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Tech Update:  Mill Chain

Tech update editor:  Helen Johnson

ESCO Corporations XHC Series engineered class chain systems use alloy steel technologies and product designs to yield a long, trouble-free service life and reduce replacement chain parts inventories. Available in 124, 132, 155, 157 and 159 classifications, the chains feature a one-piece sidebar, with oversized pins integrally cast with the extra thick sidebars for strength and fast installation. The sidebars and barrels of the centre block links are also integrally cast for strength. The ESCO offset connecting links allow removal of a single pitch of chain, while the attachments are integrally cast with the block links to eliminate breakage, the company says. Alloy composition provides tensile strength of 195,000 lbs for connecting links, 230,000 lbs for block links and 230,000 lbs for attachments, while yield strength is 160,000 lbs, 180,000 lbs and 180,000 lbs respectively. Hardness ranges from 400 to 477 brinell hardness. The XHC Series II engineered class chain is cast in tougher alloy steels, averaging 500 brinell hardness for maximum strength and wear resistance. The series features riveted construction, with no structural welds, and increased surface bearing areas and sidebar thickness. www.extremechain.com  www.escocorp.com  Reader Service Card #550

IAnco Products
The HD480 conveyor chain from IAnco Products Ltd is designed to operate under high-speed log transfer conveying applications. The cast alloy steel and design profile of the link are ideal for stop-and-go operation and high abrasion conditions found in the conveyors. The two-inch oval barrel offers the ability to reverse the chain and still maintain the fit with the sprocket teeth. When the barrel design is combined with a reversible pocket sprocket design, virtually all stress is removed from the reversing action, the company says. With brinell hardness ranging from 350 to 400, the links and pins offer strength while providing resistance to shock loading.

The barrels and sidebars feature heavy cross-sections. Barrels have an inner centre relief for a grease reservoir and a grease hole for post-assembly greasing. The sidebars feature a larger bearing surface to support the pin and wear shoes at top and bottom to increase life. The one-inch diameter pins are made from 4140 steel and have a countersunk D head and rivet end to protect them from wear. IAncos square profile long link chain offers a 20 per cent increase in material cross-section over round profile link chain, adding to the overall strength.

Square profile chain offers greater bearing surface on new chain and eliminates the wear to achieve full contact, the company says. Available mainly in manganese steel for severe service applications, the chains are able to endure severe impact and generate a work-hardened surface in the range of 500 to 600 brinell hardness. Quenched and tempered low alloy steel offers higher ultimate strength and more abrasion resistance. The critical heat treatment of the chain is controlled through PLC units and transport times from the furnace to the quench tank are kept at less than 30 seconds.

Cast chains have several advantages over fabricate chain, including no welding, blended intersections of sidebars with the link barrel to reduce stress concentrations in a critical area and a larger cross-section of the cast link for higher load bearing area.  Reader Service Card #551

Viking Chains
The welded steel plus chains from viking chains inc feature a unique no-seam barrel that eliminates premature stretch.  The chains are welded flush on the outside to eliminate any interference with the sprockets.  The through and induction heat-treated chains offer parallel holes for true fit.  The sidebars are 35 to 37 HRC, while the rivets have a surface hardness of 53-55 HRC and core hardness of 32-24 HRC.  The barrels have a surface hardness of 60-62 HRC and a core hardness of 43-45 HRC.  Applications include high-speed double-length infeed/scanning conveyors, jack ladders, unscramblers, debarker infeeds and double strand conveyors such as OSB rakeback conveyors and pond forwarders.  www.vkingchinas.com  Reader Service Card #552

Webster Industries Inc
Webster Industries Portalloy is an extensive line of welded steel mill chain specifically designed for any mill application in the forest products industry. Available in a broad range of sizes and styles, all Portalloy mill chains come standard with Duralloy through hardened alloy rivets and are available with all components hardened. Webster Industries ISO 9001:2000 registered quality management system controls material specifications and manufacturing processes to provide quality chains. Designed specifically for high-speed conveying applications, the chain is now available with Magna series pins. Websters Portalloy welded steel drag chain features an extra durable, two-piece welded barrel that provides long chain life. A combination of controlling pitch, burnished holes, exact press fits and stringent heat-treat specifications provide reduced down time and lower overall maintenance costs, the company says. www.websterchain.com  Reader Service Card #553

Drives Incorporated
The engineering class conveyor chain from Drives Incorporated includes the 81X, 81XH and 81XHH series, all with 2.609 pitch. Made of top quality carbon steel, the 81X chain is heat treated and tempered for long service life. Features include case hardened pins, a no-stain lubricant that protects wood products, solid, freely rotating rollers, with smoother engagement with sprockets, and solid bushings. The series offers average ultimate strength of 24,000 lbs and a maximum recommended working load of 3,000 lbs. The 81XH series offers higher tensile strength, more load bearing surface and increased sidebar thickness on the roller link plate, allowing for welding to the roller link plate. Through hardened pins give greater strength and resistance to failure from shock loading. The chain features an average ultimate strength of 42,000 lbs and a maximum recommended working load of 3,700 lbs. The 81XHH series features heavier sidebars and increased sidebar thickness on both the pin and the roller link plate, allowing for welding to all the plates. Drives Incorporateds 8.000 pitch overhead conveying chain is available in the 3939 series and the 3939H series. The 3939H series features through hardened pins for greater strength and resistance to failure from shock loading. Average ultimate strengths range from 24,000 lbs to 37,000 lbs and maximum recommended working loads range from 3,000 to 3,400 lbs. www.drivesinc.com  Reader Service Card #554

