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Water Management Products

Tech Update Editor: Helen Johnson

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Sanders & Company
A number of water management products are available from Sanders and Company, including the Envirobridge, an effective solution for both temporary and permanent stream and pipeline crossings. The steel arch bottomless culverts are durable, reusable and fish-friendly and allow more flexibility for stream and watercourse crossings. The one-piece construction requires no on-site assembly, installation and removal are quick and little or no bed preparation is required, the company says. A 20-tonne machine can handle the loading of any of the 7.3-metre pipes. The use of recycled steel reduces the overall cost of Envirobridge by 40 per cent. Available in various sizes and profiles, it can be ordered in virtually any length, width or height. The bridge requires minimal fill coverage and the end walls contain fill and eliminate spills.
Developed for use on wider streams and crossings without compromising the strength and integrity of the structure, the Widebody Enviro-Bridge is strong enough to support a 90,000-lb machine without any fill material and can be used for temporary or permanent installations, as well as skid and access bridges. The one-piece bridge comes in two widths, with outside measurements of approximately 4.3 and 5.3 metres. Inside measurements of the pipes are approximately 3.3 and 4.3 metres. Standard length is 7.3 metres, but custom orders are available.
Normally installed on bridge or stream crossing approaches, the Enviro cross road drain eliminates silt flows off road surfaces. It has a removeable grate for clean-out and removeable end plates. The 60-cm wide unit is available in any length.
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Armtec Construction Products
The high density polyethylene (HDPE) BOSS pipe from Armtec is engineered for gravity flow systems and offers a distinct weight advantage over conventional sewer pipe, at less than 10 per cent of the weight of concrete pipe throughout the range of products. BOSS pipe can be trimmed to length in seconds, using common cutting tools. Most of the products are available in both 320 kPa and 210 kPa stiffness.
BOSS POLY-TITE is a CSA-certified, leak-tight sanitary and storm pipe with a 320 kPa pipe stiffness. Its smooth inner wall provides optimal flow and unsurpassed resistance to abrasion and corrosion. It offers gasketed bell and spigot for simple field connection and positive joint integrity.
Impact and weather resistant BOSS 2000 is a CSA-certified storm sewer and culvert pipe used for storm sewers, perforated storm water management systems, landfill leachate collection and industrial liquid collection systems, as well as greenhouse applications. It incorporates the strength of a corrugated outer shell with a smooth inner wall to optimize flow capacity. As well, longer lengths and in-line fittings cause less disturbance to flow than traditional products, the company says. BOSS 2000 offers a minimum crack resistance of 15 per cent tensile yield stress for 24 hours and comes with a full range of moulded fittings and adapters, including an extensive selection of made-to-order fabricated fittings to suit special needs.
BOSS 1000 corrugated culvert and storm sewer pipe has a single wall, corrugated interior which offers excellent flexibility and economy.
Armtec manufactures and distributes BOSS products across Canada.
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 Atlantic Industries

The Dur-A-Span forestry arch, the new fish-friendly open bottom culvert from Atlantic Industries Ltd, cost-effectively meets stringent stream crossing codes. Constructed of aluminum, it is the lightest short-span bridge on the market, the company says, and can be transported to the site on a small culvert trailer. The reusable and salvageable structure can be placed and back-filled in less than a day. The open bottom concept means the stream bed is left in its natural state, allowing for unobstructed fish passage. The length of the arch is adaptable to different sites with 1.37-metre wide plates. Pre-assembled structures come with installed lifting hooks and corrugated metal footings. The plates can also be purchased unassembled and without footings. The L-100 design has a minimum 600-mm cover. Footings are designed for 200 kPa bearing capacity.
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Polytubes Pacific Inc

