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Logging and Sawmilling Journal- March 2003

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The industry is taking the initiative on handling increased logging truck traffic in BC due to harvesting bug-killed wood.

Contractors meet the Mark

Contractors are meeting Weldwood's stringent quality benchmarks, using their own quality control people.

Market Outlook: Price Improvements

Forest industry analyst Russell Taylor sees some lumber price improvements in the future.

Raising the floor-on production

Theden Forest Products ramps up flooring production with new equipment.

Canfor stay on top in LSJ's Top 30

Canfor has kept top spot in Logging & Sawmilling Journal's annual list of the Top 30 Lumber Producers in Canada.

The "How To's"

Consultant Raven Bay Wood Products has some solid suggestions on Internet marketing and on how to expand in the US market.

Contractors Caught in a Squeeze

Ontario contractor Fern Pelletier, like many contractors, finds his business caught in a squeeze between rising costs and falling prices.

Guest Column

Consultant Peter Miley talks about how companies can meet the changing needs of the residential construction industry.

PRT continues to grow

PRT has expanded its containerized seedling operations in Western Canada, and into Ontario, and is now moving into the United States.

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What's new in the industry.

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