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Logging and Sawmilling Journal - May 05

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A recent work stoppage by log haulers in BC�s central Interior has spurred action from companies and contractors to increase hauling rates, a move that may have an impact on log haulers in other regions

Saved from the scrap heap

Weyerhaeuser�s Grande Cache, Alberta sawmill�slated to go under the wrecking ball�has been saved by C & C Wood Products, which has plans to convert it to a paneling and shelving products mill.

Bowater goes big with sawmill investments

Forest company Bowater has invested $96 million in northwestern Ontario, building a brand new sawmill in Thunder Bay and upgrading a mill in Ignace.

Recycling log strand

A BC program to recycle log bundling stand has met with success, so much so that it may end up being included as part of the certification process for mills.

Praise for performance of LogMax 12000 head

The new LogMax 12000 head is receiving praise for its performance in processing second growth wood on the BC Coast for D & D Logging.

Forestry FAQs: Nova Scotia

Logging & Sawmilling Journal provides all the facts and figures for a province that is a major player in East Coast forestry�Nova Scotia.

Taking on the Rodney Dangerfield of timber

Ontario mill Precut Hardwood is taking on production of the Rodney Dangerfield of timber�birch, a tree that gets little respect among sawmillers

Delivering the right timber to the right mill

A new software program that is currently being put through the paces at J D Irving can help forest companies to best allocate timber to different mills and markets.

Being resourceful on the mill side

It is struggling to get access to sufficient timber resources, but Group Mills is certainly being resourceful in meeting evolving needs for quality wood products with its mill and harvesting operations.

Developing high-strain band sawing

Although it is now considered an industry standard, the development of high-strain band sawmilling is an interesting story in itself, with a significant breakthrough discovered by accident.

Exploring new markets, including on the Internet

Faced with the US countervail on their high-value cedar production, Rouck Bros Sawmill is exploring new markets and selling on the Internet.

A good equipment match-up

The carrier/processor combination of a Kobelco SK 210 LC with a Waratah 622B head is proving to be a good match for the quantity and quality challenges faced by contractor Rob Musselman.


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