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March 07

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A small, well-run sawmilling operation on BC’s Queen Charlotte Islands is producing quality products and contributing to the local economy, but it may have to shut down due to a lack of access to logs.

Building the brand

Forest companies looking to set their product apart in the marketplace sometimes need to look no further than product branding, as a New Zealand furniture manufacturing company, which has its own ecosystem management system, is finding out.

Beetle challenge

BC logging contractor Mike Closs has successfully taken on the challenge of increasing the size of his operation and is now taking on the longer term challenge of harvesting beetle-killed wood.

From throwing rocks to milling timber

Entrepreneur Shilo Freer has set up a high-end timber operation in what used to be the curling rink of Greenwood, BC, and is intent on seeing the wood from his family’s woodlot put to higher use.

Logger certification an investment in the future

New Brunswick’s Lee Johnston feels that the Atlantic Master Certification his company has achieved is a good investment in the future and reflects the way the industry is headed.

Being the sawmill boss

Small sawmiller Kevin Shelden decided to take the leap—after 20 years of working for someone else—and set up his own small sawmilling operation, and loves being his own boss.

Seizing logging opportunities

BC Interior contractor Dave Neufeld has seized the day when it comes to opportunities, and it has brought growth and development for DNT Contracting, including a separate processing outfit.

Getting to Home (Depot)

New Zealand-based Claymark International has been able to achieve market penetration, and gained Home Depot as its main customer, thanks to perseverance and a focus on constant improvement.

A simple skidder solution

Although pleased with the Valmet clambunk skidder’s performance, Amboy Logging faced an unloading challenge with the machine and teamed up with the dealer to come up with a simple, yet ingenious, solution.

The Last Word:

Good planning can provide a roadmap to achieving ecosystem restoration objectives, says Jim Stirling.


Forest Hill Contractors carries out harvesting in mountain pine beetle affected wood west of Prince George, with a John Deere 748 GIII handling the skidding duties.

(Photo by Alex Zander Photography)


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