Mac Chain
Mac Chain Company Ltd introduces a new option to its MRB line of heavy-duty bushed roller chain for high-speed scanner infeed applications. In addition to its welded-in pin MRB chain, Mac Chain now offers a riveted pin MRB chain. Both chains are available with an optional greasable pin. Designed to operate within precise tolerances throughout its life, the tough, high quality 4 pitch and 100-mm pitch chain features cost benefits and easier on-site adjustments, the company says. Mac Chain also manufactures and installs a full range of infeed flights on the chain to customer specifications. Fully hardened, precision-machined components are manufactured and assembled in the companys North American facilities. www.macchain.com Reader Service Card #555

Lacey-Harmer Company
The Summit welded steel chain from Lacey-Harmer Company is a series of 2.609 pitch chain. The WR-78 series features an ultimate strength of 27,000 lbs, an allowable working load of 4,500 lbs and an average weight per foot of 4.3 lbs. A 1 1/4 sidebar is available by special order. The WR-78RTN Special is also available with a 1 1/4 sidebar and the WR-78RT is available with steel rollers, both by special order. The Summit malleable transfer chain series features working loads rated at between 1,110 lbs and 2,300 lbs, an average ultimate strength ranging from 9,000 to 19,000 lbs and average chain weight ranging from 3.2 to 6.2 pounds per foot. Summit engineering chain includes the 3939-4 and 3939-43 8.000 pitch chains, with an average ultimate strength of 24,000 lbs and an approximate weight of 155 pounds per foot. The 2.609 pitch SXS-882 offers an average ultimate strength of 29,000 lbs, an allowable working load of 2,800 lbs and an average weight per foot of 3.9 lbs. The 81X, 81XH and 81XHH series are 2.609 pitch chains with riveted or cottered pins and average ultimate strengths ranging from 24,000 to 42,000 lbs. www.laceyharmer.com  Reader Service Card #556

Can-Am Chains
The specialty chains from Can-Am Chains are designed for severe service and long life. Can-Ams new total concept conveyor management is being put into place to offer mill maintenance personnel the assistance they need in reviewing the complete conveyor operation to achieve the lowest life cycle cost. Can-Am Chains designs specialty chains for use in double-length infeed conveyors, as well as sharp top roller chain and 81X chain. Can-Am Chains supplies not only the chain, but the sprockets and wear plate best suited for the application as well. The company recently developed a new high-endurance plastic wear material to operate under double-length infeed conveyors and sharp top chain that will increase chain life, reduce the horsepower required and reduce the shock loading that the press rolls typically exert on the chain. www.can-amchains.com  Reader Service Card #557

Jeffrey Chain
Jeffrey Chain Corporations PermaWeld line of welded steel chains offers increased strength, better wear life and dimensional accuracy. Normally of offset-type construction, PermaWeld chains have pins that are press fit into sidebars, eliminating unnecessary wear due to pin fidgeting. Accurate punching of pin holes and automated machine welding and assembly of the barrels to sidebars assures high quality and dimensional control, the company says. Steel of medium carbon grades is used for pins and sidebars and may be heat-treated for greater strength and wearability. Barrels are of carburizing grades of carbon steel that can be case hardened to file hard levels.

Available in a variety of pitches, chains in the series for drives and conveyors have an average ultimate strength of between 24,000 lbs and 160,000 lbs, while the work loads range from 3,000 lbs to 18,200 lbs. PermaWeld drag chains are furnished with heat-treated pins and formed steel barrels that are shaped to provide maximum conveying capacity, shock resistance, toughness and higher-yield strength in bending. Precise press fits of the pins in the sidebars and single flats milled on the pin ends prevent unnecessary wear due to pin rotation. Average ultimate strength ranges from 51,000 lbs to 122,000 lbs, while work load varies from 6,500 lbs to 20,300 lbs. Jeffrey Chains Service Plus welded steel (WS and WSD) chains are designed for tough and rugged applications and possess greater fatigue and shock load resistance. Service Plus chains are available in every size of welded steel chain. www.jeffreychain.com  Reader Service Card #558

Rexnord Industries
With its technology dedicated to ensuring high-fatigue strength and hardness, Rexnord Industries combines design engineering, manufacturing technology and product testing in high-fatigue strength chain production. Engineered steel chains for rugged conveyor service are available in pitch sizes from 1.645 to 7. Welded steel chains are available in pitch sizes from 2.307 to 9. Rexnord chains feature induction hardening and deep case carburizing capabilities. Manufactured to produce the hardest possible wearing surfaces and toughness to resist shock loads, the chains provide consistent wear over the life of the chain, allowing the user to predict chain wear life and carry out preventive maintenance, the company says. www.rexnord.com  Reader Service Card #559                                     

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