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March 2006

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BC’s Pinnacle Pellet has recently expanded operations and is handling a lot of shavings from mountain pine beetle-stricken timber as feedstock.

Hauling the bottom line up

Michael Mallock’s lightweight log haul truck and trailer design is helping to improve his bottom line through improved fuel efficiencies and bigger payloads.

Logging opportunities in the oilpatch

Increased exploration activity in the Alberta oil patch has presented RKM Contracting with the opportunity to both diversify and put emphasis on salvage logging.

Joist joint venture

A partnership between Abitibi- Consolidated and Louisiana-Pacific has started operations at its second I-joist plant in Quebec.

Stepping up production with additional equipment

BC logging contractor Dave Gross has recently stepped up production with some new equipment, including a TK 752 buncher equipped with a Loewen high rotation wrist.

Local sawmill solution

Faced with a need for some customized sawmill equipment, two Quebec sawmills turned to a company in their own region, Tronco Machineries, for the solutions.


Broadening mill production

Ontario’s already diversified Cherry Forest Products is broadening out even further, moving into the production and marketing of hardwood veneers.

Changes for Forest Resource
Expo show

A change in name and a subtle shift in focus are in store at this year’s top forestry show, being held June 1 to 3 in Prince George, BC.

Focusing on the oil patch—

Unlike RKM Contracting (above), Gideon Contractors works exclusively in the Alberta oil patch, and with a variety of harvesting equipment.

Time to move beyond the
United States and embrace
trade with the world

Faced with the fact that the Americans are refusing to honour their NAFTA responsibilities, it’s time for the Canadian forest industry to move on and embrace trade with the rest of the world, say consultants Adam Leamy and Jamie Lamb.

Prudent Loggers

Ontario’s WTWL Contracting is taking a diverse approach to developing its business—and is careful about taking on debt for equipment purchases, opting for used harvesting equipment.


Kelly Mclean (pictured on the cover) and brother Reg have been in the logging business for a long time, but their company, RKM Contracting is doing much more salvage logging in the Alberta oilpatch due to increased exploration activity by oil and gas companies. Read all about RKM’s operations beginning on Contractor Profile page.

(Cover photo by Tony Kryzanowski)


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