The evolution of plastics has meant the material is outperforming and outlasting conventional metals and minerals and the BOSS 1000 and BOSS 2000 Virgin HDPE culvert pipes are becoming the workhorses of the road construction industry, says BC manufacturer and distributor Polytubes Pacific. The rugged HDPE pipes combined with their corrugated exterior create increased structural strength, giving them the toughness and flexibility enabling them to withstand fill heights of up to 30 feet and more, the company says. BOSS 1000 and BOSS 2000 are engineered for use in both H20 and E80 live loads with fill heights greater than 39 feet. The lightweight products offer job site savings from ease of handling, smaller work crews, smaller equipment and increased site safety. The pipes offer excellent corrosion resistance, with a recommended pH range of 1.25 to 14, enabling them to outperform metal and concrete pipes, the company says.
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Soleno Pacific Inc
Soleno manufactures environmentally-friendly Solflo-Max, a dual-wall, HDPE culvert pipe with a distinctive green liner and corrugated exterior for extra strength. A smooth interior guarantees superior flow, rated at a manning of "n" 0.010, the company says. With 210 and 320 kPa rigidity at five per cent deflection, Solflo is also exceptionally resistant to cold temperature impact, abrasion, corrosion and chemicals. Used extensively by the forest
industry across Canada, a number of
Soleno products are recognized under the federal government's Terra Choice Program and certified as "environmental". Soleno has plants located across Canada.
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Iceworm International Inc
The Iceworm culvert thawing system is designed to save time and money by unplugging culverts that become plugged with ice during winter and spring thaw seasons. Consisting of an electrical cable, a controller and a power source, the system can be used in any culvert. The cable is installed during the summer months in the potentially problem culverts. During spring breakup, the controller and power source can be easily transported in a pickup truck and, when ice begins to accumulate, the Iceworm thawing system can open the culvert in a matter of minutes, the company says. One operator with a controller/power source can service several dozen culvert cables. The light, portable and patented system is safe, efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly.
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Spir-L-Ok Industries
Spir-L-Ok Industries manufactures galvanized corrugated steel pipe, including arched and casing pipe, well casing, hot rolled and light galvanized pipe, pipe couplers and fittings, water tube and flume pipe. The company also offers light, medium and heavy-duty geotextiles. The CSP is available in various diameters, lengths and gauges, including 38x6.5 mm, 68x13 mm and 125x25 mm corrugation profiles.
The company supplies drainage products to the forestry and mining industries, contractors, farmers and provincial and municipal governments and has three plants in British Columbia and one each in Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
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RayMac Environmental Services
The Water Guard Kit from RayMac Environmental Services helps prevent the migration of hydrocarbons and reduces the amount of sediment migrating from the job site downstream. The kit comes with three, 10'x8" sections of oil sorbent boom to catch any accidentally spilled fuels or oil. Utilizing a 15'x15' piece of woven geotextile to act as a sediment filter, the Water Guard is capable of spanning 21 feet in the hydrocarbon configuration and 12 feet in the sediment configuration. The portable system can be installed in about 10 minutes and requires almost no site preparation, the company says. Highly durable aluminum and marine grade connections are used so the system is low maintenance and reusable. After use during a spill, only the sorbent boom, sorbent sheets and disposal bags need to be replaced.
The Reusable Road Spillway diverts sediment and debris commonly encountered on forestry roads away from sensitive fish streams. The 2,500-lb rigid steel top grid deck allows all water and sediment to fall through, diverting it to settling ponds prior to entering the watercourse. Running strips designed to prevent grader blades from catching are also welded to the top of the deck. Each unit comes with two pre-cast 10,000-lb concrete abutments that can be placed easily with a 15-metric tonne excavator. Debris can be easily removed from the spillway once the top grid has been taken off. The deck is highly visible and the spillway is completely reusable.
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Twister Pipe Ltd
Twister Pipe's main products include helical corrugated steel pipe (CSP), flared end sections, W-beam guardrail, posts and accessories, water control gates, well cribbing and well cribbing lids, Amoco woven and non-woven geotextiles, as well as protective environmental containment rings, agricultural ventilating pipe, specialty CSP fittings and custom fabrications. As the exclusive Canadian distributor, Twister Pipe also offers Asset International's line of structural plate corrugated steel pipe (SPCSP) products, used in a wide range of applications including culverts, storm sewers, vehicular, pedestrian and livestock underpasses and bridges. Strong and durable, the economical products' features include clear spans of up to eight metres, a wide range of shapes and sizes, an ability to accommodate differential settlement and easy handling and installation.
Twister's metal flared end sections require only standard wrenches for connection. Attached with rods, straps or bolts, they can be completely salvaged if pipe lengthening or relocation is required. Use of end sections reduces entrance loss coefficients from 0.9 to 0.5, the company says. A deep skirt anchors the end section, while preventing scouring and undercutting. Flat bottoms eliminate twisting and misalignment of the end treatment. Stock sizes range from 300 mm to 1200 mm, with other sizes available through custom order. All CSP products are manufactured to CSA G401-93 specifications.
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Hancor Inc
A new option in Hancor's diverse product line is EcoFirst pipe, a heavy-duty, dual-wall pipe that utilizes post-industrial recycled polyethylene. EcoFirst is ideal for non-pressure drainage applications that have a non-AASHTO requirement for environmental sensitivity paired with performance, the company says. The product, representing the latest water conservation and environmental solution from Hancor, is available in a range of sizes from 12" to 30" in diameter, with a choice of plain end or bell-and-spigot for silt- and soil-tight applications. Useful for culverts, agricultural and mining drainage, golf courses and sports playing fields, the recycled pipe meets structural requirements for AASHTO M294, Type S, and is backed by a one-year limited warranty.
Hancor manufactures and supplies storm water management systems, including a wide variety of plastic drainage and water conservation products for industrial, construction, agricultural, commercial and residential markets.
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Enviro-Span Technology Inc
The patented Enviro-Span archway is an inert, non-corrosive, non-metallic and non-toxic modular crossing system that is suitable for use over fish bearing streams. The lightweight, durable, open-bottomed arch is stronger than steel and reusable.
It sustains the natural open channel flow with no special sub-grade preparation or cumbersome, labour-intensive foundation elements necessary, the company says. Logs from right-of-way clearing can be set in place as base stringers. The modules are identical and interchangeable and their flexibility allows them to follow significant vertical irregularities without the need for special levelling and/or grade beams. Modules can be produced in angled configurations to follow the natural curve of a stream. Headwalls are also available for fill containment. Enviro-Span arches leave the stream channel untouched with no "cast in place" concrete, cement dust, metal, cation leaching or metal oxides. Fish and other aquatic fauna are undisturbed.
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