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Tech Update

Portable Sawmills

by Tech Update Editor: Helen Johnson


D & L Double Cut Sawmills:
The manual or powerfed circular double cut saw from D & L Double Cut Sawmills is designed for the rancher, farmer and small acreage owner tech_update1.jpg (2826 bytes)and handles small logs up to 18" in diameter and up to 20' in length. With a thin 3/16" kerf, the 600lb sawmill can cut up to 1,000 board feet per day. The single saw edger attachments increase production and eliminate log turning. With an overall length of 21' to 25', the sawmill can be disassembled to make one 11' section for transport. D & L's twin saw models offer higher production, with no log turning, and accuracy to 1/32". The TS 30 and TS 48 are available in diesel, electric and gas models and feature low maintenance and no wavy cuts. Sharpening of the thinkerfed carbide tipped blade takes only five minutes and can be adapted for use on any portable mill.  New products include a circular mill specially designed for the log home industry, a two saw edger, a two saw edger/planer combination and a small log scragg.

Norwood Industries Inc
tech_update2.jpg (1846 bytes)The Lumbermate Mark 4 portable band sawmill from Norwood Industries Inc handles logs up to 27" in diameter and cuts up to 1,500 board feet per day accurately to 1/32". The bed is made entirely of rigid debossed steel. The standard bed will handle logs up to 13' in length or, with the addition of a four foot extension, can saw any length. With the optional trail er package, the single operator Lumbermate can be towed anywhere a truck or ATV can go.


Timber Harvester:
Timber Harvester produces five models of portable band sawmills, from the fully manual to the fully hydraulic. Distinguishing features include the 25" drive wheels-which the company says greatly increase band life-the control box at the operator's station on the log loading side of the mill and the four way hydraulic joy sticks used to load, position, rotate, clamp and taper set the log. The crescent moon shaped log loader rolls the log into place. Then the chain driven log turner rotates the log clockwise so that, after the first face is cut through the bark, the band enters the fresh cut side on the next three faces. The log clamps and posts are raised and lowered, tightened and loosened by the joy sticks. With a flip of a switch, the remote control box directs the cutting head through the log and returns it, dragging the last board sawn to the operator's station to be edged or stacked.


Dika Inustries Ltd:
Dika Industries Ltd bills its Twin Saw Mill a one-man operation with a high score in production, recovery and accuracy. The overhead carriage is side mounted for full visibility and carries logs past saws from above, between the dogs. Log loading is with a standard live deck, reversible chains and stop and load assembly to dump single logs onto the log control. Log centralizer calipers ensure the log is centred, while the log turner ensures the best recovery. With the automatic carriage return, the operator can position the next log while making the last cut on the previous one. With twin 48" diameter saws on separate mandrels, it offers settings from 1 3/4" to 22", a saw lead adjustable in a minute and selfadjusting lead for frozen logs. Other features include electric or diesel power, dual undercarriage and fifth wheel, hydrostatic feeds for maximum control, lumber transfer through right/left spiral rolls or reversible chains and computerized or standard measuring.

Select Sawmill Co:
tech_update3.jpg (2721 bytes)Select Sawmill Company offers its Model 4221 portable band sawmill designed for commercial use. Powered by a 115hp John Deere turbo diesel engine or a 75hp electric motor, the 4221 uses a six inch double cut blade to cut in both directions up to 3' per second. It is also equipped with a fully hydraulic system and a computerized setworks with 12 preset memories and a two memory hold and recall feature for cutting hard wood. Model 4221 handles logs up to 42" in diameter and 21' long.

Western Woodlot Equipment Ltd:
Western Woodlot Equipment Ltd welds band saw blades to the specifications of its customers and offers a 100 per cent guarantee on all welds. Blades ranging from 1/4" to two inches wide are offered in various thicknesses and tooth spacings and in a choice of Lenox, Nicholson or Sawyer's Choice blade material. Western Woodlot offers customer service, delivery and sawmilling advice. Quantity discounts and free shipping are also available. Western Woodlot Equipment Ltd is also the North American dealer for Dinasaw sharpeners and setters.

