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March 2004



Tech Update Editor: Diane Mettler

Please fill in our Reader Request Form located at the bottom for more information on these products.  


Baileys Inc
Baileys offers the Lucas Mill, models 827, 618 and 613. The mills set up in about 10 minutes. The patented design allows mill operators to set up on uneven ground and directly over logs. The 827 is the most popular model, weighs approximately 880 lbs and comes equipped with a 27 hp V-twin OHV Kohler Engine. The 827 can mill logs up to 54 in diameter and 20 long and has more than enough power to mill an 8 x 8 in one pass (a pass is up and back with the saw carriage). With a 6-1/2 extension kit or extra track kit (194) option, operators can mill long logs up to 26 or 40 respectively. The 618 weighs approximately 726 lbs and is equipped with an 18 hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Engine. An operator can mill up to a 6-1/2 x 6-1/4 cant in one pass and a 6-1/4 x 12-1/2 timber by turning the saw carriage. The 618 can mill logs up to 54 in diameter, 20 long or an 8 diameter log under 16-1/2 long. Extension kits are available. The 613 models are ideal for those who dont mill full-time. It weighs 675 lbs, uses a 13 hp Honda engine to run a 17 circular saw blade with five carbide-tipped teeth. You can mill up to a 6-1/4 x 6-1/4 cant in just one pass and a 6-1/4 x 12 1/2 timber by turning the saw carriage. The 613 can mill logs up to 54 in diameter, 14-1/2 long. www.baileys-online.com  Reader Service Card #2050

Clarke Custom Steel Inc
Clarke Portable Sawmills are manufactured in Lindsay, Ontario by Clarkes Custom Steel Inc. They offer seven models of sawmills, from the low-priced manual model #50 to the fully hydraulic model #500 with special features. Clarke can customize any of these models to the purchasers special needs. Clarke portable sawmills consist of a base to which the log is clamped. The lumber is sawed as the carriage of the unit passes through the log. And all mills are completely portable and can be taken into any woodlot location. Clarke mills are capable of sawing both hard and softwood logs up to 30 in diameter and 20 long. All models have the same quality of workmanship and have given customers years of worry free productions and good resale value, says the company. Blade sharpener and blade setter systems are also available. www.clarkeportablesawmills.com  Reader Service Card #2051

Cutting Edge Portable Sawmills
Operators can own a customized sawmill that perfectly suits their operation with a Cutting Edge Portable Sawmill, a subsidiary of M & M Development Ltd. The basic models are 30 wide and in 16, 20 and 24 lengths and have the capacity to cut logs 30, 40 and 50 in diameter. Weights range from 3,300 lbs for the 20 machine to 4,400 lbs for the 24 machine. The mill is 21 in length, but can be shortened or extended to fit the buyers needs. It has a wide throat design, 60 per cent larger than comparable portables, the company says. The machine features a unique, twin-pack power system. One power pack drives the saw hydraulics on the top half of the unit, while the lower power pack handles all other functions. The two-engine design enables the user to run a conveyor or other machinery, and still be able to operate the sawmill at maximum capacity. The company will add any needed features such as mechanical log leveler, hydraulic turner, clamp and dog, bevel siding attachment, trailer package, and gas, electric or diesel motors. www.cuttingedgesawmills.com  Reader Service Card #2052

D&L Doublecut Sawmills
The company has an ever-growing lineup of mills and sawmill related equipment. The newest additions are the Super Scragg and the Syncro Saw. The new Super Scragg has the ability to handle logs with a 14 diameter up to 12 long. This mill can produce 6,000 board feet+ per day in square cants. The Syncro Saw is patterned after the twin saw models. However, it has a smaller cut and runs on a 27 hp gas motor. D&L Doublecuts diverse lineup includes full milling operation equipment such as sawdust conveyers, green chains, off load decks, and board conveyers. The full lineup includes: logging arches and trailers for ATVs, board edger, trim table, Horizontal Single Cut 16 hp, Horizontal Double Cut-16E, Horizontal Double Cut-18E, D&L Super Scragg 15 cut - 115 hp John Deere, Syncro Saw 6x8 - 27 hp gas, Syncro Saw 6x10 - 26.5 diesel Kubota, Twin Saw 30D 6x12 - 38 hp diesel (optional 46 hp), Twin Saw 48D 6x12 - 38 hp diesel (optional 46 hp) and coming soon the Twin Saw 60D 8x12 - 60 hp stationary, along with a log debarker and a machine that will utilize shavings from the mill. www.doublecut.com  Reader Service Card #2053

