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Logging and Sawmilling Journal October/November 2011

MaY 2013

On the Cover:
With the forest industry well into recovery mode, the timing could not be better for the Canada North Resources Expo, coming up May 31 to June 1 at the CN Centre in Prince George, B.C. The show will feature everything industry related—from logging trucks through to sawmilling equipment—and much, much more (B.C. Interior logging truck photo by Jim Stirling).

Burns Lake sawmill to be rebuilt
Planning is well underway for the rebuild of the Burns Lake, B.C. sawmill, destroyed in an explosion/fire a year ago; the mill will be significantly different, featuring the latest in sawmill design and machine technologies.

Passing the torch
B.C. logging contractor Chasse Holdings is in the process of making a transition, passing the business on to the next generation, a move that should be eased by the recent upswing in the forest industry, and the opportunities that brings.

Start-up for Skeena Sawmills
Things have been very busy lately at the Skeena Sawmills operation in Terrace, B.C., but you won’t hear any complaints as workers re-start the mill, which closed in 2007.

Cutting the wildfire risk
Government and industry need to take a different look at how to manage the forest to reduce its capacity to support catastrophic wildfires, says the head of the Western Silviculture Contractors’ Association.

Mackenzie making a comeback
The town of Mackenzie is well along the comeback trail, with a $40 million upgrade to the Canfor sawmill now underway, and a $79 million sawmill
co-gen plant in the offing for Conifex.

Moving forward
B.C. logging contractor Lo-Bar Transport has made some minor modifications to its John Deere 1910E forwarders that have resulted in some major improvements.

Landrich Harvester hits the hardwood harvesting mark
New Brunswick contractor Denis Caron had a demanding shopping list when he went looking for a new machine for harvesting hardwood—but the Landrich Harvester, with its Ponsse H8 head, looks to be meeting all his needs.

The road to better safety
A pilot program has been initiated in the South Peace region of B.C. to reduce radio interference, and enhance road safety with truckers, and the lessons learned are now being implemented.

The Edge
Included in The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, Alberta Innovates-Bio Solutions, and Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

Tech Update — mulchers and vegetation control


The Last Word


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TECHUPDATE - Mulchers and Vegetation Control


Gilbert GM series grader-mowers are brush cutter heads that attach to the side of a motor grader for roadside maintenance. This head is said to be well-suited to forestry and municipal roads.

This patented concept cuts vegetation as opposed to mulching it. Gilbert says it is a more productive approach, with speeds four times faster than other applications and much lower operating costs. This allows the user to cover more mileage with the same or even less budget.

The GM-10 model has a cutting width of 8.5’ using five saw blades. It can cut stems up to an 8” diameter at an average travel speed of 6 km per hour. Since graders are often underutilized, the head can be installed on most graders using the standard hydraulic and fixing points for easy attaching and removal. The power needs of the GM-10 are provided by the grader without affecting its performance.


The PrimeTech tracked prime mover range was recently expanded to include the new PT-175, the most compact and lightweight vehicle of the PT range. It is designed for operators already familiar with compact vehicles, such as skid-steer loaders, but who require a more powerful and productive alternative for expanding their work options.

The PT-175 is designed to perform light to medium duty work in the forestry sector. One of its strong points is its dimensions, which enable it to work on sites with width restrictions. The PT-175 is mainly used for vegetation management, cleaning undergrowth, cutting and eliminating bushes and shrubs, and for cutting seismic lines.

The PT-175 features the same technology and components as other models in its range, though it encompasses a series of improved features and solutions that turn it into an even more advanced vehicle.

The PrimeTech brand was created in 2005 within Italy’s FAE Group, from which it inherits 20 years of experience in the design and construction of professional mulchers applicable to tractors, skid-steer loaders, excavators and special built carriers.


The Tigercat 480 is a 500 hp-class mulcher suitable for tough terrain, sensitive site applications and pipeline, exploration and other right-of-way projects.

High production and extremely low ground pressure combine to offer exceptional performance in the most demanding mulching jobs, says Tigercat. With a Cummins QSX15 Tier III engine, the 480 is a powerful machine with 440 hp available to the mulching attachment. The machine is compact and maneuverable with a narrow overall width and a light footprint for soft soil conditions.