Heartwood Saw Co. Ltd:
The Heartwood Model 310 band sawmill offers a thinkerf, 6"doubleedged blade and computerized setworks powered by an 80hp diesel or 50hp electric motor. Capable of producing up to 8,000 board feet per eight hour shift, the 310 has a log capacity of 36" diameter by 20' in length. The double-edged blade allows cutting in both directions. The smaller, 13hp Model 100 and 20hp Model 200 are also available. Heartwood's portable, belt fed edger eliminates board slippage and can be towed with its 2" trailer ball. Its adjustable blade can be set to maximize yield from boards up to 2 1/4" x 18'. Powered by a gas, diesel or electric engine, it has a 6' adjustable exit table. Heartwood also manufactures double cut trim saws, off bearing decks, blades, sharpeners and trailer packages. 

PMG Contracting:
The Super Mini Chipper Scragg, expected to be on the market this summer from PGM Contracting of Summerland, BC, will feature state-of-the-art chipping heads, a laser line for best recovery and quick adjustment, and rip saws to give side lumber or just straight cants. The infeed is a log deck with a stepfeeder singulator to maximize production. The machine cuts from 4" to 14" in diameter, or greater, and makes 3x3's or 9x9's, in metric or standard. It will be available in stationary or mobile models.

Kara Canada:
tech_update6.jpg (2667 bytes)Kara offers three series of thin kerf c i r c u l a r s a w m i l l s including the F2000, the YS and the Master. Available as stationary or mobile models, the mills are capable of processing from short blocks up to about 30foot timbers. The mills are known in more than 60 countries for their precision, smooth surfaces and high ratio of recovery, the company says, as well as high production, ease of operation and low manpower requirements. Based in Finland, KARA also manufactures edgers, crosscut trimsaws, fileroom sharpeners and conveyor options for sawmill automation.

Summer Industries:
tech_update5.jpg (3737 bytes)Summer Industries offers the Victory Powersaw Lumbermills in two basic models, the 707 and the 1406, with a choice of either a Stihl or Husqvarna powerhead. All carriages and dimension systems are now laser cut and molded polyurethane handles/grips are standard. Heavy duty, spring loaded dimension stops are affixed to the mill, each with its own ruler in 1/16" increments on both sides of the bar. Each dimension stop works independently of the other stops. The stop dogs, also affixed to the mill and working independently, have their own clamps. Mini 6' and maximum 12' extensions are available for either model. A U build kit for the Model 707 with the 6' extension is available and can be assembled in 10 minutes, the company says. With the choice of extensions and models, the machines can cut lumber from 12' to 30' in length.

tech_update7.jpg (5228 bytes) WoodMizer Canada:
WoodMizer reintroduces its line of horizontal resaws, the Multihead, featuring extra large 34" drive wheels, a steel feed track and 25hp motors on each head. Cutting capacity is 12" wide x 7" high x 8' long, with narrower/ taller material also accommodated. A second new product from WoodMizer is a unique blade cleaning system, the LubeMizer, which complements the bandsaw blades.

Enercraft SilvaSaw Ltd:
Enercraft SilvaSaw Ltd manufactures eight models of portable band sawmills, edgers and resaws and recently introduced a stationary band tech_update4.jpg (3116 bytes)resaw line. Models 8 and 14 (8" and 14") single head resaws can be easily adapted to multihead operation by simply putting two or more units end to end. Pressure rollers secure the cant to the conveyor and an antikick plate prevents kickback. Both models will accommodate up to 18" high cant or beam for resawing to any dimension required. Standard features include hydraulic variable feed speeds, stationary conveyor, simple conveyor and blade leveling and flat conveyor tables. Available with 1" or 1 1/4" wide blades and 24" band wheels, the saw blades adjust up and down and the tables tilt to 15 degrees for angle cutting. SilvaSaw thin kerf, portable sawmills are capable of milling logs from 24" up to 42" in diameter and come in both manual and fully hydraulic models. The 30HTL features a hydraulic clamp that moves both in and out and up and down and is operated from the front valve levers. Standard on hydraulic models are 24" or 25" band wheels that reduce stress on blades, thus extending blade life and increasing time between blade sharpening. An adjustable roller guide arm allows the user to make changes while cutting, a timesaver that reduces downtime. Also available is a debarker/mud saw. Kubota diesel engines are optional. Manually operated models include the 18M, the 24M and 30M; hydraulic models include the 30H, the 30HTL and the 40HTL. Enercraft makes a full range of accessories and is the first portable sawmill manufacturer in the world to become ISO 9002 registered.


