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Tech Update Editor:  Helen Johnson

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Trans - Gesco 
Powered by a 350- hp Cummins QSL9 electronic engine, the Trans-Gesco TG88C has a 25-ton payload capacity and a wood basket designed to maximize payload for various log lengths up to 35 feet. Featuring a heavy-duty frame, the robust loader is controlled by state of the art load sense hydraulics and is available with an optional live heel for long log lengths. The proven 100 per cent hydrostatic drive traction, with a hydraulic motor at each wheel, is computer controlled for superior manoeuvrability and 160,000 lbs of tractive effort. Other features include a wide choice of track up to 60 inches wide for low ground pressure and clam bunk or grapple skidder configurations. Reader Service Card # 450

The line of forwarders from Timberjack includes the 1010B, the 1110, the 1410B and the 1710B. Available in six-wheel and four-wheel versions, the mid-size 1010B, for both mechanized and hand-felled cut-to-length logging, is load rated at 22,000 lbs, offers balanced load distribution and features a 110-hp Cummins four-cylinder turbo-charged diesel engine. The eight-wheel-drive 1110 is powered by a 167- hp Cummins six-cylinder turbo engine and has a load rating of 24,250 lbs. 

The power train features a hydrostatic- mechanical transmission with low and high range and bogies with high and wide ground clearance. The 1010B and the 1110 feature the patented Loader Control System (LCS) that controls the hydraulic flow to all loader functions with speed adjustable to operator preference. Options for the two machines include boom configurations, log deck lengths and a choice of factory-installed grapples. 

The eight-wheel-drive 1410B has a 173-hp Cummins turbo engine, a load rating of 30,800 lbs and features the highest level of automation and onboard diagnostics. Options include boom reach, log deck length and a choice of factory-installed grapples. The 1710B is the largest of the Timberjack forwarders. Powered by a 215-hp Cummins turbo diesel engine, the eight-wheel-drive machine is load rated up to 42,900 lbs and has the capacity to haul large loads over long distances in high-volume, roundthe- clock operations, the company says. The high lift capacity, telescopic loader has an optional reach of 27 feet. 

Other options include a choice of factory-installed grapples. Both the 1410B and the 1710B feature the patented Total Machine Control (TMC) system that automatically adjusts machine speed to ground conditions, controls loader functions and allows the operator to set the most efficient loader speed. The unique balanced bogies on the two machines smooth out machine travel and provide high, wide ground clearance and low site disturbance. The forwarders feature allclimate, air-conditioned cabs, swivel seat suspension, low noise levels and large tinted windows. Reader Service Card #451

With a load capacity of 4.5 tons, the Rotobec F2000B forwarder is fully hydrostatic and, with the absence of a drive shaft, has a large steering angle of 53 degrees. It is powered by a Cummins 4BTA3.9 diesel engine that provides 116 hp at 2,500 rpm. An ergonomic cab provides excellent visibility, the company says, while swivel seats assure operator comfort in any position. Electric proportional controls increase handling ability and the tilt cab facilitates access for service and maintenance. The F2000B is equipped with the Rotobec 40F continuous rotation loader that has a curved design allowing the loader to work in front of the machinewithout risk of collision with the machine's cab. The main boom lift capacity is 2,000 lbs at 18'. The Rotobec continuous rotation grapple model 6760 opens to 66" and was specifically designed for the F2000B. Reader Service Card # 452

Fabtek introduces its new clam bunk forwarder for tree length skidding, the Fabtek FT 546C-CB. An optional package is available for the new machine to convert it to a regular forwarder bunk set up. Fabtek manufacturers a full line of forwarders including four-, six- and eightwheel- drive units with load capacities ranging from 16,000 to 32,000 lbs. They feature electric power shift transmissions, full load, high reach booms and full 40- degree turning articulation. The rack and pinion, four-cylinder loader swing system features fully proportional controls with high torque and high swing speed, the company says. A rear mount loader is standard on all models. The boom geometry is designed for maximum utility and the top mounted stick boom cyclinder stays clear of obstructions. Fabtek forwarders feature large, high visibility cabs, hydraulic tilt for complete under cab system access, heavy steel plate engine and radiator coverings and vibration isolated attachment points. Reader Service Card # 453

The new Tigercat 1018 is an extreme duty forwarder in the 18-tonne class and features a Scania six-cylinder, 240-hp DC9 turbodiesel engine. Its high capacity cooling system features a hydrostatically driven variable speed fan and automatically reverses to effectively purge debris from the coolers, without the operator leaving the cab. The 1018 features a cast centre section with tapered roller bearings in the oscillation and articulation joints. Innovative centre section design eliminates the need for an oscillation lock. The climate-controlled cab rotates 270 degrees for excellent visibility while travelling or loading and features an air ride seat. 

