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The forest industry may not like some of the conditions attached to the new softwood lumber deal with the US, but it’s expected to bring a sense of certainty as the industry plans for the future.

Fighting the beetle with research

Ongoing research into mountain pine beetle activity is yielding interesting results, such as what type of forest stands are more susceptible to beetle attack.


Maxing out equipment utilization in the BC Interior

Logging operations Thunderbolt Enterprises and True North Timber Harvesting have seen a remarkable growth curve, and helping to shape that growth has been a focus on maximizing equipment utilization.

Addressing BC’s horrific safety record

There appears to be some progress in addressing British Columbia’s horrific safety record in the forest industry, with a number of initiatives underway.


Gateway to using beetle-killed wood

BC’s Gateway Forest Products is using an abundance of beetle-killed wood for a new sawmilling venture, with plans to transition into specialty manufacturing.


Exacting harvest

Alberta logging operation Exact Harvesting lives up to its name, taking on exacting logging challenges in the northern part of the province.



Wadlegger Logging cuts its own trail in the BC Interior

Wadlegger Logging and Construction has cut its own trail in business, with a willingness to tackle new logging challenges.


Getting fuel savings on logging

In an era of rising fuel prices, Mark Brown of the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC) outlines the ways operators and company owners can achieve fuel savings on their logging trucks.


The Top Logging Contractors in
the BC Interior

There’s one heck of a lot of logging going on in the BC Interior as the industry copes with high volumes of beetle-killed wood. Turn to page 30 to see the region’s top logging contractors.

Wilccat Expansion

New & Noted at Wood Technology Clinic

Yukon Opportunity



If you want to look at logging equipment, there’s only one show to go to in early June: Forest Expo in Prince George. This year’s show, being held June 1 to 3 at Exhibition Park, is expected to reflect the impact the mountain pine beetle attack is having on logging and logging equipment in the BC Interior. (Cover photo by David Mah)


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