Canadian Morbark Ltd:
The MorPac and the PortAPac portable sawmills from Canadian Morbark are self contained, automatic sawmills with the same accuracy as a stationary unit. Complete with a self contained hydraulic system and diesel power unit built into the frame of the mill, the MorPac features a 15' long, four strand folding live deck, belt out feed conveyor, brakes, lights, tilt over operator's cab and hydraulic stabilizers. As well, it has a vertical edger with two 24" diameter saws and enough hydraulics to operate a green chain and end trimmer. The PortAPac features a vertical edger with two 20" blades and a log capacity of 16' in length x 32" in diameter. The fifth wheel and mechanical stabilizer system means set up time is less than an hour.

Kodiak Mills:
tech_update9.jpg (3656 bytes)A wideband, horizontal sawmill, the Kodiak PB120 features 40" cast ductile iron band wheels supported on both sides with double row, spherical roller bearings mounted in a straight through flexfree frame. It has the ability to run 18 gauge blades with higher strain than its competitors, the company says, ensuring faster cutting and greater accuracy. Standard is the Siemens PLC computer setworks, providing the operator with five presets, cant mode and the return lift feature for board dragback. Recent upgrades include a 12GPM pressure compensated hydraulic pump, a redesigned turner which will accept a second hydraulic motor for increased turning power and longer bed length.

Timberwolf Equipment Ltd: Timberwolf portable sawmills offer quick set up by a single operator, high speed hydraulics and the heaviest saw bed in the industry-up to three times stronger, the company says. With 24" machined steel band wheels for longer blade life, it can use any width blade up to two inches. The Timberwolf 2236 H and J series handle logs up to 22' long and 36" in diameter. Available in three sizes, with throat openings of 24", 30" and 36", the mills recover up to 30 per cent more lumber due to the very narrow kerf 1/10" bandsaw blade. The Timberwolf can be powered by the standard Onan gas engine or with a Kubota diesel engine. Electric power can be used for semi permanent operations. Production can be increased further with the addition of a Timberwolf edger.

Cutting Edge Portable Sawmills:
tech_update10.jpg (3989 bytes)Cutting Edge Portable Sawmills offers its largest ultra band mill that handles logs up to 48" in diameter and cuts through 46" diameter logs. Powered with a 30hp Kubota diesel engine, it offers 30" machined steel rubber lined band wheels, tandem axles, a 24' cutting length and self loaders. The 6,000lb machine has a 10,000lb lift capacity. Cutting Edge also offers its smaller portable band saw that cuts a 36" wide board. It features full 39" x 20' or 24' cutting capacity, a twin rail system, a wide open throat for safety and vision, a separate deck power pack for driving the hydraulic functions and 24" rubber lined band wheels. Additional lengths can be achieved with custom extensions. The machine has been designed to allow the user to cut 36" logs in half so that they can be quarter sawed. Power sources include a 24hp Onan or 25hp Kohler gas engine, 30hp Kubota diesel or a 25hp electric motor. Separate power head hydraulics operate feed, setworks and mud knife/debarker. A lower power pack operates log handling functions and allows a conveying system or other machinery to run while the sawmill is operating at its maximum potential. Cutting Edge also manufactures a custom built planer head, a debarker/mud knife and a full 20" cutting capacity resaw with 30" band wheels.  

