without requiringany modifications to the boom. Quick-connect mounting brackets and hydraulic fittings allow rapid conversion to hand planting with scarification. A fluid reservoir holds water and soluble fertilizers or herbicides for application at the time of plant-ing. Interchangeable planting tubes and seedling magazines ensure compatibility with a variety of container types and sizes.

Br�cke Air Seeder The Br�cke air seeder mounts behind the mattock wheel of the two-row or tree-row Br�cke scarifier. This unit incorporates a pneumatic seed dispersal system to ensure positive seed delivery and accurate microsite placement. The metering rod and air piston are powered by a mechanical linkage driven by a camwheel timed with the mattock rotation. Seed is distributed in a linear fashion at any position along the microsite profile, within a fixed range of approximately 0.5 m in length.

The seeder is easily calibrated for different species and seeding rates. A conversion kit for installing the seeder on older Br�ckemachine frames is also available.

Br�cke B290/B390 Scarifiers Capable of producing large and smallmounds, patches, elongated seeding patches and furrows, Br�cke B290/ B390 Variable Function Scarifiers can adapt to different site types. According to the manufacturer, the operator can define and pre-set 10 microset profiles and instantly adjust the scarifier to changing ground conditions. Precise mattock control pro-duces high-quality planting microsites. Heavy slash can also be cleared by lock-ing the mattock over a pre-determined distance.

These machines are available inboth two - row (B290) and three - row(B390) with fixed or adjustable row spacings to meet plantation density targets of1,000 to 3,000 microsites per hectare. Productivity ranges are 0.6 to 1.2 ha /hrfor the B290 and 0.8 to 2.0 ha/hr for theB390. Optional air seeders and hydraulicd own pressure are also available.

TTS Delta Disc Trencher The TTS Delta Disc trencher produces a continuous furrow for planting or seeding, and can penetrate heavy slash and deephumus. Design simplicity and rugged construction ensure high productivity with low downtime say the manufacturer. The disc angle is adjustable to modify the trench profile, and graduated hydraulic downpressure may be utilized when required. The machine can be installed on a variety of wheeled and tracked prime movers and configured in 2.0m or 2.5m row spacing to meet plantation or production specifications.

An intermittent scarifying function, adjustable disc rotation speed and a pneumatic seeder are available as optional equipment on the machine.

Donaren Disc Trenchers Donaren disc trenchers are available indifferent models and versions to suit different prime movers and sites. According to its manufacturers, the Donare n180/280 is adaptable to most sites, especially in stony regions or where there is deep brush, to produce a continuous scarified furrow for planting or seeding. Suitable prime movers are wheeled or tracked carriers in the 175- to 200-hprange, with a constant pressure hydraulic system capable of delivering a minimum of 25 gpm to the scarifier.

The 180D has a single fixed adjustment for disc rotation speed and variable down pressure; while the 280D features variable disc rotation speed and an intermittent scarifying function. Air seeders are available as options on both machines. The Donaren 190/290D power disc trenchers are a simpler, lighter version of the Donaren 180D/280D series, incorporating a single pivot joint for the disc arms and are designed disc hub.

Donaren 870H Mounder The Donaren 870H mounder produces inverted mounds over mineral or organic soil. The machine features an operator-adjustable control panel to instantly modify the mound profile as site conditions change. The 870H is based on the same design platform as the Donare n180D/280D power disc trenchers, incorporating the same mounting frames , swing arms and hydraulics. This allows for fast and economical conversion between trenching and mounding with a constant pressure hydraulic system capable of delivering a minimum of 30 gpm. LGP (low ground pressure) prime movers are required for wet sites and steep slopes where mounding is usually required.

VH Mulcher The principle behind good site preparation is to get root growth to match top growth in the shortest period of time possible. Designed and built with BC expertise, the VHMulcher is an excavator-mounted site preparation tool for reforestation applications. It consists of a hydraulically powered drive head 41" in diameter. Two hydraulic motors on the head rotate the tool plate (40 rpm) to produce a rototilling action. The unit is secured to the excavator with a quick-attach mounting system.

Each time the VH Mulcher is put into the ground, its mixing action produces an enhanced planting spot for a newseedling. Six or more rows of plantable mounds can be completed in one pass. The rototilling action of the tool plate blends the organic and mineral soil layers and breaks up roots and vegetation, while loosening and removing rocks. If the cli-mate and site are wet, thehead can be tilted to produce a mixed, raised planting site (mound). If the climate and site are dry, the head can be withdrawn to leave a mixed aerated depression for capturing additional moisture, or leftlevel mixed and scarified. Site treatment can be done under summer or winter conditions.

For more information, please send an email message to Tim Vanhorlick of VH Mulcher.

V-2000 & V-3000 Rakes The new V-2000 and V-3000 slash rakes from FLI Equipment are designed to improve the quality and productivity of existing site preparation machinery. These V-rakes can be mounted on most skidders commonly used for site preparation operations. The retractable, spring-loaded teeth on these units part and align the residual slash parallel to the direction of travel topermit better tilling action of the towed site preparation machinery. This treatment is also said to dramatically improve planter access and productivity.

