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Preview of Manitoba's Swan Valley Forestry Exhibition being held June 6-8.

Paying Attention to Detail

Manitoba contractor John Uhrina has built his logging business with attention to detail in both hi choices of equipment and overall business operations.

Keeping Equipment on the Go

The computerized maintenance system at Pope & Talbot's British Columbia operation does a solid job of keeping equipment on the go in the bush.

Higher production follows fire rebuild

Manitoba's Riehl's Lumer & Logging has bounced back from a fire with greater production.

New Tigercat skidder

Tigercat's new 630B skidder, with hydrostatic drive, is going through the paces at a Pope & Talbot operation.

Top Contractors

Logging and sawmilling Journla's authoritative list of the top logging contractors in Manitoba.

Beneficial Strategy

Ontario contractor Roger Danilko says Ontario's forest management strategy benefits loggers and encourages long term equipment investment.


Skeena Cellulose story continues with not-so-new players.



Tech Update- Water Management Products

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