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Manitoba's Leading Logging Contractors

Through its authoritative lists, Logging and Sawmilling Journal continues to recognize leading logging contractors across the country. As part of our coverage of the Manitoba forest industry-as the official show guide for the Swan Valley Forestry Exhibition-the focus this month is on contractors in that province.
This is our second published list of the Top 10 Logging Contractors in Manitoba. 

The first was published in our November 2000 issue.
The contractors themselves provide the information for these lists, which reflect our intention to determine, on a regional basis, the largest logging contractors in the industry, region by region. The companies are ranked based on harvested volumes only-in this case for the year or season of 2001-and no other criteria is rated in any way.
Several changes have occurred in the industry since we last featured Manitoba contractors. Harvested volumes have fluctuated considerably, with temporary mill shutdowns and contract cutbacks of between 15 and 25 per cent reported. A factor facing the supply side is the amount of wood now being harvested on farmland and the fact that there are many small contractors operating in the province. 

The events of September 11, 2001 have also reportedly played a role, causing some markets for Manitoba wood to fall off.
Of course, the major factor has been the failure to resolve the softwood lumber dispute and the threat of harsh duties being levied against the industry by the US. In the research to develop this list, several contractors commented that they are in "survival mode", just hoping and waiting for the industry to pick up.

As predicted, the trend toward the sharing and combining of harvesting contracts has continued over the last few years and, for some companies, that has meant a change in whether they harvest or contract to do other aspects of logging operations. Some of these changes are reflected in newcomers to this year's list.
This series has generated considerable reader interest and, as it becomes familiar to more readers, the information for the lists is easier to obtain. 

The information is as complete and accurate as possible. If you have information that you think should be included, please contact us. We look forward to your feedback. And don't forget to check us out on the Web at www.forestnet.com.

1. River Logging Ltd
Owner: Gary Mosiondz o Head office: Wabowden
Area of operation: central/northern Manitobao Softwood/Cut-to-length
Volume: 130,000 cubic metres

2. J & R Logging Ltd
Owners: Jarvis and Richard Beaulieu o Head office: Cranberry Portage
Area of operation: Flin Flono 
Volume: 120,000 cubic metres

3. Moose Lake Logging Co 1992 Ltd
Owners: Community-owned by the Mosakahiken Cree Nation
Head office: Crossing Bay
Area of operation: Moose Lake 
o Softwood/Cut-to-length
Volume: 120,000 cubic metres

4. Mud Lake Logging Ltd
Owner: Brian Shlachetka o Head office: Wabowden
Area of operation: central northern Manitoba 
o Softwood/Cut-to-length
Volume: 120,000 cubic metres

5. Intermountain Logging Ltd
Owner: Darren Atkinson o Head office: Swan River
Area of operation: Swan Valley and central western Manitoba 
o Soft and hardwood/Cut-to-length 
o Volume: 116,000 cubic metres

6. H Bresky and Sons Ltd
Owner: Herb Bresky oHead Office: near Swan River
Area of operation: Duck Mountains 
o Soft and hardwood/ Cut-to-length 
Volume: 100,000 cubic metres

7. John Uhrina Logging Ltd
Owner: John Uhrina o Head office: Thompson
Area of operation: south of Thompson 
o Softwood/Cut-to-length
Volume: 85,000 cubic metres

8. Riehl's Lumber and Logging Inc
Owners: Garth, Rick, Lonny and Al Riehl o Head office: Duck Mountain
Area of operation: Duck Mountain 
o Hard and softwood/Cut-to-length
Volume: 85,000 cubic metres

9. Dienel Laliberte
Owner: Dienel Laliberte o Head office: San Clara
Area of operation: south side of Duck Mountain 
o Hard and softwood/ Cut-to-length 
o Volume: 79,000 cubic metres

10. McCullough Logging Inc
Owner: Byron McCullough o Head office: Swan River
Area of operation: Swan River area 
o Hard and softwood/Cut-to-length 
Volume: 75,000 cubic metres

10. South East Forest Products Ltd
Owners: Randy, Reg and Darrel Penner o Head office: Blumenort
Area of operation: southeastern Manitoba o Soft and hardwood/Tree length and cut-to-length 
o Volume: 75,000 cubic metres

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