Bartt MKV Direct Seeder A compact machine designed for use with fixed or mounted scarifiers, the Bartt MKV direct seeder simultaneously delivers two rows of seed and requires a 12VDC 25Apower supply to operate. The Bartt seeder utilizes a vacuum distributor to accurately meter the seed and a pressurized delivery hose to carry the seed to the scarified microsite. The seeder will accommodate a variety of species and seeding rates, and will mount on any prime mover/scarifier combination.

Seed spacing along the scarification strip is adjustable from 15 to 75cm and is calibrated to average forward speed. Each unit is supplied with a remote switch for the prime mover cab, and anoptional microprocessor control system is available.

Marden Brush Cutters Marden Single-Section hydraulic lift brushcutters have been designed for controlling brush and enhancing wildlife habitat. According to the manufacturer, their rugged design provide many years of low-cost brush control. Units are available invarious widths and drum sizes to match different applications and tractors. Mardenbrush cutters can be used for brush control, fire lane maintenance, and clearing ground for food plot establishment.

Marden’s engineers and field technicians can custom fabricate special cutters to your exact specifications. The B10GK is Marden’s largest tandem unit available, used primarily in forestry site preparation, cutting up to 5”-diameter trees. The SB10GK Single-Drumheavy brush cutter is the company’s largest drum diameter cutter used in forestry site preparation worldwide, and is available with weld-on or bolt-on blades. Th eB1042GK is Marden’s latest heavy tandem unit, designed for large, rubber-tire tractorsused in forestry, as well as in the ranching industry.

Supertrak’s SK-250B Forester Supertrak’s SK-250B Forester four-wheel-drive drawbar tractor is a prime mover used primarily in second-rotation replantation. This machine ’s features include a Caterpillar 3306 TA engine with 265 hp at 2,200 rpm, power-shift transmission with five forward and two reverse gears, folded core radiator, articulation steering, an enclosed, heated and airconditioned cab, keel-style frame for better ground clearance, guarding for power train, crankcase and radiator, quick disconnect hitch, 40,000-line pull winch,skidder blade, heavy-duty planetaries, window guard and sweeps, 35.5 X 32-plytires and Caterpillar’s 36-month/5,000- hour extended power train warranty. All major components are by Caterpillar, allowing parts and service availability through your local Cat dealer.

Oje-Mounder Adaptable to a variety of site conditions, the Oje-Mounder can be easily installed on most 7- to 25-ton excavators. The unit is best suited to wet sites with poor drainage and steep slopes, and productivity is said to average about 600 large mounds of mineral soil on inverted humus per hour. The machine features replace-able teeth and is available in 1.9, 2.0 and2.4-metre widths.

Sitemaster The Sitemaster utility rake can be mounted on any track or rubber-tired prime mover over 150 hp. The main frame is fabricated entirely of high-strength steel and is designed for severe duty. The teeth are attached to the frame with bronze-bushed pivots for long life. Each tooth is actuated by a hydraulic cylinder. Upon impact with a stationary object, the tooth trips and resets hydraulically when the obsta-cle is cleared. All cylinders are connected in series with two accumulators that provide the pressure to restore the tooth to its original raking position. Forest Restoration The Forest Cultivator From Forest Restoration, Inc. does seed bed preparation work for natural regeneration of forest lands. This machine breaks the duff and exposes the mineral soil, moves through heavier slash, reduces piling costs, and boasts an average production ofone to two acres per hour, depending on site conditions. The Forest Cultivator is effective for skid road restoration, landings, seed bed prep and road closures. The manufacturer claims the unit can increase seedling survival and growth rates by 25 per cent.

Grizz R-Ex The new model Grizz R-Ex is an excavator-mounted, powered mixing head that creates an elevated and mixed bed of mineral soil and organics over an undisturbed soil profile. The R-Ex allows the operator to create a selective bed of varying lengths to accommodate a variety of different site conditions or prescriptions. The Grizz-R-Ex head requires a hydraulic power supply of 3,600 PSI at 35 to 40 GPM (US) to the end of the excavator boom. The Super G subsoiler and Grizz mixer combination consists of a double-winged subsoiling ripper shankand the Grizz-powered mixing system. The unit is attached to a parallelogram ripper frame mounted on a D8K crawler tractor. The new model uses the initial G rizz design, but with modifications made to the fork and mainframe. The unit permits deep subsoiling and mixing of soil to produce an elevated bed. Th emounting allows independent operation of each disc and adjustment of the spacing between them.

Conifer Treeplanter The fifth - generation (MK V) Conifer Treeplanter can mound, plant, irrigate, fertilize and apply anti-browsant in one operation. The 1,500-lb. planter can bemounted and operated in conjunctionwith existing thumb rakes in heavy slash conditions, but does not require hydraulic connection to the mounting excavator. Planting, irrigating, fertilizing and anti-browsant operations are fully automatic and only require three seconds per planting site, according to the manufacturer. Most container-grown seedlings can be accommodated and mounding buckets can be interchanged for specific applications, including depressed planting on dry sites. Advantages are said to include consistent planting depth and compaction, coupled with water and pellet fertilizer to promote fast initial growth so the freshly planted seedling quickly becomes dominant in the area and can thereby favourably compete for sunlightand subsequent moisture.

