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Inland Kenworth Named Dealer of the Year
BCs Inland Kenworth Ltd was named 2002 Kenworth Dealer of the Year for the United States and Canada during Kenworths annual dealer meeting. Inland Kenworth was chosen for the honour from among Kenworths five Gold Award winners for 2002, which included Kenworth Montreal, Montreal, Quebec. The award recognizes the top-performing Kenworth dealership for excellence in areas such as customer service and after-sale support. Silver Award winners included Kenworth Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec. The Inland Kenworth Group operates 16 dealer locations in Canada, including 15 in BC and one in the Yukon Territory. www.inland-group.com  Reader Service Card #560

AIL Develops Stronger Plate
Atlantic Industries Ltd (AIL), manufacturer of engineered metal products, has developed a new method of manufacturing deep-corrugated structural plate. The new roll-formed plate is up to 66 per cent stronger than traditional cross-corrugated plate, the company says. It accommodates heavier design loads and will be less costly to ship and install. Serving the forestry, industrial, mining and highways sectors, AIL manufactures Super-Cor structural plate and Super-Cor box culverts that can span 14-metre streams. www.ail.ca  Reader Service Card #561

Polaris UTVs Offer Extra Towing Capacity
The Polaris Professional Series 2x4, 4x4 and 6x6 utility task vehicles (UTVs) move workers and cargo around in any environment, the company says. The 4x4 and 6x6 are equipped with a four-valve, four-stroke, liquid-cooled Polaris 500-cc engine and the 2x4 features the Polaris 425-cc engine. Low/super-low transmission gearing and on-demand, true four-wheel drive provide good traction in all terrain. The 4x4 and 6x6 have a pulling capacity of 1,500 lbs and the 2x4 can tow 1,400 lbs. A rustproof cargo box can hold up to an additional half-ton payload. The electric dump box lift makes loading and unloading easier. Other features include foot-actuated, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, braided stainless steel brake cables, independent MacPherson front strut suspension and dual-shock rear swing-arm suspension, each with 6.25 inches of travel for a smooth ride and easy steering. www.polarisindustries.com  Reader Service Card #562

Prentice Introduces New Skidder Line
The first model in Blounts new Prentice skidder line, the Prentice 490, is a single arch model designed to meet the demands of a large segment of the skidder market. Powered by a 6BTA-173-hp Cummins engine that drives a torque converter transmission with six forward and three reverse gears, the Prentice 490 is a tough, dependable skidding workhorse, the company says. The torque converter transmission delivers smooth power to the wheels, allowing for efficient manoeuvring in tight spots, and reduces wheel spin in soft ground conditions. Other features include rugged outboard planetary axles, wheel-end planetary housings supported by dual roller bearings, a delimbing grate and a choice of bunching or sorting head grapples. The bunching head has a maximum opening of 110 and a tip-to-tip capacity of 11.2 square feet. The sorting head has a maximum opening of 100 and tip-to-tip capacity of nine square feet. www.blount-fied.com  Reader Service Card #563

High Performance Drying Products from ALCM
Four new high performance products from ALCM Inc are designed to aid in the drying of furniture grade lumber. Aluma Max fibred aluminum coating is an aluminum pigmented asphalt mastic specially formulated for wood drying kilns and can be sprayed, brushed or roller applied to interior wall and ceiling surfaces to act as a moisture vapour barrier. Black Max is a fibred asphalt protective sealer coating for both new and previously coated metal, masonry and concrete surfaces inside kilns. Black Max rubberized end sealer provides maximum end seal protection to eliminate checking and cracking in green wood, the company says. Peel & Seal aluminum roll coating provides a flexible heat reflective surface for walls and ceilings inside the kiln. Reader Service Card #564

USNR, INX-Systems Craft Agreement
US-based sawmill equipment manufacturer USNR has announced an agreement with INX-Systems that will enable USNR to market and distribute INX-Systems True Real-Time Lumber Size Control products throughout North America. USNR will distribute the INX SeeCon SC2000 through its Perceptron Forest Products division, alongside its mill-wide scanning and optimization product suite. The SC2000 monitors and controls log breakdown and resaw processes and provides continuous, automatic, on-line, real-time simultaneous measurement of multiple parallel sawn pieces at the outfeed of multi-saw sawing machines such as gangs and twin/quad band mills. www.USNR.com  Reader Service Card #565

Wood-Mizers Thin-kerf Blade
A new thin-kerf bandsaw blade for the resaw market, the Silver Tip, has been released by Wood-Mizer Products Inc and offers peak productivity, the company says. Utilizing a high carbon, high tolerance steel better suited to high-volumes, the Silver Tip is filling a cost-effective void by consistently providing a full shift of production before blade changes. It is available in boxes of 15 in the following models: B27574xxx105, 1.25 x .042, 7/8 tooth spacing by 10-degree hook angle by .250 tooth height and B27574xxx125, 1.25 x .042, 5/8 tooth spacing by 12-degree hook angle by .200 tooth height. Wood-Mizer also makes its DoubleHard blades, addressing the needs of portable sawmill owners. Its Re-Sharp Program allows customers to send their blades to the companys North American locations for affordable re-sharpening. www.woodmizer.com  Reader Service Card #566

Canon Introduces LDV Sensors
Two laser Doppler velocity (LDV) sensors that offer savings to manufacturers of wood products are now available in North America from Canon Semiconductor Division, Encoder Products Group. The laser-based Canon P-50Z and P-20Z LDVs are in-line systems that provide non-contact velocity measurement of moving objects during production runs and reduce run rate times with a high detection precision of +/-0.1 per cent, the company says. Ideal for in-line measurements as the material is processed, sized, finished and cut, the LDV sensors measure boards, shingles, moulding, panelling and other wood products without interrupting the process. Manufacturing systems are not subjected to load or drag, thereby facilitating bulk and to-order cutting, and shorts and overruns are virtually eliminated. Material waste and machine fatigue are greatly reduced. The P-50Z has a velocity range of 5 to 5,000 mm/sec, while the P-20Z has a velocity range of 12 to 120m/min. Reader Service Card #567

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