The hydraulically tilting cab and engine cover allow easy access to the engine and hydraulic components. Other features include load sensing hydraulics, a Cranab 1250 crane with telescopic stick and a 24.5-foot reach and a Hultdins SG360S grapple. The 14-tonne F14 forwarder is a productive mid-size machine with a large load area and a well-balanced trailer for maximum production. Design improvements include stronger steel construction in both the front and rear chassis and a new front axle and rear bogie. The unique articulated steering joint design provides excellent stability, the company says, while the operator's cab offers space and comfort with a clear sight line for both loading and travelling. Equipped with a 224-hp Scania DSI 9 turbodiesel engine with inter-cooler, the F14 is equipped with a hydrostatic or torque converter transmission. Optional is the Pendo hanging cab, a horizontally self-aligning, vertically dampened and hydraulically rotatable cab that features increased operator comfort, productivity and visibility. Reader Service Card # 454

Rocan Forestry/Rottne 
The Rottne Solid F9 and F12 forwarders are the latest offerings from Rocan Forestry. Described as the "ultimate machine" by the manufacturer, the Solid F12 features flexible design making it suitable for all types of log-hauling work. The six- or eight-wheel drive has long, articulated wagons, extra load bunks, excellent tracking, robust construction and superior stability. With ballrace- mounted bogies, the Solid F12 is relatively narrow even with 700-mm wheels. Originally designed for thinning, the Solid F9 is stable and sturdy enough to be used for small-scale final felling, the company says. 

Its 125-hp John Deere engine and hydrostatic transmission provide strong traction and rapid positioning. With a good steering angle and joint just off-centre, it features ideal tracking and weight distribution. The load's centre of gravity can be moved steplessly for optimization of the stability and the gate is moveable up to 600 mm. Both the F9 and the F12 features knuckleboom loaders with fixed towers offering lifting torque of 60 kNm and 72 kNm respectively and a 350-degree slewing arc. The SMV Rapid, the largest forwarder in the Rapid series, is a large, environmentally acceptable alternative to most forwarders in its class, the company says. Its bogie wagon is constructed for 30.5" wheels and is capable of handling heavier jobs with its broad, low profile tires. Its knuckleboom loader offers a lifting torque of 90 kNm. Reader Service Card # 455

Timbco Hydraulics 
The Timbco TF820-E hydro-skidder features 360-degree continuous swing loader operation with the operator always swinging with the loader and able to work off the front of the machine. It can be configured in many different ways, as a short wood or long wood forwarder or clam bunk skidder, as well as several different harvester/forwarder/skidder combinations. Powered by a 260-hp Cummins C8.3-C engine, the 51,820-lb machine has a lift capacity of 5,000 lbs at 20'. 

The wheel drive system features NAF gear drive tandem bogie axles with differential lock, wet pack parking and service brakes and a 40,000-lb load capacity. Even with tandem bogies, Timbco's short wheelbase allows for a tight inside turning radius of 21'. The TF820-E features increased cooling system capacity, a 24-volt electrical system and an IQAN digital control system. Other features include load sense, pressure compensated hydraulics, a high-visibility ROPS/FOPS/OPS-certified low noise cab, box construction with 2 1/2" minimum diameter pins and Timbco's patented boom geometry. Reader Service Card # 456

The Valmet line of forwarders includes the 890, 860 and 840 models. Profitable for forwarding in all types of forest, the Valmet 840 is an all-round forwarder suitable for use in both thinning and final felling. Manoeuvrable and light in relation to its high capacity, the 840 features a transmission with exceptional control characteristics, outstanding stability, a user-friendly computer screen, a powerful and rapid crane and a quiet cab with good visibility. The 14-tonne Valmet 860 forwarder for final felling is sufficiently manoeuvrable for late thinning. With optimal sensitivity in off-road conditions, it features a fuel-efficient six-cylinder Valmet engine with high torque, high pulling power at low speeds, large load capacity and a portal bogie with outstanding ground clearance. The largest forwarder in the family is the Valmet 890, a powerful machine for heavy final felling. It features a powerful engine and intelligent transmission for optimal sensitivity in off-road conditions, an impressive crane capacity and generously dimensioned load space, the company says. With six or eight wheels, the 890 is also suitable as a scarifier. Reader Service Card # 457

