March 2008

The pace at the infeed deck of Ontario’s Olav Haavaldsrud Timber has been picking up lately with the recent installation of a new Comact saw line. After being hit by a fire, the mill had been operating at a reduced level. But they are anticipating a 50 per cent production increase with the installation of a Comact DDM12 saw line. (Photo by Mitch Ross/Off Road Productions)  

While planting trees helps ensure wood for lumber and other forest products in the future, there could be more immediate financial benefits through a developing market in trading carbon offsets.

Ontario mill is back— and stronger than ever
Ontario’s Olav Haavaldsrud Timber Company was hit by a devastating fire, but with the help of dedicated employees and the recent installation of a new Comact saw line, the mill is now back operating stronger than ever.

Heavy hardwood solutions
Alberta logging outfit Bigstone Forestry turned to Kerik Technologies and Caterpillar for a long, heavy hardwood processing equipment solution—and they have been very satisfied with the results.

Canada's Top Lumber Producers
It’s no surprise—lumber production numbers are down for Canada’s Top Lumber Producers as many companies have gone into survival mode to deal with a drop in demand due to US housing starts falling like a rock.

Shaving energy costs at the mill
Ontario’s Chisholm Lumber has installed a bioenergy system—which uses the sawmill’s sawdust and wood shavings— that is helping to significantly shave the company’s energy costs.

Achieving a contract logging dream
The Robichaud brothers—Quebecers who moved to Alberta—have finally achieved ownership of their own contract logging operation after years of running iron.

Attractive site prep package
Alberta site prep specialist Darcy Grudeski has opted for an attractive equipment package: a custom Canadian mounder that features off-the-shelf components and offers easy troubleshooting.

BioEnergy Conference part of Forest and Resources Expo
The emerging wood biomass energy industry will be front and centre at the BioEnergy Conference & Exhibition being held in conjunction with Forest and Resources Expo in Prince George, BC, this June.


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