Dika Industries Ltd
Dikas Twin Saw Mill is ideal for cants, cutting dimension lumber and ties. It features twin 48 diameter saws on separate mandrels. It can be set from 1-3/8 to 22, but can also saw larger logs. The saw lead is adjustable in one minute, plus there is a self-adjusting lead in frozen logs. The carriage is side-mounted for full visibility and carries the logs past the saws from above, between the dogs. Log centralizer calipers ensure the log is dead center and the log turner turns logs for best recovery. It has automatic carriage return, and the operator can position the next log while making the last cut on the previous log. Hydrostatic feeds ensure maximum operator control. Customers can choose between electric and diesel power, convey or blower saw dust disposal, computerized or standard measuring, over the end or conveyor slab rejection, and right/left spiral rolls or reversible chains for lumber transfer. phone: (403) 765-3894. Reader Service Card #2054

Enercraft/Baker Products Inc
The companys two most popular models are the 30HTL Portable Band Sawmill and the Wood Buddy Band Sawmill. The 30HTL provides high production with little effort, says the company. Log loading, leveling, clamping and turning are accomplished simply by operating the hydraulic levers located at the front of the mill, while feed and height adjustments are controlled by the remote control box. Flow control valves are easy to adjust and the 30HTL comes complete with towing package including 2 ball coupler, brakes, lights and more. Its powered by a 24 hp gasoline engine and saws logs up to 30 in diameter. It features large 24 diameter band wheels and its thin-kerf technology results in more value per log. Its standard length is made for 20-6 logs, but other lengths are available. The economical Wood Buddy requires no assembly. Its powered by a five hp gasoline engine and cuts logs up to 18 in diameter, with a standard log length of 11. It features an easy log clamping system, a thin kerf band blade 11-2 long by 1-1/4 wide and 16 band wheels. www.baker-online.com  or www.enercraft.com  Reader Service Card #2055

Heartwood Saw Company Ltd
Heartwood Saw has expanded operations to supply sawing solutions to a wider spectrum of forestry related industries. The newly expanded product line includes commercial support for the proven Heartwood Model 310. This mill is capable of production rates of up to 8,000 board feet in an eight-hour shift. Computerized setworks and a thin-kerf double-cut blade produce accurate lumber with minimum waste. Diesel or electric models are available. The Model 310 is the answer for those with existing commercial operations or those already in the industry looking to increase production and yield from their existing operations. The 310 is 285 in length, 86 wide, stands 102 high and weighs in at 8,000 lbs. It can mill logs up to 36 in diameter and 20 in length. And it has frame extensions to handle larger logs. Other options include a streak debarker and trailer package. www.heartwoodsaw.com  Reader Service Card #2056

Isaac Ironworks
The new SVM 302 Mill is affordable and easy to operate. The operator can push the carriage or raise and lower the head with one hand. It has user-friendly three-screw band alignment, an easy-read measuring scale, manual dogging and log turning and is powered by a quiet-running, powerful 13 hp Honda engine. It has unitized constructionlog block and dogs can be bolted to any cross member. And extensions are available in 5, 10, or 20 increments to any length. It features 20 band wheels, a 5 channel mainframe, all-welded construction and 1-1/4 x 153 bands. The basic frame will handle logs up to 24x 16 and six leveling screws are provided. isaacironworks@characterlink.com  Reader Service Card #2057

Josa Corporation, Ltd
The Jonsered SM 2196 bandsaw mill is equipped with an extremely reliable four-stroke 13 hp engine from Honda. The sawmill is based on a new concept where the bandsaw is started and stopped with a combined clutch and brake. The sawmill can handle logs up to 70 cm in diameter. Because of its high capacity, the bandsaw mill is said to be ideal for several forest owners wishing to make a joint investment in a sawmill or for those who work under contract to others. The Jonsered SM 2186 is mobile and comes complete with the Jonsered CS 2186, the companys largest chainsaw, that can also be used as a normal chainsaw. In addition, the lightweight chain sawmill is easy to transport. The rail sections are three metres long and can be extended as much as necessary. Maximum log diameter is 50 cm. The Jonsered SM 2095 is the companys most mobile sawmill model, equipped with the Jonsered 2095 Turbo, their largest chainsaw, which can be taken off for normal use. Its lightweight and a cost-efficient alternative for those who dont saw every day. www.en.ca.jonsered.com  Reader Service Card #2058

Logs to Lumber is the distributor of the KARA sawmill. Models include the Master, YS and F 2000. The one-man system is efficient and easy to operate. The equipment includes log adjuster-log rotary device, log fastener, automatic block aligner and chain conveyor for slabs. The sawmills are safe, precise and versatile. They feature mechanical size adjuster, the versatile electronic size adjust for production of special sawn timber and are reliable under the most rigorous working conditions. The sawmills are excellent for the production of special grades and dimensions, and for utilizing special sawing methods. They can handle northern pine to tropical hardwood species equally reliably. (902) 624-8206 Reader Service Card #2059