A highly refined closed loop track drive system propels the carrier, and a dedicated pump powers the attachment. The 480 uses heavy duty track frames and a robust mounting system for the oscillating tracks. The efficient, high capacity cooling system uses a variable pitch fan with an automatic reversing cycle.

The machine incorporates high-lift boom geometry for improved performance on uneven terrain. The Counter-Rotate Function or CRF allows the 480 to pivot about its centre axis at the touch of a button for quick, effortless “on a dime” turns at the end of a row. All functions, including the joystick steering, are electronically controlled allowing for operator customization.

Tigercat has strived for the best possible access to daily service points and major components with large swing-out engine compartment doors and a tilting cab.


SUPERTRAK has introduced a new line of custom-built mulching carriers in the 140 hp range.

The SK140TR-C, SK140CTL-C, SK140 CTLS-C, and SK140RTL offer a variety of undercarriage arrangements to suit any mulching application on any terrain or topography, says the company. All these units are built to durable specifications for the mulching and forestry industries and boast 140 hp with 40 gpm @ 5500-psi hydraulic flow.

All units in the 140 series are equipped standard with Lexan windshields, all auto-reversing fan systems, superior noise abatement, superior debris control, increased fuel tank capacity, and electronic monitoring systems for all machine functions.

The units are also capable of using numerous other attachments, as they are versatile high performance tool carriers. SUPERTRAK offers a complete line of new and used mulching carriers ranging from 140 to 450 hp. The company has served the forestry and vegetation management industries as an OEM with CAT for over 27 years.


C.M.I. offers a wide range of tracked mulching machines that are specifically designed to meet the most rigorous standards of the forest industry and provide optimum mulching productivity.

The company’s machines are currently used in a variety of different applications: seismic and pipeline services; power line maintenance; land clearing for agriculture; residential land clearing; municipal maintenance contracts such as ditches and near power lines; preventative fire lanes for forest fires; B.C. pine beetle maintenance and annihilation; and railway maintenance.

C.M.I. offers a full product line ranging from 125 hp to 600 hp. The rubber-mounted cab (certified ROPS, FOPS & OPS) gives the operator comfort and good visibility.

C.M.I. says that with its machines’ steel track undercarriage, it offers durability, reliability and the lowest ground pressure in the industry. With its unique frame design, ground clearance on the C.M.I. mulcher is among the best in the industry.

C.M.I. crawlers also offer easy access to engine and cooling components through large engine compartment doors and an innovative tilting cab, which is paramount to the uptime of the machinery and the ease of maintenance to all components.


In 2011, Prinoth purchased AHWI and it is now setting the course for continued growth of both companies in the vegetation management industry. With over 20 years of experience in mulching, Prinoth’s goal is to exceed customer goals in productivity, reliability and safety.

Its mulching equipment is developed for the harshest conditions and the most difficult tasks; land clearing, right-of-way clearing, vegetation management, seismic exploration, and oil and gas exploration.

The company says that its unique mechanical drive line and Power Belt System provide up to 30 per cent more efficient power transfer compared to hydraulic systems, very high vertical reach even under full load of the engine, best fuel economy and best recovery time of mulcher speed.

The AHWI mulcher is specifically designed for tracked carriers and provides a low overall cost of ownership and high performance, says Prinoth.

Its vehicles undergo rigorous safety testing to ensure worry-free operation. Its carriers include safety features like certified ROPS and FOPS structures.

Prinoth offers a full line of mulching equipment including the RT 200 (174 hp); RAPTOR 500 (416 hp); RAPTOR 800 (630 hp); mulchers and soil rotovators; and, biomass recovery vehicles and attachments.


Rayco’s C185LGP is a mid-sized mulcher that delivers 185 hp in a compact, low ground pressure package that is said to offer exceptional value.

At around 25,680 lbs, this mulcher is sized to transport easily and provide tremendous performance, nimble handling, and operator comfort in the field, according to the company.

The C185LGP is powered by a six-cylinder Cummins QSB6.7 turbo diesel engine. Rayco’s exclusive elevated cooling design is operator friendly and helps to extend service intervals even when operating in hot, debris-filled environments. The Predator mulching head has a cutting width of 77.5” and its low-profile design allows excellent visibility from the operator’s seat. Hydraulic rear winch and back-up camera are standard equipment.