Future Forestry Products 
The T30 and T40 tractor forwarding arches from Future Forestry Products Inc move large logs cleanly and can carry fully suspended logs of 14' to 16' in length. For use with a Farmi PTO tractor winch or straight to the drawbar, capacities are 4,000 and 6,000 lbs respectively for the T30 and T40. On the drawbar models, a hand winch and 3/8 choker line can be used. The Fetching arch is not traction dependent and is self-loading for adverse slopes. With a towing tongue and winch it can become an ATV arch. The forwarding arch allows thinning and selective harvesting with an all-terrain vehicle. Weighing only 212 lbs, the ATV forwarding arch has a carrying capacity of up to a ton depending on the tires used. Sixty inches wide, 109" long and 48" tall, the FFP ATV arch picks up logs five feet back, carrying fully suspended logs 10' in length and 24" in diameter, the company says. In fetching mode, the arch is 60" wide, 84" long and 39" tall, with a capacity of 25" diameters. The Junior (JR) arch can be used as a tag axle, to steer and keep the tail of longer logs off the ground. Reader Service Card #458

Franklin Equipment Co 
The Series 2000 forwarders from Franklin Equipment include the 632 S2 Bogie PML and the 670 S2 Bogie PML. The 36,000-lb 670 S2 features a 152-hp six-cylinder Cummins diesel engine, a Franklin four-speed powershift transmission, a Cranab 850 post-mounted loader with 5,600 lbs of lift at 10 feet, a 1/5 cord continuous rotation by-pass grapple and telescopic boom with overall reach of 24.75'. With the same engine and transmission, the 32,000-lb 632 S2 offers a Cranab 660 post-mounted loader with 4,600 lbs of lift at 10 feet, a 1/5 cord continuous rotation by-pass grapple and telescopic boom with overall reach of 23.75'. The 26,500-lb 170 S2 TML and the 23,300-lb 132 S2 TML forwarders from Franklin offer similar features but with a Franklin 4600 top mounted loader with 20-foot boom and a 1/5 cord continuous rotation by-pass bucket. The 26,500-lb 170 S2 PML and the 23,300-lb 132 S2 PML feature the Cranab 850 and the Cranab 660 postmounted loaders respectively. All models offer joystick steering, tapered roller bearing centre sections, swivel suspension seats, deluxe reverse operator controls and hinged access engine panels. Reader Service Card # 459

The new Caterpillar 554 and 574 forwarders are designed specifically to meet the demands of cut-to-length harvesting in tasks ranging from first thinning to final felling. Both models feature high lifting capacities and travel speeds to deliver logs quickly and efficiently. The 574 is powered by a 163-hp Cat 3126 engine, while the 554 has a 122-hp Cat 3054 engine. Both engines are direct-injected, turbocharged and after-cooled. Both models feature hydrostatic powershift transmissions that power all eight wheels for optimum traction. The 574 is equipped with front-powered hydraulic bogie lift for enhanced manoeuvrability. Bogie lift is optional on the 554. The 574 also features a tiltable loader to boost productivity on slopes and to improve access to logs. The cabs and operator stations are ergonomically designed for comfort and productivity. Reader Service Card # 460

The three forwarders from Ponsse feature a new cab design, providing quiet, ergonomic comfort, more space and improved visibility. A two-section rear frame and handy load space extension allow alteration of the load space to match customer requirements. The log gate position is adjusted hydraulically so that load space can accommodate varied timber lengths. The machines offer high ground clearance, easy to open side pontoons and side bumpers. The Opticontrol system combines the controls for the crane, the hydrostatic drive transmission and diesel engine in one location. All the Opticontrol measurements and adjustments are readable on a single clear display and the system feeds only the power needed at any given time for machine functions. 

The rear frame's efficient working lights improve all-round visibility during dark hours and provide an optimal light field for the cab, crane and rear frame. The re-designed frame pivots are made from durable cast material and can withstand high stresses. They can also be re-tightened for reduced wear. The toothed bar-type, integrated middle pivot frame lock offers reliability. 

With a 44-degree steering angle, the machines are agile and turn effortlessly, the company says. The largest forwarder, the Buffalo, is powered by a six-cylinder Mercedes Benz B OM 906 LA diesel engine, while the two smaller machines, the Bison and the Caribou, feature the four-cylinder Mercedes Benz B OM 904 LA engine, both offering fuel economy and low emission levels. The turbocharger and a sophisticated air-to-air inter-cooling technology produce top performance from a small cubic displacement engine, the company says. 

The electronic control system of the water-cooled engines produces optimal torque within each area of working speed. The Buffalo's powerful K90 loader offers 33-foot reach and smooth control for increased productivity. With a maximum swivel force of 30 kNm, the loader proves itself working on slopes with big wood. The Buffalo offers 18 tons of traction force and is equipped with strong bogie axles and wide balloon tires. The K90 or K70 loaders are available on the Bison, while the Caribou has a 10-ton load capacity and features the K70 crane with a 30-foot reach and 95 nKm of lifting power. Reader Service Card # 461


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