Dika Silviplow Dika’s new C-series Silvi plow is designed to prepare a site for seedling plantation. This unit slices and turns the ground and stumps, while leaving an inverted furrow of mineral soil on top of the existing soil, to elevate planting sites. The new C-series model has a new cab design that offers more comfort and 25per cent more visibility. The plow beam is horizontally hinged about 6' back ofthe flexible hitch pin. Flexing of the beam at the hinge by a large hydraulic cylinder adjusts the depth, and a large indicator on the hinge gives the plowing depth. Replaceable bolt-on skid shoesoffer complete control of plowing depth. Adjusting the depth control to raise the plow point out of the ground allows the unit to be pulled around on depth-control shoes.

High-flotation wheels are provided, for backing up and moving between sites. The Dika Silviplow is essentially a two-bottom breaking plow: one bottomthrows left, the other throws right. The furrows are approximately 3' (900 mm) wide. As the plow is drawn forward, a continuous flat-bottom trench is formed. The material from the trench is lifted and inverted at the sides of the trench. Two planting rows are formed with each pass.

Midiforst Available from St. George Co. Ltd., the Midiforst from Seppi M is designed for tractors up to 120 hp. The Midiforst cuts and mulches material up to 20 to 25-cmdiameter and more, depending on site conditions. It can be used for maintenance of amenity areas, such as forest trails and cross - country ski tracks, derelict areas which must be cleared for safety reasons and areas under power and gas lines, or forest fire breaks. The Midiforst can also be used to mulch residues left following felling operations or for pre-commercial thinning. Designed for tractors up to 160 hp, the larger Forst cuts and mulches material up to 30 to 40 cm in diameter and more. This unit can be used in all major clearing oper-ations as well as for cleanup following forest fires. The Forst can also deal with areas that must be cleared following severe attack by pests or disease. As with the Midiforst, the Forst can be mounted on the front or back of the prime mover and can be driven hydraulically or powered by the PTO. Tungsten carbide-tipped hammers are available, and an optional centrifugal clutch protects the prime mover and makes the best use of available power. Powered by a Deutz Turbo Intercooled 170-hp diesel engine, the Forst M can befitted to any wheeled or tracked loader or excavator with a lift capacity of four tons. According to the manufacturer, power from the engine is transmitted to the rotor via a fluid clutch, making the engagement of the rotor both smooth and efficient and preventing shock loads from being transmitted back to the engine. A hydraulically operated engine hood eases access to the engine. In-cab controls feature remote-start facility, engine oil and cylinder head temperature gauges, engine speed control and tachometer.

Tilth Winged Subsoiler The self-drafting Winged Subsoiler from Tilth, Inc. is said to loosen compacted skid trails and landings, break hardpansand improve drainage, improve soil tilth, cut planting costs, operate in heavy debris, and improve tree survival and treegrowth. Quickly mounted on any suitable tractor, this unit is designed to be pulled through compacted soils, producinga shearing, lifting action for thorough fracturing. Less horse-power is required than with standard ripper tines, according to the manufacturer. The variable-shank tripping capability allows tilling close to stumps. If a large root is hooked, the shank trips and resets automatically without operator assis-tance. The wings on the subsoiler provide a broad fracturing pattern and permit a wide shank spacing, which minimizes problems with debris. Variable wing patterns are available for differing soil types and conditions. The shank spacing is adjustable to provide flexibility of treating a wide variety of sites and soil conditions. This unit can be adapted to most prime movers.

Meri Crusher For a variety of forest, municipal and agricultural applications, the MeriCrusher crushes stumps, roots, branches, ice, soil, gravel roads and asphalt. This unit features wear-proof hard metal cutters and power demand compared to crushing capacity, with a crushing depth of up to 25 cm (10") below ground level, depending on the model. The unit mixes crushed wood well into the soil and has a module-based design. A built-in safety clutch protects the transmission components from high-torque peaks. Some units are also equipped with double transmissions, enabling tractors over 140 hp to be used. Crushers can be used for clockwise and counter-clockwise milling, and can be mounted in many kinds of base machines.

Valor’s TRH100 and 150 Valor’s TRH 100 and 150 brush cutters handle a wide range of tasks in tough conditions. Designed for various operations such as agricultural activities, development projects and public works, TRH brush cutters efficiently ands a fely shred undesirable vegetation says the company. The shredded residues left on the ground slow the growth of undesirable vegetation, offering an alternative to chemical spraying. These residues also provide natural fertilization for poor and degraded soils. Uses for these machines include elimination of unproductive vegetation, soil preparation for reforestation , maintenance of road and rail networks, ground clearing underpower and telephone lines, brush cutting alongside streams, ditch clearing, maintenance of open areas, maintenance of woodland sites, and restoration of fallow land and forests. These units are equipped with independently mounted knives that retract on severe impact. Recommended carrier power is 100-hp and up.

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