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Operator Comfort & Cab Options 
Tech Update Editor: Helen Johnson 

Please use our Reader Services Form located at the bottom of this page, to request more information on these products.


Waycon Manufacturing Ltd 
Operator safety and cab comfort have long been linked to productivity. Engineered structural integrity, safety glass, impact resistant plastics, air conditioning, heating and ventilation, high-density foam and quality sound systems are some of the creature comforts built into today's operator cabs. Windows made of impact resistant plastics provide operator protection, allowing for improved operator visibility while making view obscuring window guards obsolete. Visibility has often been compromised by the placement of necessary protective materials designed to provide maximum operator protection from high impacts and rollovers. Waycon Manufacturing has solved this problem by developing the Waycon Stealth Cab, so called because it resembles the Stealth bomber. 

The shape of the Stealth Cab provides increased structural strength and eliminates front corner posts, greatly improving operator visibility. Designed to protect the operator from falling objects, when working near a yarder or in steep terrain, the log loader tilt cab features tinted, laminated safety glass, rear entry, roof escape hatch, two tinted sliding windows, eight 70watt lights, remote tilt control, riser access door and optional air conditioner vents. Its drilled and tapped floor is ready for the controls and cab seat. Among the features of Waycon's forestry cab are a guarded, extra heavy duty door latch, eight flood lights, vinyl covered noise suppressant foam, clear front and tinted side and rear Lexan windows, two sliding windows, an emergency escape hatch, scratch resistant paint and an exhaust fan. Circle Reader Service Card #255 

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Thermo King of BC Inc 
Thermo King of BC is the authorized supplier/ distributor for several manufacturers of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration products and provides complete sales and service for their equipment. Espar on and off highway equipment heaters reduce idling time and improve fuel economy, while Espar bunk heaters maintain bunk comfort while allowing for engine shutdown. Regulated by a four level thermostat, the heaters operate as a forced air furnace using the truck's own fuel and batteries and use a gallon of diesel fuel in 21 to 23 hours, the company says. The 7,500BTU D1LC provides cab comfort and defrost capability for one person cabs while the 13,000BTU D3LC unit is suitable for larger cabs with walk-in sleepers. Available in four models to suit all engine sizes, Espar engine pre-heaters ensure startup for cold starts below 18 Celsius and can be timed to heat the engine prior to startup. The two types of Espar heaters are available separately or as a combo kit and come with a three-year warranty. 

Hammond Air Conditioning offers various air conditioning kits for many makes of heavy equipment, including Caterpillar, Komatsu, Case, Ford and Volvo, and creates custom kits for most applications. Thermo King is also the distributor for: Kysor/Westran, which tests and manufactures fully integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for off highway vehicles and provides service to original heavy equipment manufacturers; Mobile Climate Control Industries Inc, a designer and manufacturer of vehicle HVAC systems; Eagle Engineering aftermarket air conditioning and heating products; Maradyne (Hupp), makers of heater/pressurizers and blower systems; as well as Thermo King's own truck and trailer refrigeration products. Circle Reader Service Card #256 

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Hiway Refrigeration Ltd/Red Dot 
Distributed in BC by Hiway Refrigeration, Red Dot Corporation products utilize engineered polymer resin technology to create trim, low profile heater/air conditioning units that are not only attractive, but durable. The high-tech polymers are as strong as steel and extremely light. Utilizing advanced coil, condenser and high CFM blower assemblies, Red Dot creates the highest capacity possible, the company says. Red Dot developed Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) that can be used in many applications. By using a touch pad, the temperature and fan speed can be set manually or automatically so the operator can return the next day to the same cab temperature set point. The system has the ability to perform onboard diagnostics for repairs. ATC also includes an electronic water valve to provide higher efficiency and eliminate the need for manual control cables. Red Dot and its distributors can develop custom heating and air conditioning solutions for both on and offroad markets, providing integrated systems. Local expertise, mobile service capability, inventories and national warranties are also provided. Circle Reader Service Card #257 