Baker Products:
The Baker portable band sawmill can be towed behind a truck or tractor. The head frame is raised or lowered by a single hydraulic cylinder for tech_update8.jpg (3022 bytes)more precise control of blade height setting, while a dial makes blade height setting easier to read. Saw carriage movement is dual chain driven for more stability during the sawing process. Available with a standard 38hp Kubota diesel engine or electrical power system, it features a hydraulically powered chain style log tuner, a 12" x 32" throat, larger 28" diameter all metal band wheels, a full 36" cutting capacity, 16' and 24' capacity models and variable speed drive. Computer setworks and a debarker attachment are optional. Baker's portable circular sawmill uses a swing blade system to make a horizontal cut on logs up to 48" in diameter. The blade is then flipped 90 degrees to make a vertical cut by pulling it back through the log. Accurate to within 1/16" and available in 6", 8" and 9" models, each mill is powered by a 20hp Honda gas engine. The Baker portable board edger features two 10" carbide tipped blades, lockable width setting, and a 24" rough top power driven conveyor belt for positive feed. Baker also offers a complete line of scragg mill equipment, a miniscragg/ band edger, enddogging scragg and triscragg mills.


HudSon Forest Equipment:
HudSon Forest Equipment offers woodlot owners an economical choice with the Oscar II, a 36" cut capacity mill. The unit offers a16hp twin cylinder motor with electric start, power lift head, five gallon gas tank, built-in lubricant tank. Optional are 20hp and 25hp units and power feed.

Clarke Custom Steel Inc:
Clarke Custom Steel Inc. has added the Model 50 to its lineup of portable sawmills. The new unit is similar to the Model 100 but has smaller 18" band wheels. The Clarke mills-including the Model 200, 300, 350 and 500-feature twin rail construction allowing for more accurate sawing with no shifting of logs or need for extra weight supporting arms. The mills cut logs up to 28" in diameter and 20' long. Each model uses a 1 1/4" bandsaw blade, enclosed behind removable shields on both sides for operator safety, and comes with a blade oiler. The mills are equipped with saw guides and industrial bearings and a clamping system to secure round or square logs. A trailer package is included with all mills. Clarke also manufactures portable edgers and a scragg saw.

tech_update13.jpg (8579 bytes) Jonsered:
Three portable sawmill models from Jonsered include the 600+, the EL600+ and the 6000+. The 600+ and the 6000+ are gas powered models, powered by a Jonsered 2095 Turbo chainsaw and a bandsaw respectively. The EL600+ is identical to the 600+ but is powered by a 380V electric motor. The Jonsered mills utilize a saw carriage that runs on two rail sections, each three metres long and with an effective cutting length of more than five metres. Additional three metre sections can be used as required. Cut settings are variable- from 3mm up to the log's diameter- with adjustments made by using screw adjusters.


Kasco Manufacturing:
Kasco Manufacturing offers the KSP4328, designed to handle a 30" diameter log up to 16' long with a standard track, or longer with track extensions. The model is operated by two 12volt, gear driven electric motors, one for operating the saw and the other for moving the carriage on the track. Optional track levelers are also available. The KS2018 band saw has a 24" capacity and is powered by a single cylinder Briggs and Stratton Vanguard 9hp engine. The saw is moved manually through the log, while board thickness is measured by lowering the saw according to a pointer indicator.

Povlsen Machining Ltd:
tech_update11.jpg (3086 bytes)The Model 36 mobile bandmill from E Povlsen Machining Ltd is a self-contained, high production sawmill with integral edger. The 19gauge (0.0042") band results in better recovery, the company says. The log remains stationary on the log bed while the saw head travels back and forth. The five inch wide double cut blade allows the Model 36 to cut in both directions. Povlsen's Model 36R resaw has 36" steel wheels, five inch single cut, 19 gauge band, and an 18" wide conveyor belt. Cutting capacity is 18" wide, 24" high and up to 20' in length. It has hydraulic variable speed up to 200 FPM. A return conveyor brings cants back to the operator. Multiple heads can be added. A l s o available are the Model 26 m o b i l e band mill and the M o d e l 26R resaw. Both have 26" steel wheels and a two-inch wide single cut blade. The Model 14H board edger comes with two hydraulic shifts and a 14", 24tooth carbide tipped thin kerf saw. Povlsen also offers a two or three saw scragg and the Bark Beetle. 


tech_update12.jpg (7268 bytes) Lucas Mill:
Lucas Mill says its full line of portable sawmill systems will cut lumber twice as fast as comparably priced band mills and have a capacity to cut logs from 12' to 20' (and up to 40') in length and from 12" to 54", or greater, in diameter. A bevel siding attachment also allows siding to be cut right from the log. 