Micromill System Inc
There are three Micromill modelsthe SLP3000D, SLP5000D and the SLP5000E. They are designed to process 25,000 to 100,000 cubic metres per year and are suitable for small and medium size operations. The modular design makes assembly and breakdown simple, and allows frequent re-location with minimum downtime. The mills produce cants and/or dimensional lumber from logs with or without bark in a single pass. The core of each machine is a compact saw box containing the unique chipping head configuration. The two-stage system combines a four-head chipping process with double arbor rip sawing. The mills produce four-sided cants and/or lumber from logs 3-13 in diameter and 5-20 long. And every component of the mill systems can be configured to meet the specifics required of each application. Log infeed can be enhanced with a heavy-duty sharp chain pre-feed table. Optional blowers and conveyor systems are available. A diesel or electric power configuration gives operators the choice of stationary or mobile applications. www.micromills.com  Reader Service Card #2060

Mighty Mite
Choose from two bandsaw millsthe Generation IIIa and the new Mark IVb. The Generation IIIa is available with gas, diesel or electric powerplants. The sawmill has a full 30 throat and can mill any dimension lumber, metric or imperial up to 16-1/2 in length or longer with an optional extension. The IVb retains all the features of the original Mark IV while adding increased lift capacity for sawing oversized logs, and a board removal system. In less than 10 minutes one person can be producing precision lumber in any dimension up to 30 inches wide, according to the company. Mighty Mite also markets the H and W/WT Series circular sawmills. The H series is transportable with permanent mill capabilities. It can handle every species in almost any condition. They can cut up to 10,000 board feet per eight-hour shift and can handle dense hardwood logs up to 7 in diameter and 18.5 in length or larger with optional extensions. They also come equipped with single or double edger blades. The W/WT Series has over 70 per cent more hp than the H Series, greater cutting width, up to 12.5, and an extra-wide track for faster cutting. Like the H Series two men can operate the mill. The W/WT Series makes short work of both softwood and dense tropical hardwood 8 to 84 in diameter and from 4 - 21 in length (or up to 41 with optional track extensions) and cuts to an accuracy of 1/16 over 16. www.pacifier.com/~mytmite  Reader Service Card #2061

Mobile Mfg Co
The Mobile Dimension Saw can go just about anywhere. It saws logs of any diameter, up to 60 in lengthhardwood or softwood. It takes only one man to operate, uses less energy than a standard mill, says the company, and is so accurate planing isnt necessary. The saw turns logs into lumber by traveling through the log rather than the log traveling through the saw. Once it is in position, the log is never moved or turned. Three circular bladesone vertical, two horizontalsaw the width, depth and length dimensions simultaneously. The three blades allow logs of any diameter to be completely sawed with minimum edgings and slabs. To assure accuracy, each piece of lumber is completely sawed in a single pass, requiring no rehandling or resawing. And the operator remains in one positionat the head of the sawmillcontrolling the operation and size of lumber being cut. With its 8 width and telescoping side channels, the Mobile Trailer meets all legal requirements for highway towing. Adjustable stabilizer jacks let you quickly level all corners and sides, making it operational in minutes. www.mobilemfg.com  Reader Service Card #2062

Summer Industries
Victory Powersaw Lumbermill, model 707, comes complete with an Ex-6 extension. Its a Canadian made personal sawmill. When purchased, it comes as a kit or sawmill ready, with everything to mill small logs into dimension lumber or timbers. Additional extensions can be ordered for cuts of 30+ feet. The Victory Mill can be purchased without the powerhead. Summer Industries manufactures this extremely low maintenance mill in steel. Each sections weight allows, in most cases, for one-man handling. Virtually ground level, operators can simply roll on the log and slice it into lumber. Mills are made to order. www.summerindustries.com  Reader Service Card #2063

Select Sawmill Co
The company manufactures high and medium production band sawmills. Commercial Model 4221 features a 6 double-cut blade that cuts in both directions. It cuts up to 3 a second and has many features to satisfy the needs of the professional sawyer. The Portable Model 3620 has a 4 double-cut blade. Both models are equipped with a hydraulic system and computerized setworks. Diesel and electric units are available. Debarker, live infeed and outfeed decks are also available. www.selectsawmill.com  Reader Service Card #2064

Timber Harvester
Timber Harvester produces five models of portable band sawmills, ranging from fully manual to fully hydraulic. A distinguishing feature is the 25 band drive wheels, which greatly increase the life of the bands. The operators station is on the log loading side of the mill, eliminating many steps while cutting the log. The four-way hydraulic joysticks load the log, position the clamps and posts, and rotate and taper set the log. The crescent-shaped log loader lifts and rolls the log into position. The chain-driven log turner rotates the log clockwise, so that after cutting through the bark on the first face, the band then enters the next three fresh cut faces, extending the life of the blade between sharpenings. A flip of the switch on the remote control box directs the blade through the log, freeing the operator to either stack the last board returned or to send it through the edger. The board drag back fingers pull the board back to the operator as the head returns, eliminating the need for a second man, and all the chasing after boards between cuts. www.timberharvester.com  Reader Service Card #2065