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Ultra Seat Corporation 
The Ultra/Kab seat from Ultra Seat Corporation creates optimum working efficiency, increases employee and company morale and well being, lowers health costs and reduces employee turnover. With a 45 per cent increase in intradiscal pressure to the lower back occurring when the operator is seated as compared to standing, ergonomically designed seats are essential to the prevention of lower back pain, the company says. With distribution centres across North America, the Ultra/Kab seats are available in a dozen models to suit a variety of on and off highway equipment, including machinery for the forestry, mining, agricultural, construction, industrial, transportation and material handling industries. Features include adjustable mechanical suspension, double hydraulic dampers, reinforced base plates, adjustable arm and head rests, manual weight, height and tilt adjustments, five position lumbar support, backrest angle adjustment, Zbar mounting brackets and fore and aft adjustment. Circle Reader Service Card #258

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Iowa ExportImport/ SEAT North America 
Iowa ExportImport distributes SEAT North America's seat model, number 951736, featuring heavy duty, adjustable weight, low profile suspension that smoothes the ride and fits in applications requiring a low profile. The seat brings comfort to work with position adjustments, adjustable armrests, slides, headrest and a reclining backrest that can fold forward 90 degrees. Made in Italy, the seat combines individual operator comfort with rugged performance, the company says. Circle Reader Service Card #259

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Seats Inc 
The Extreme Duty Control Carrier seat from Seats Inc offers maximum comfort and extreme duty mechanical suspension. Featuring unique and patented "knee-action" mechanical reinforced suspension that flexes naturally with the operator's body, absorbing shock and vibration, the seat's standard features include built-in contoured lumbar support, fast and easy one hand height adjustment with four positive lock positions, operator weight adjustments and infinite position, seatback angle adjustment. It offers a double sided backrest recliner mechanism, two sets of six-inch double locking tracks, twin shocks, long life self lubricating Telflon impregnated bearings, grade eight rear pivot hardware, two-way adjustable lumbar support, adjustable padded armrests, joystick control carriers, TuffTex or 45ounce vinyl fabric, four point seatbelt and suspension skirt. Headrests are optional. The seats are suitable for virtually any off highway use including logging, agricultural, construction, mining and material handling. Circle Reader Service Card #260 

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CyberTech Inc 
CyberTech Inc provides the sawmill and logging industry with high quality, ergonomic operator controls that reduce operator fatigue and injury. When the control grips and joysticks are developed to fit the operator's hand, the result is greater comfort and ease of operation, reducing operator fatigue and risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and other injuries. Offering more than 20 different designs to meet the requirements of most equipment manufacturers' applications, CyberTech manufactures a complete line of HandyGrip control handles, ErgoGrip controls and joysticks and joystick bases. The 11 different models of HandyGrip controls are virtually unbreakable, the company says, because the housings are cast aluminum. The long life push button and rocker switches have a life expectancy of more than 10,000,000 cycles. Should repairs be necessary, access is achieved by removing the faceplate, as the housings do not have to be disassembled for service. 

The combinations available- when integrating long life push buttons or rockers with standard toggles, push buttons, status lamps and precision potentiometers- are almost infinite. Coupling with one of the company's heavy-duty joystick bases or a hydraulic valve can bring all controls right into the palm of the operator's hand. CyberTech also manufactures two models of MiniGrip, offering more switches in a small control handle than any other control available, says the company. Features include one or two thumb operated switches, up to four trigger switches and up to six custom functions. The four makes of CyberTech 12gauge steel joystick bases are available in single or dual axes, with several configuration options. Circle Reader Service Card #261 

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Surround Technologies Inc 
By combining the features of autocad with ergonomics, Surround Technologies Inc, a member of the Redco Group of Companies, has developed various types of enclosures especially suited to forest industry needs for improved productivity through noise and vibration control. The company manufactures operator cabs, computer control rooms for paper and pulp mills, electrical rooms, acoustical enclosures, fixed pedestal and swivel control consoles, monitor shelving and control cabinets. It is also a supplier of ergonomic chairs, electrical controls, PLC wiring and installation. The company's custom curve saw operator cabs and fully insulated grading line operator cabs include standard components such as heat and air conditioning, electrical service distribution, lights and receptacles, clear or tinted laminated safety glass, vibration isolation, industrial enamel paint and other options available on request. Circle Reader Service Card #262 

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Waycon Manufacturing Ltd  #255
Thermo King of BC Inc #256
Hiway Refrigeration Ltd/Red Dot #257
Ultra Seat Corporation #258
Iowa ExportImport/ SEAT North America #259
Seats Inc #260
CyberTech Inc #261
Surround Technologies Inc #262

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