Advanced Forest EquipmentAdvanced Forest Equipment

The RDM series mulcher from Advanced Forest Equipment is built contractor tough, says the company. The ridged steel mounting system is contractor grade, allowing operators to pick their excavator up and turn on a dime.

There are no belts, pulleys or shivs; RDM systems are direct drive.

The RDM series is designed to match the hydraulic motor to a carrier’s fluid flow ensuring high performance, says the company. It offers a tough solid mounting system and the only digging spade feature in the industry, which allows the operator to dig, move material and aid carrier movement. The digging spade feature is designed to mate to the excavator’s thumb, thus enhancing material movement. The material is forced through the unique shroud design, placing the material into the fixed cutting teeth. Material less than 4” in diameter is cut and pulled into the reduction shroud, resulting in a one step mulching process.

Torrent MulchersTorrent Mulchers

Torrent Mulchers is a company that builds high performance commercial quality mulchers for excavators and skid steer carriers.

Torrent EX series boom-mounted mulchers are designed to fit carriers from 3 to over 30 tonnes.

Features include a lightweight yet extremely strong design. For example, the EX 24 D weighs just 320 lbs, yet can withstand the full down pressure of the carrier.

Other features include: low maintenance and low operating cost; highly efficient fixed tooth technology delivering exceptional performance and productivity; and no power pack requirements.

Beaver MulchingBeaver Mulching

With over ten years of industry experience and over 50,000 hours of research, development and fieldwork, CarbonBite premium quality mulcher heads and 375 hp power-packs, Beaver equipment allows customers to convert any excavator into a powerful, reliable and efficient mulching machine.

Beaver Mulching says its patented boltless wedge-lock, tungsten-carbide tooth technology on its CarbonBite product is unsurpassed in the industry, and its teeth are not only long lasting and extremely durable, but are simple to maintain.

Its mulching heads, which are of military-grade construction, are built to quickly attach to any excavator. They are designed to function with the excavator’s thumb attachment, giving the mulcher extra control and versatility.

The CarbonBite mulching system gives owners the opportunity to utilize their transformed excavator to its fullest capacity and flexibility. They can move through diverse terrain, adverse conditions and steep slopes all the while being able to reach, grab and mulch with the mulcher head and excavator arm.


The versatile KMC High Speed Steel Track (HSST) Vehicle, which was originally designed to be a log skidder, has now been adapted to become a carrier for front or rear-mounted mulcher attachments.

The vehicle, when rigged with a rear-mounted mulcher attachment, can be quickly converted to a wildfire suppression vehicle for off-highway initial attack or mop-up operations. It can be utilized for fuel reduction, fire reclamation, vegetation clearing and fire guard construction.

The KMC rear-mounted mulcher can have the same positive impact on fire suppression work by rapidly cutting fire lines and providing temporary access without the costly post-fire remediation commonly required. After wildfire/mulcher projects, the vehicle can then be converted back to being a tracked log skidder.

The KMC tracked vehicle is capable of working on steep slopes as well as in sensitive soil conditions. One of the major benefits of the KMC tracked vehicles is that with their torsion bar suspension systems, they have always had minimal environmental impact


The new FAE SCM/EX/VT stump cutter is designed to meet the needs of professionals to quickly and easily remove stumps in any situation. It requires an excavator of between 12 and 20 tons.

Equipped with exclusive features, this machine delivers best results in a compact unit. The FAE SCM/EX/VT is supplied with a flow control system that allows it to fit different power excavators.

The front hood with hydraulic adjustment and the special front thumb guarantee high performance and maximum safety, the company says.

Thanks to the tough, reliable and easy-to-use special wheel, the stumps are simply swept away. The front thumb is designed to move the cut material. The base plate ensures maximum safety in the resting phase.


Nokamic supplies front-mounted mulching heads for use on excavators or on purpose-built mulching carriers.

The company’s unique hybrid rotor, equipped with steel teeth or carbide hammer teeth, provides extreme mulching power. Cutting tools, rotor rpm and torque can be selected for specific applications.

It offers two mulchers for use with excavators. The NKX1100v is suitable for 12 to 20 ton excavators, and the NKX1500v is built for 20 to 30 ton excavators.

The NKX2600v2 is designed for 200 to 350 hp mulching carriers and will fit most common twin track carriers. It comes with a unique hydride rotor and either carbide hammers or ‘sharpe forged steel teeth’ that can be sharpened.