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March 2004


Please fill in our Reader Request Form located at the bottom for more information on these products.  

Wheel Loader Added to Komatsu Line
Komatsu Canada Limited has added the WA320-5 to its line of hydrostatically driven wheel loaders. The WA320-5 is powered by a turbocharged Komatsu SAA6D102E-2-A air-to-air aftercooled engine. It has a net output of 166 hp and reduces emissions, lowers fuel consumption by 15 per cent and increases productivity, while lowering engine speed to 2,000 rpm. The wheel loader is equipped with an electronically controlled Advanced Technology Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) with a Variable Shift Control System. The WA320-5 also features the Traction Control Systemdesigned to reduce tire slippageand a fully-hydraulic braking system to eliminate freezing and rusting caused by water condensation encountered in air-operated systems. Also included is the Equipment Management Monitoring System informing the operator of 28 machine functions to help prevent costly breakdowns. Additional features include a five per cent larger cab, new sloped entry steps and improved handrails, new doors and platforms, mono-lever PPC hydraulic system with a F/N/R control switch for smooth operation and easy usage. www.komatsu.com  Reader Service Card #2070

Wagner Electronics Releases Moisture Measuring System
Wagner Electronics has announced an addition to its family of products designed to provide the total moisture measuring solutionthe Wagner MC 4000 In-Kiln Moisture Measuring System. The system includes:
Patented moisture measurement technology
Accurate moisture content measurement within kiln drying environment up to 300F
Consistent moisture content shutdown points within one per cent
Sensor lead design includes an automatic sensor release, eliminating damage from failing wood in the kilns
Distributed measuring system continues to operate if another part of the system is not in use.

The company says the system is cited in numerous university studies as the easiest to use and most accurate moisture measuring technology in the industry. www.moisturemeters.com. Reader Service Card #2071

Cat Has New Hydraulic Excavator
Caterpillar has announced the 321C LCR Hydraulic Excavator to replace the 321B LCR. The new C-Series excavator features a
compact swing radius for high productivity in tight areasa tail swing radius of only 1.67 metres. To further minimize the working envelope, the boom is positioned farther back in the upper frame as compared to a standard excavator. The 321C LCR weighs in at 24,000 kg and is powered by the Cat 3066T engine. The six-cylinder, turbocharged and aftercooled diesel engine produces 103 kW (about seven per cent more power than the previous model). It uses an open-centre, two-pump hydraulic system. And the increased engine power allows increased hydraulic flow of 10 per cent when compared to the previous model. www.cat.com  Reader Service Card #2072

New Division for GEMOFOR
GEMOFOR has established a new western division that is headed up by general manager Kerry Staples. Staples comes to the team with over 20 years experience in operating, maintaining and constructing sawmill and planer mill facilities. GEMOFORs growth in the West is concurrent with the release of its new products, which were showcased at the Wood Technology Clinic and Show in Portland, Oregon. They include the new high-speed double-fork stacker, the fully automated strap-free wrapping system and the revolutionary planer wane-up system. www.gemofor.ca. Reader Service Card #2073

Mettler Toledo Introduces OverDrive Software
Mettler Toledo recently introduced OverDrive, a software that allows users to control multiple vehicle weighing and data solutions across one platform. OverDrive connects vehicle scales to a standalone PC or integrates them into a local or wide area network. The software can control multiple scale configurations, as well as peripheral devices such as traffic lights, security gates, and unattended weighing stations where drivers may interface directly with the system, without the need of a dedicated scale house operator. An ODBC compliant database stores the information and creates detailed transaction records. Users can get instant access to information to track orders, compile reports and comply with industry regulations. www.mt.com/us. Reader Service Card #2074

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Check any of the following for more information:

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Cat Has New Hydraulic Excavator   #2072
 New Division for GEMOFOR  #2073
 Mettler Toledo Introduces OverDrive Software #2074

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