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Supplier Newsline

Conveyor Monitoring System from TecTronix
A new frequency/stroke monitoring and control system, designed to eliminate many of the breakage and downtime problems associated with supplier_newsline1.jpg (2882 bytes)vibratory conveyors, is new from TecTronix Systems Inc of Langley, BC. Utilizing a laser sensor and an easy to read control panel, the system replaces the need to read and interpret stroboscopic stroke gauges. A number of vibratory conveyor sensors can be linked to a central monitoring station in one location for real time monitoring of potential problems. The real time read out and warning light monitoring panel can be connected directly to the variable frequency drive motors in order to prevent under stroking and over stroking associated with conveyor pan breakage. The monitor adjusts the rpm almost instantly to ensure optimal conveyor operation. Also new from TecTronix Systems is the first metal detector for vibratory conveyors that can be retrofitted into a nonmetallic section as small as two feet and imbedded between the loading arms and springs almost anywhere along the length of the conveyor. The system has coils on three sides, providing superior sensing and detection. Advanced filtering technology greatly reduces false tripping, says the company, which also sells an easily retrofitable platetype detector for belt conveyors.

Denharco's DT4000 Faster and Stronger
Denharco's DT4000 telescopic delimber offers 30 per cent higher feed speed and 50 per cent more operating power, says the company. The new variable displacement motor can achieve feed speeds up to 13 feet per second and enables the operator to regulate power and speed according to operation requirements. Its tensioning cylinder ensures cable tension is correct, eliminating adjustments. The Series 4000, the common element in the telescopic DT and the one piece boom DM, offers a new twin pulley winch drive system, durable cast steel delimbing arms, modular construction and a range of options to customize for specific harvesting operations. Featuring a 24inch delimbing capacity, a 21inch topping saw, a delimbing arm stopper and an automatic winch cable tensioner, it also offers an adjustable electro proportional Soft Clamp system. Holding arms-with or without knives- have a 50 per cent larger opening. Other features include a modular butting saw and cushioned holding arm and butt plate cylinders.

New Analysis Tool Aids Solid Wood Sector
Pure Logic Technologies Ltd announces Foresight(tm), a new problem solving and analysis tool for the solid wood sector of the forest industry. The Windows NTbased software develops a 3D virtual reality model of an existing or proposed manufacturing facility and simulates the manufacturing process of the plant. The 3D model is based on CAD drawings and is dimensionally accurate. Conveyors and machine centres are brought to life in the model with accurate feed speeds, accurate gaps between logs, lumber or other products and realistic average downtimes. Some of Foresight's uses include demonstrating the impact of log diet on the plant, pretesting the mill flow and conveyor speeds to find the bottlenecks before building, assessing the impact of production changes, confirming production capacities and verifying return on investment calculations.

Waratah Offers Siiro Slashers
Siiro Equipment, an Atlanta, Georgia manufacturer of circle saw slashers marketed primarily in the US and Canada, has merged with Waratah Forestry Attachments, a member of Metso Corp. The circle saw slashers, to be developed and assembled in Alabama and marketed and distributed through Waratah, will expand that company's product range beyond bar saws to include 60" and 72"circle saw slashers. Production is set to start immediately, with short lead times for delivery, the company says.

International Offers Rugged Performance
The new, premium International 5000i series trucks and International I6 engines from Navistar are designed for severe service industries and supplier_newsline2.jpg (3348 bytes)combine rugged hauling power with comfort and reliability. The International 5000i series trucks offer climate control and plush comfort behind the wheel in an all aluminum cab. Their diesel engines provide up to 330 hp and 1,150 lbft of torque on the 5500i and the 5600i models, while engine options with up to 600 hp are available for all 5000i series models. The 5900i set forward axle (SFA) has a 120 inch bumper to back of cab (BBC), the 5500i SFA has a 114inch BBC and the 5600i set back axle has a 114inch BBC. International's new line of robust inline, six cylinder diesel engines replace weight with strength. At 1,425 pounds, the International 530E and DT 466E family of engines offer a precision electronic fuel system. The 530E HT and the DT 466E HT models offer additional torque. The technically advanced 8 and 9litre engines can do the work of heavy 10 and 11litre engines with more payload benefits, the company says.

Morbark's Model 3600 Completes Lineup
The Model 3600 Wood Hog completes Morbark's horizontal grinder lineup that includes the large Model 7600 and the midsized Model 5600. With power options ranging from 325 hp to 500 hp, the Model 3600 has a 16inch diameter by 49inch long hammermill rotor equipped with 18 T1 steel fixed hammers with double edged replaceable cutting inserts. Material is fed to the rotor from an 8 1/2 yard hopper with a live chain bed assisted by a 30inch diameter by 59inch long horizontal feed wheel. Material is discharged with a 48inch belly belt depositing onto a 36 inch stacking conveyor with a stacking height of 14 feet. An electronic rpm sensor and emergency shutdown system, remote control and full breakaway torque limiter are standard.

MillExpert Brings Fast, Accurate Processing
Perceptron's new MillExpert Carriage Optimizer coupled with LASAR 3D scan ning technology offers true log scanning on the fly because the log doesn't have to be moved through a scan zone. Configurable for both full breakdown whole log scanning and minimum opening face, LASAR 3D scanning on both the front and back side of the log results in far more accurate log imaging and opening faces than curtain or other scanners. High scan density and built-in intelligence allows the system to differentiate between a log and a moving machine. The MillExpert Carriage Optimizer provides detailed breakdown rules for each species and fiber class. Users can specify full breakdown or cutting of an open face only. Other options include configurable face cut orders and minimum opening face sizes and lengths, halftaper, fulltaper and notaper options.

Rotochopper Gobbles Waste
Wood Rotochopper's diesel and electric grinders turn junk pallets and other waste wood into coloured mulch in one pass. The mobile or stationary models produce a uniform product from less than half inch for animal bedding to less than two inches for landscape mulch and up to eight inches, depending on requirements. Screen changes take less than 15 minutes. The ECDS 124 stationary electric or diesel processor grinds 8" x 8" cant ends and any scrap wood 24 inches wide or less at rates from 25 to 100 yards per hour. The road ready, 260hp MC 156 and the stationary DS 156 offer a clutchless auto belt drive (ABD), horizontal feed with a 56" wide infeed and enclosed grinding chamber. The stationary, 12ton, 150hp EC 156/166 model has a low 54" feed height, replaceable fixed cutters, programmable variable speed drives and an automatic water application system for dust free grinding. Also with ABD drive and a 66" wide infeed, the 460hp mobile MC 166XLT grinds up to 400 yards per hour of bark mulch and can handle whole pallets, brush and small trees. An onboard 500 gallon water tank and applications system eliminates dust or adds colourants, odorants, insecticides or fertilizers. Optional is the CM497 colourizer.


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