Industries Desjardins:
Les Industries Desjardins Lte features the Kamouraska model portable circular sawmill with a 14' carriage mounted on a steel Vtrack. The mill, its setworks and any optional equipment are powered by a hydraulic unit. Other features include a roller guide to set outside blade dimensions, PTO drive, electric drive or stationary diesel motor.

Morgan Saw Co:
tech_update14.jpg (6851 bytes)The portable trailer mounted log saw from Morgan Saw has 24" band wheels, 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" bands, 16' to 32' capacity (20' standard), carriage return of up to 200' per minute, dragback fingers and a roller deck for easy tie or cant removal. Powered by a 24hp Onan engine and weighing 5,200 lbs, the unit has optional 40hp Lambordini diesel engine, electric setworks and debarker. Average reported production is between 3,000 and 5,000 feet per day, the company says. Morgan Saw also manufactures a 4" portable band mill and a mini scragg. 

Mobile Manufacturing:

The Mobile Dimension Saw from Mobile Manufacturing Co saws logs of any diameter up to 60' in length. The mill travels through the log and, once in position, the log is not moved or turned. Three circular blades, one vertical and two horizontal, saw the width, depth and length dimensions simultaneously, allowing logs of any diameter to be completely sawn with minimum edgings. No rehandling or resawing is required, according to the manufacturer. With its detachable two wheel trailer, the sawmill is ideal for use in hard to access areas or where logs are too scattered or too large to be easily moved. Mobile Manufacturing also offers optional end stands that allow the operator to raise and lower all four corners of the sawmill at one time. Mobile's telescoping mobile trailer allows the mill to arrive already set up.

Canadian Mill Systems Inc:
Canadian Mill Systems Inc makes the MicroMill, with models ranging from the semi portable SLP2000D and SLP2500D to the stationary electric SLP3000E. The mills work with a four head chipping system and have a double horizontal arbor saw setup on the out feed, allowing for production of cants and/or dimensional lumber all in a single pass. The mills are designed to handle log diameters from 3" to 12", with production sizes ranging from 2x2 to 8x8. 

Pendu Manufacturing:
The 6800 series and the 6900 series from Pendu Manufacturing are fullyautomated scragg mills designed to cut cants from logs 6" to 18" in diameter in lengths from 32" up to more than 126". The scragg mill is operated by one sawyer in an enclosed console. The log is transferred automatically to the log loader and positioned for the enddogging carriage. It then passes through the automatic tilting saw blades and is turned and returned, producing a four-sided cant. Operated by one sawyer in an enclosed console, the mills feature two motors, a hydraulic, variable speed infeed deck.

Silvana Import Trading Inc:
Silvana Import Trading offers the Logosol M5 portable sawmill from Sweden. Completely transportable by one person, the 16'long mill is made of aluminum, weighs less than 110 lbs and is capable of sawing logs up to 15.5' in length. The special chain and blade allow the chain saw to cut straight with very high accuracy, even in low grade quality saw logs, with no "band saw waves". Set up of the easy to use mill is fast and the chain saw can be used for other tasks. Accessories include rail extensions kits in 1.64', 3.28' and 8' lengths. Silvana Import Trading also offers the Timmerjigg, a lightweight (5.5 lb) small scale sawing tool for smaller amounts of wood. It transforms a chainsaw into a portable mini sawmill.

Peterson Sawmills:
tech_update15.jpg (3005 bytes)Production frame portable sawmills from Peterson Sawmills operate with the entire frame pulled along the tracks to produce a cut. With 17", 21" and 26" blades, the mill's tracks remain in a fixed location while the centre unit is raised and lowered within the frame using a hand wheel. Standard on all mills are a set of heavy-duty tracks, two tungsten tipped blades for the 21" and 26" mills, three blades for the 17" mills and a 7.2V diamond grinder. A tungsten tipped circular blade rotates 90 degrees to achieve both horizontal and vertical cuts. The horizontal cut is made when the carriage is pushed down the log. The 17" mill can cut up to 6"x6" with a 6"x12" board possible by joining two horizontal cuts. The 21" mill can cut 8"x8", with a possible 8"x16", while the 26" mill can cut 10"x10", with a possible 10"x20".


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