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February 20 to 23, 2002. 

Here are some of the new products introduced during the Oregon Logging Conference. 

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New Keto Heads from Hakmet 
Two new harvesting/processing heads, the Keto 800TS Supreme and the 1000TS Supreme, were offered by Hakmet Ltd. The heads feature tapered frame pins for easy servicing, larger 4.75-gallon oil tanks, improved saw case and top saw mounting, as well as new track systems with non-welded links, larger pins and bushings for pivoting and steel (or plastic) wear pads. Improved main saw bar-motion control means less bar and chain wear, while updates on the knife system include a throw plate in the top knife and updated design of the moving knives. Reader Service Card #470

The Brute Wood Recycler Built Tough 
The Brute, a portable grinder for wood recycling from the wood recycling products division of West Salem Machinery (WSM), is the heaviest machine in its class and provides high volume production of a wide range of materials. Automatic load sensing maximizes throughput and multiple tooling options and modular sizing screens deliver quality fibre products for a variety of markets, including mulch, compost, particleboard furnish and boiler fuel. The electronic engine with PLC controls allows automatic operation of the unit to maximize throughput and fuel economy. Heavy-duty wear parts are reversible and replaceable, providing extended wear life. Optional radio remote controls provide superior operator control. Reader Service Card # 471

New Hydro-Buncher from Timbco 
The Timbco TN475-D hydro-buncher uses the dual hydrostatic track drive and high-speed implement hydraulic systems found in Timbco's levelling machines and is designed to perform under the worst logging conditions of rough terrain, wet swamps or tight selective cuts. Features include a counter-weighted upper turntable, larger lifting capacity and dual main cylinders, a larger fuel capacity, dual swing motors, custom high-rise car body, increased cooling system capacity, 24-volt electrical system and greased track link assemblies. Reader Service Card # 472

Versatile T-Rex Saw Chain Sharpener 
The Dinasaw T-Rex automatic chain sharpener is fast, accurate and versatile, sharpening almost any size of chain from the smallest arborist chain through to 3/4" harvester chain, including pack-cutting styles. The T-Rex can grind up to 50 teeth per minute, sharpening both left and right teeth in one pass. Unsequenced joins are not a problem as T-Rex's microprocessor looks for the next tooth and corrects the grind angle accordingly. Three operating modes ensure maximum versatility. Positive cam operation accurately indexes and then securely clamps the teeth while they are being sharpened. Reader Service Card # 473

Wyatt's Turns Rollers from Steel to Rubber 
Using a system developed by Wyatt's, spike steel feed rollers can now be partially rubberized, limiting spike damage and bark penetration during delimbing. The option offers a less expensive choice for contractors switching from steel to rubber feed rollers and chains. Wyatt's also offers an option that completely covers the exterior of the spike roller with rubber, enabling the installation of chains. Reader Service Card # 474


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New Keto Heads from Hakmet #470
Brute Wood Recycler #471
Hydro-Buncher from Timbco #472
T-Rex Saw Chain Sharpener #473
Wyatt's Turns Rollers #474

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