Tommi Laine Trading OY
The company sells the Slidetec and the Roundtec. The Slidetec is a circular saw in which the rolls under the saw tables have been replaced with slide rails. This patented construction enables a very smooth running of the table and a firm structure. There are fewer problems with the circular saw blades (the swinging of the tables puts restraint on the blade); and mangled tables are non-existent. The machine weighs 3,000 kg, has an operating length of 18 m, and a table length of 9 m. Its hydraulically driven and handles logs up to 65 cm in diameter and 76.5 cm with topsaw. The heart of the sawmill is its oversize 65mm blade shaft, which makes for better blade support with special flanges reducing the possibility of saw blade wobbling and vibration. The Roundtec log rounding Machine KV 9000 2 Cutter is the companys answer to log home manufacturing. The machine is a neat, clean and safe way to build high quality log homes efficiently and economically. The Roundtec utilizes the whole tree. It can cut up to 30 in length and a diameter up to 24, to be used for main construction. It is powered with electric/hydraulic/inventors. The machine makes 12 - 600 mm logs, and can handle logs up to 9,000 mm in length. www.slidetec.fi  Reader Service Card #2066

Wood-Mizer offers a range of mills, including the LT70 professional mill, the LT40 super hydraulic, LT40 hydraulic, and the LT40, LT27 and LT15. The LT70 comes with a standard 25 hp electric motor or the optional 42 hp turbo-charged industrial diesel. It has a capacity of 36 diameter x 202 (bed extensions available for most models). It has hydraulic load, level clamp and chain turners. Production is estimated at 400-600 board feet/hr. The LT40 super hydraulic comes with the same power options as the LT70, as well as the 36 hp gas engine. It handles logs 36 in diameter x 21 long and features hydraulic load, level, clamp and claw turner. It produces 375-500 board feet/hr. The LT40 Hydraulic comes with a standard 25 hp gas engine, with optional 36 hp gas or 33 hp diesel engine. It has the same log capacity and handling features of the super hydraulic, but produces approximately 250-400 board feet/hr. The LT40 comes equipped with a 25 hp twin cylinder engine with an optional 26 hp gas and 33 hp diesel. It handles logs up to 36 diameter x 21 long, log handling is manual with optional LDP. The operator can walk or ride and produce 150-200 board feet/hr. The LT27 has a standard 15 hp gas engine with electric start and optional 18 hp gas. It handles logs up to 32 in diameter x 21 long. Logs are handled manually and it produces 100-200 board feet/hr. The LT15 has a 13 hp gas engine (15 hp gas optional), handles 28 diameter x 11 long logs and produces 75-125 board feet/hr. www.woodmizer.com  Reader Service Card #2067

Portable Sawmills Sales & Service
The Mahoe Sawmills Minimax is designed to keep the price down without compromising strength, power, efficiency or quality. It comes equipped with a Daihatsu 32 hp industrial motor, the blades are 26 vertical and 18 horizontal and it can mill logs 5 in diameter and 20 long. Chain blocks are used for rise and fall and it has a sawn size of 6 x 10. One person can set it up in 30 minutes and it produces 5,000 board feet/day. Training is included. www.sawmills.co.nz  Reader Service Card #2068

Serra offers a range of portable machines for a variety of milling needs. Advantages of the Serra mills include angled sawblades to ensure a soft start into the log for a precision cut and higher production rates, the patented log-clamp turner, and hydraulic support column. The mills feature level compensator/log clamp dogs (ideal for quarter sawing, specialty cuts and pulling down stressed logs) and a rigid log deck with heavy stiffening girders. A telescopic headrig beam allows for short and long cutting blades, the generator/sawmill combination allows indoor/outdoor sawmilling winter and summer without noise and fumes. And a digital positioning system places the blade precisely and quickly prior to each cut. The machines are light-weight, quiet and free of vibrations. www.serra.de  Reader Service Card #2069

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Clarke Custom Steel Inc #2051
Cutting Edge Portable Sawmills  #2052
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 Dika Industries Ltd #2054
 Enercraft/Baker Products Inc  #2055
 Heartwood Saw Company Ltd #2056
 Isaac Ironworks #2057
 Josa Corporation, Ltd #2058
 KARA #2059
 Micromill System Inc #2060
 Mighty Mite #2061
 Mobile Mfg Co  #2062
 Summer Industries #2063
Select Sawmill Co  #2064
 Timber Harvester  #2065
 Tommi Laine Trading OY #2066
 Wood-Mizer   #2067
 Portable Sawmills Sales & Service  #2068
 Serra  #2069

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